The Editors Page

Chief Editor

Don Nichols

A veteran golf sportswriter of 8 years, wrote a weekly newsletter, “The Nickelodeon” and is now the lead reporter for the ATAG Tour as chief editor of their blog, ATAG Reporter.

Graphic Design Manager

Amanda B Nichols

Oversees creation and direction of the website.  Is responsible for all graphic and logo material you see on the ATAG Reporter Blog.

Editor of Commissioner’s Corner

“The Commish”

A member of ATAG, contributes to the ATAG Reporter writing the Commissioner’s Corner on atagreporter.wordpress.com.

Sales and Marketing Manager

“Pool Bar Dave”

Also known as Don Nichols’ alter ego, Oversees sales, marketing, and membership dues. Currently all for $0.00.  Also, contributes to coverage during major club championships.


ATAG Tour Players

Has been a mainstay with ATAG since 2004 and contributes to the ATAG Reporter posting comments and opinions.

Editorial Assistant

Open Position

Assists chief editor, Don Nichols, when unforeseen circumstances prevent him from publishing weekly on the ATAG Reporter Blog .


Open Position

Takes photos of ATAG Tour Players each week and submit them to be published on the ATAG Reporter Blog .