Well, go figure. When the Commissioner forced the Nickelodeon Newsletter to cease publication due to budgetary constraints at the end of last season– after covering over 150 weekly ATAG matches over a seven year span– this writer found himself out of a job and, more importantly, the tradition of chronicling the play and behavior of players on the ATAG Tour appeared to have come to an end, much to the dismay of the players and other subscribers to the newsletter who, for some reason known only to them, enjoyed reading about the antics of a group of men who gather each Tuesday after work to play a nine hole match and then retire to the porch to talk about their rounds and to tell jokes and stories while consuming one or more of their favorite cold beverages. (see ATAG History)

But over the winter months, the Commissioner, known for his steadfastness, worked secretly behind the scenes with outside consultants to create an inexpensive and more efficient  means of continuing with the chronicling of ATAG history and hence, this blog– the ATAG Reporter– was born, and I am pleased to announce that the Commissioner, in his infinite wisdom, has appointed me as the first writer of this blog (the first of many writers to come I hope) to carry on the tradition. Click on the  links above to read about the latest ATAG activities. Thanks for your interest. Don Nichols  3-15-011