Leaders In The Clubhouse: 2015

Low Gross: Meagher  38
Low Net:   Williamson  -4

Birdie Leader: Meagher            2

High Net:  Arnold    +11

Leading Money Winner: Morris $20

2015 Birdie Club Members: 4 (total birdies: 5)

Total All Time Eagle Club Members: 6 (2007, 2008, 2014) Majors, Colbath, Tyber, Wade, Bernhardt, Meagher, Colbath

Total Hole in One Club Members:  1  (2007)  Benning

Best Team Score-Front:-7    3-17-15

Best Team Score-Back:  -3    3-24-15

Worst Team Score (DAL):   +3   3-24-15

ALL TIME BEST ATAG SCORE: Reese, Danzig, Nichols, Pease     -18    10-10-06 Back Nine

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  1. Jim says:

    Please tell your wonderful graphic designer, Amanda, That she is doing an outstanding job & thank you!!!


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