July 26, 2016-By Don Nichols

There were no volunteers for the write up this week and no photographs were taken, but the match results are shown below along with some of my observations in the Men’s Grill where all 20 players gathered to escape the heat after their rounds.

It was a repeat of last week’s Front Nine match which was washed out mid round by a vengeful late afternoon rain storm. This week it was clear skies but a continuation of the 95+ degree heat.

Winning Team: -11   Doug Gooding, Brooks Cowles, Ed McCormack, and Kevin McGlynn (a last minute walk on to replace Henry Sawyer who was a late cancellation)

Sponsoring Team: -4   Frank Corrigan, Craig Sellner, Tom Houle, and Pat Murphy (Dropped 3 shots on the last hole to earn DAL status)

Low Gross: 42   Doug Gooding, Scotty Greene, Lee Pearson, Bill Meagher

Low Net: -2   Doug Gooding, Scotty Greene, and Kevin McGlynn. The course was busy so no opportunity for chip off (and no one other than the three were interested in watching a chip off and leaving the air conditioned confines of the Grill) so the three elected to split the pot. McGlynn was especially excited, wondering how long it had been since he won low net. (Records show it was October 5, 2015)

Pink Lady: Tim Martin   +5    The golf gods apparently noticed his last two rounds of 39 and rained down four double bogeys on the unsuspecting ATAG All Star for a score of 48.

Birdies: 6 of them—the most this year. The Birdie Club graciously accepted deposits from Ron Majors, Scotty Greene, Brooks Cowles, Lee Pearson, William Thornton and Doug Gooding, with Gooding making the prestigious roster for the first time this year. Majors and Thornton are currently the leaders in the clubhouse with five birdies each.

Grill And Other Happenings:

Speed of play continued to improve. The 5:00 pm group was off the green as I arrived at 7:00 pm and the other four teams were not far behind so it was an orderly procession into the Grill where scorecards were collected and the match results announced by the Commissioner.

Birthday Cake Surprise. It was John Wymer’s birthday and his thoughtful wife had prearranged delivery of a delicious birthday cake for all players to share. Kerry the barkeep took charge and did the slicing and the serving, and the surprise dessert was consumed in short order. When pressed about which birthday year it was, John claimed he had turned 57 which was met with loud guffaws. (the silver headed devil was obviously employing the old “subtract 10” trick whenever someone asks your age)

Having a Hawk Attack. The Ansley Hawk continues to circle the course for its prey and scored a hit on hole # 8. As relayed by eyewitness Doug Healy, “two in our group laid up on #8. As they headed down the hill, they ran headlong into the Ansley Hawk, now about 18 in tall and standing over a squirrel buffet.  His full attention switched to the circling golfers and would- be photographers until the threat was too much and he took to the air.  By the time we were putting he was back to enjoying his dinner.”

GrumblingsBill Meagher was overheard grumbling about the top dressing on the greens and then abruptly left. Tom Houle was overheard blaming Craig Sellner for his poor play after Sellner commented that Houle did not take a big enough back swing. Pat Murphy could not understand and could not be convinced as to why a player with an odd number handicap gets the extra stroke on the front nine instead of the more logical (to him) back nine. ATAG photographer Tim Martin, when asked if he took photos replied , “No, I was waiting for the chip off and no one came down.  When I got back half the group was gone.  I never knew who won what.” (Another example of players leaving early and another reason why gathering on the ATAG Upper Deck is more conducive to the ATAG experience.)

On The DL?   Scotty Greene was observed holding an ice bag over his knee, suggesting that knee surgery may soon be in his future. Likewise, Danny Morris was also seen sitting with a bag of ice behind his back. Russ Jobson has been sidelined with a bad back for the last 3 weeks, injured, ironically, while using the back extension exercise equipment in the fitness center. And, finally, yours truly has been sidelined for the past 9 weeks with a “strain of left side intercostal muscle, fascia, and tendon of lower back, and a thoracic strain of the upper right infraspinatus muscle.”  (that means both low and upper back pain) Physical therapy is ongoing and healing is progressing but takes longer when you are an “older” person. Hope to be back soon, possibly next week.

Whatever Happened To?    PJ Wade. Not one ATAG appearance so far this year and did not attend  the annual steak night or reply to the invitation.  (Rumors are that he is now a semi-professional baseball player.)   Anthony Morgan. Attended opening day and Steak Night but has not been seen since.  Both players are subject to having their ATAG Tour Card suspended.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Scroll down for the individual scores and look for the Call For Players on Sunday night.

Final Leaderboard  7-26-2106  Front Nine      Gross / Net

Gooding                                              42/34

Greene                                                 42/34

Pearson                                                42/35

Meagher                                               42/39

Williamson                                           43/35

Majors                                                   43/38

Morris                                                    44/35

McGlynn                                                45/34

Healy                                                      45/38

Gaddis                                                    45/38

Wymer                                                    46/35

Thornhill                                                 46/39

Murphy                                                    47/40

McCormack                                            48/35

Martin                                                       48/41

Cowles                                                       49/39

Corrigan                                                    50/37

Sellner                                                        51/38

Houle                                                          51/40


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Note: This  week’s recap is provided by Core ATAGer Ron Majors, one of the better golfers on the ATAG Tour who today matched his opening day round of 37, making par on eight straight holes before being struck by the Bogey Man on the final hole. This week’s turnout was a field of 16 players assembled into four teams.

ATAG Match 7-12-2016–By Ron Majors

This  week’s competition commenced at precisely 5:00PM under blue skies, summer heat and the Commissioner’s recently directed rule changes to combat the problem of slow play. The weather and excellent course conditions provided ideal opportunities for scoring and the competitors responded with superb efforts on the usually difficult back 9. Upon concluding the round, this reporter climbed the steps to the sky box only to find that the first two groups were nowhere in sight and were then found in the air conditioned Men’s Grill enjoying their refreshments. A serious breach of ATAG custom and protocol was committed and apparently sanctioned by the Commissioner himself by his cameo presence. A  letter of protest was sent to the Commissioner’s  mail box but was later removed and discarded at the direction of the Commissioner himself. (Commissioner’s Comment: Acting Commissioner Majors failed to mention that the Commissioner had forewarned those in the Grill that it was Mr. Majors decision as to whether or not to leave the comfort of the air conditioned grill. When presented the opportunity to make such a decision, an obviously overheated Mr. Majors nodded yes to the Grill as he flopped down in the nearest chair.)

First in the clubhouse at -12 was the team of Jeff Colbath, Craig Sellner, Jim Williamson, and Tim Martin (see more about them later) followed by John Wymer, Pat Murphy, Henry Sawyer, and Tim Martin at -11 (see more about them also) The -12 team thought they had the Golden Ale on its way to their parched throats but, alas, the team of Mike Schmal, William Thornton, Tom “low net” Kisgen, and Ron Majors snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by posting a team score of -14 , the lowest score on the back 9 yet this year (Commissioner’s Note: and the best since a 15 under back nine posting on7-22-2014.)

 This week’s DAL team of Doug Gooding, Doug Healy, Scotty Greene, and Ed McCormack posted at team score of -7, a commendable score which usually does not produce a buy on the back 9. The winning team graciously accepted their hard earned Golden Ale from the dejected sponsors who, despite taking nearly 15 minutes to fill out their scorecard in acceptable ATAG format, couldn’t make up any lost ground via the pencil.


Low Gross: Ron Majors 37

Low Net: Tom Kisgen -6  (Commissioner’s Comment: Congrats to Mr. Kisgen, his best score since 8-5-2014 when he likewise posted a 43 to take home all the money)

Pink Lady: Doug Gooding +5

Birdie Club: Tom Kisgen- 2, Tim Martin and Jeff Colbath- 1 each


Acting Commissioner Ron Majors was pleased to report to the Commissioner that most of the players complied with his recently directed rules changes and the pace of play improved markedly for 3 out of 4 teams. However, the team of Wymer, Murphy, Sawyer, and Pearson apparently did not read the Commissioner’s rules directive as they fell 1 hole behind by the second hole and never made up all the lost time. The Acting Commissioner recommended that they each receive a Letter of Reprimand and that said letter be permanently retained in their personnel files. (Commissioner’s Comment: Duly noted–it is not wise to hold up a Commissioner’s or Acting Commissioner’s team, especially if a person on that team is doing the write up.)


 There were four nominations for this week:

Tom Kisgen – an 8 iron from 140 yards  out on #17 that came to rest within 4 feet of the cup leading to Tom’s second birdie of the round.

John Wymer – a 12 foot putt from off the green on #18 for birdie

Lee Pearson – a 400 yard cart path propelled drive on #15

Scotty Greene – chipping out of the concrete swale separating #10 and #11 with a gap wedge and proceeding to make par (Why  Scotty elected to chip out of a free drop blue stake area defies comprehension. Later over a beer Scotty explained that he was advised that he would receive a penalty stroke for lifting out of the hazard by an unwitting and unnamed team mate. Hint: his helpful  team mate was someone who has been known to contemplate all the possible outcomes of shaking salt out of a salt shaker. No wonder his team came in DAL.)

 Make you own call.

 CAMEO APPEARANCESDon Nichols, Danny Morris, Kevin McGlynn


An apparently hungry Egret was observed on #16 picking up Mike Schmal’s ball and rolling it around in its mouth before spitting it out with great disappointment. Yes, Mike returned his ball to its original location as the Egret was deemed an Outside Agent.

Commissioner’s Comments: The Commissioner was pleased to learn that the pace of play improved considerably after implementing mandatory “hit when ready and putt when ready golf” , which also included not stopping to help other players look for their balls,  picking up when one’s score would not better or equal the best team score, and continuous putting until the ball was in the hole or at least in the leather.

I arrived for my cameo appearance at 7 pm, hoping that the 5 pm start time team would be either on, or approaching,  #18 green. But, alas, they were not and no players could be seen anywhere. So with a furrowed brow and an inaudible mumble, I entered the Men’s Grill to grab a beer and  head up to the sky box—and was stunned to see the first group sitting at a table drinking beer and chowing down on chicken wings, proudly noting to the Commissioner that the players( see -12 team group above, each of whom had walked) had finished in 1 hour and 48 minutes. They also noted that they were keeping the clock on the team behind them which had long disappeared from their sight. (that would be the Letter Of Reprimand team mentioned above.)

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores from today’s play.

7-12-2016  Final Results        Back Nine 

Majors                               37

Schmal                                  38

Martin                                   39

Pearson                                40

Greene                                 40

Kisgen                                 43

Williamson                        43

Thornton                            43

Healy                                   45

Colbath                                46

Sawyer                                46

Sellner                                47

Wymer                               48

McCormack                      48

Gooding                             49





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Note: This week’s commentary is offered by long time ATAGer Kevin McGlynn who gives a concise recap of the day’s match results and alludes once again to the frustration of slow play in ATAG matches.

6-28-2016: By Kevin McGlynn

Despite a delayed start, this week’s ATAG match was made possible as once again thunderstorms cleared out just in time for the players to take on the sometimes friendly front nine. The field of 16 players included the welcome return of veteran Richard Batelaan who not only returned to ATAG but also returned to the Birdie club. Welcome back Richard!

23 Handicapper Russ Jobson played exceptionally well by shooting a net 30 to win this week’s cash. 23 strokes? Really Russ? And in the spirit of “everyone gets a trophy and a slice of pizza,”  Tim Martin turned in what he thought was a winning score with a net 32.

On the other end of the universe, our Pink Lady winner is Frank “Once Again” Corrigan. His assault on the 9th hole (and parking lot) edged out the struggling Kevin McGlynn (I had to get my name in here somehow) for dubious honors.

This week’s sponsoring team (ATAG speak for losers) Frank Corrigan, Jim Williamson, Scotty Greene and Ron Majors, started out fast and furious by picking up three strokes on the first two holes then absolutely butchered the last hole by giving back 6 strokes to finish +3. The worst team score of 2016. Ouch!

Our winning team of John Wymer, Tom Houle, Ton Kisgen and Tim Martin played a steady and solid round by finishing 12 under. Not a record for a net score but quite possibly a record for number of strokes for a foursome….83! Their scorecard looked like it was written in braille.

The evening was highlighted with cameo appearances by Henry Sawyer and the esteemed Commissioner, Don Nichols, who remains on the DL.

At the request of several players, the subject of slow play needs to be addressed. It was witnessed by several reliable sources that the second foursome was a whole hole behind the first group. And the last group found themselves waiting on the third foursome on the last four holes.  And this prompted Jeff Kohn on the ninth tee to ask the question, “Is Obama still the president?” A yellow card system is being considered and will be the subject of the winter meetings.

COMMISSIONER’S COMMENTS:   It appears that slow play is occurring more often than not during ATAG matches. (See Kevin McGlynn’s comments above and Doug Gooding’s recap earlier this month). Also, this Tuesday as I watched each group from the ATAG upper deck finish the last hole, with one team finishing fifteen minutes after the team in front of them, and some players not using “hit when ready” versus who is away, and some not picking up when they were clearly out of the hole, it is evident that the ATAG format needs to be changed.

The Club has been gracious to reserve tee times for us each Tuesday, but slow play that backs up the field generates frustration not only for ATAG players but for all of the Ansley Golf Club players who have to follow the ATAG teams, so we are in jeopardy of losing those reserved tee time privileges.

ATAG is not a tournament (despite the playful “ATAG Tour” reference), and it is not an opportunity for someone to get in his own 9-hole round for handicap purposes. ATAG is simply a friendly best- ball team match to see who buys the beer. So, no need to wait for the “winter meetings” and a “yellow card system” that Mr. McGlynn jokingly referred to, the slow play issue needs to be addressed now. Accordingly, the Commissioner, in consultation with his personal advisors,  has called for new “rules of play” that intend to resolve the slow play issue. Such new rules will be sent to the players before the next ATAG match after the 4th Of July holiday.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores from today’s match.

6-28-16  Individual Scores    Front Nine    Gross/Net

Martin                                                       39/32

Meagher                                                     40/37

Jobson                                                      42/30

Kohn                                                           42/37

Gooding                                                      43/35

Batelaan                                                      43/38

Greene                                                          45/37

Thornhill                                                      45/40

Majors                                                          46/42

Kisgen                                                           47/34

Williamson                                                   49/41

Wymer                                                           50/38

Sellner                                                            51/38

Houle                                                              51/40

McGlynn                                                         51/42

Corrigan                                                          56/44



















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6-21-2016-By Don Nichols

It was the annual Summer Solstice ATAG Steak Night and what a great evening it turned out to be for the 26 players who were able to attend the golf fraternity gathering at the residence of core ATAGer Scotty Greene!  (There was a prior “Limited Edition” ATAG match held earlier in the day for those guys who simply could not miss getting their weekly ATAG fix– more on that later)

The weather could not have been nicer and the beer could not have been colder. That, coupled with the freely flowing red wine and the USDA Prime Cut steaks cooked to perfection and supported with all kinds of good “fix ins”,  made it possible to see yet again the famed ATAG camaraderie at its finest. (Too hard to describe–it’s one of those, “you had to have been there.”

A special thanks goes out to host Scotty Greene for keeping this annual tradition alive, his support staff (i.e. neighbor Ed McCormick), and party committee members Ron Majors (steak purveyor), Doug Healy (all the good “fix ins”), Mike Schmal (the beer, including his own personalized special edition-see photo gallery), Craig Sellner and Jeff Colbath (co chefs), and again Scotty Greene (who also provided an unlimited number of bottles of wine and other “party stuff” in addition to making available his beautiful and spacious home), and Kevin McGlynn (assigned as the post party bill collector)

Now for the “Limited Edition” ATAG Match. The Club graciously awarded three early tee times for the back nine match enabling three teams to compete for a $5 cash prize (cost of a beer) in lieu of the Golden Ale which was already on ice at the Greene residence.

The Winners:  William Thornton, Doug Gooding, Henry Sawyer, Frank Corrigan   -5 (despite dropping 3 shots on the last hole)

The Contributors:   Mike Schmal, Doug Healy, Tom Kisgen, Brooks Cowles    -4   (tie breaker bogey on #16 cost them five bucks)

Best Gross Score:  Mike Schmal   42

Low Net:  – 3  Frank Corrigan   WTF?  That’s right, the guy who had to rent a storage locker for all of his pink golf balls over the years won his third low net, making him the leader in the clubhouse for Top Money Winner and the hands down winner for “Most Improved Player” at the end of the year awards banquet.

Pink Lady:  Henry Sawyer  net 4 over (Danzig scrambled to beat him at the end with a triple but Sawyer matched him to win by one shot)

Birdies:  Nada–not surprising with the limited field-but a shut out nevertheless

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores of those who participated in the “Limited Edition Pay For Cash”ATAG Match.

Final Individual Scores:  6-21-16  Back Nine   Gross/Net

Schmal                                       42/37

Williamson                                   44/36

Gooding                                        44/37

Murphy                                         44/37

Corrigan                                   45/33

Thornton                                       45/39

Morris                                            46/38

Martin                                            46/39

Kisgen                                            48/36

Player                                             48/38

Cowles                                            48/39

Healy                                              49/42

Sawyer                                            50/40

Danzig                                            51/39


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Commissioner’s Note: The Commissioner misses yet another match while remaining on the DL– but ATAG marches on, and thanks once again to Acting Commish Danny Morris who had to deal with late cancellations.  This week’s recap is provided by core ATAGer Jim Williamson who first digresses into his own personal magical mystery tour before giving his recap of this week’s happenings on the ATAG Tour.


At 4:00 the radar looked ominous. Our wonderful pro shop manager, Anna, commented the storms have not moved for 3 hours and she was not optimistic about ATAG chances. Undeterred 13 sanguine ATAGERs and 2 guests gathered and at 5:00 the rain cleared and the match began.

However, after playing a few holes the term “muggy” was redefined. On the 4th hole lite showers began and as I strolled down the fairway I started humming an old BJ Thomas tune “ Rain Drops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” which made me think of Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid which brought Katherine Ross to mind( always thought she was cute). I then started thinking about The Graduate which she also starred in along with Dustin Hoffman which reminded me of Dustin Johnson which made me realize how excited I am about the US Open this weekend. Sorry, I digressed.

All 15 of the mighty warriors marched to the finish line with the following results.

Winning Team: Tom Houle, Pat Murphy, Tom Kisgen and Ron Majors (-11)

DAL team: Danny Morris, Mike Schmal, Craig Sellner, Jim Williamson (-8)

Low Net: A very excited and first time winner, Tom Houle (32)

Low Gross: Ron Majors and Mike Schmal both with (42)

Birdie Club: Pat Murphy on #7

Pink Lady:  Kevin McGlynn and Craig Sellner   net +5

A delightful summer evening was enjoyed by all on the ATAG deck with cameo appearances by Doug Healy and Scotty Green. There was only one noteworthy confession made by Kevin McGlynn “I have lost the lead in my pencil”.

Final Individual Results:  6-14-16  Front Nine  Gross/Net  Ranked By Net Scores

Tom Houle        43/32

Tom Kisgen          47/34

Danny Morris     43/34

Brookes Cowles  45/35

Mike Schmal      42/36

Doug Gooding    44/36

Jeff Kohn             43/38

Ron Majors         42/38

Jim Williamson  47/38

Pat Murphy        46/39

Henry Sawyer    50/40

K. McGlynn        52/41

Craig Sellner      54/41


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Note: With the Commissioner still on the DL, and Acting Commish Doug Healy called away at the last minute, ATAG counsel John Wymer readily came off the bench to assume the role. However, it was Doug Gooding, a member of the ATAG Tour since 2006, who provides the below recap of the day’s gathering to insure that the saga of the ATAG Experience continues on despite the absence of the Commissioner. The Commissioner wishes to thank both Mr. Wymer and Mr. Gooding, and made note of Mr. Gooding’s subtle reference to the slow play of the members of the first group, each of whom will have a Letter of Reprimand placed in their files.

June 7, 2016-By Doug Gooding

On an exceptionally beautiful June evening, the ATAG Dirty Dozen (a group of real men, and Marty Arnold, dedicated to the game and brotherhood) attacked the Ansley back nine– and the course, which was in great shape, fought back. With only three groups competing, the difference between drinking and buying was negligible. In truth, the “buy zone” was crowded.

Despite giving back a shot on the final hole, the team of William Thornton, Kevin McGlynn, Marty Arnold and Frank Corrigan posted a score of -8, escaping with a narrow victory to capture the ATAG Ale. Their generous sponsors, John Wymer, Mike Schmal, Tom Player and Scotty Greene, finished at -6, unable to make up ground on the final two holes, despite a (self-described) heroic 30 foot birdie putt by Lucky Mike on 18. (In truth, it was a great putt, with a lot of right to left break, as both of the foursomes waiting on the 18th tee will confirm.) The third group (Jim Williamson, Jeff Colbath, Tom Houle and Doug Gooding), just happy to escape the buy zone without buying, slid into second place with a score of -7, also failing to make up ground over the final two holes. These four men represented ATAG well with class, dignity, patience and bogies.

Acting Commissioner for the Acting Commissioner, John Wymer, Esq., oversaw the match and declared the winners. Note to file: Acting Commissioner Doug Healy withdrew despite his leadership responsibilities which he claims to take seriously. Thank you to ACAC Wymer for stepping in on a moment’s notice. While William Thornton was announced as the Low Gross player with a score of 41, Frank Corrigan walked home with the money (a profit of $11) as Low Net winner with carded 34 (gross 46). Marty Arnold added to his Pink Lady collection.

The competition is best described by its highlights and memorable moments: phenomenal weather and the return of Courtney on the Beverage Cart. Shots of the day were found on the tough par four 16th as Mr. Corrigan scored a 4 net 2, as did John Wymer with a 160 yard shot to 7 inches from the cup for his tap in. Mike Schmal’s birdie on 18 was the only one recorded for the three groups.

Following the match, great fellowship was found on the porch, as topics included the plans for the Booby Jones Golf Course, Scotty Greene vividly reviewing a movie he had seen, The Lobster, (which convinced his audience to save their money) and unfortunately/inevitably, politics. Cameo appearances by Ron Majors, Steve Bates and Russ Jobson were welcomed. Ron proved most helpful to a rookie scribe (writer). During the postgame chatter, it was revealed that while the 2nd group was viewed as “plodding” or perhaps “snail-paced” , they were actually keeping pace (waiting on) the group of ATAGers in front of them. Fortunately, those players at the end of the wagon train thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit throughout the round, as did the groups behind us that we came to know quite well.

Commissioner’s Note: For the second week in a row, there were no photos taken as ATAG photographer Tim Martin was absent, and his usually reliable back up Kevin McGlynn apparently failed to assume the role.

Final Results: 5-24-16  Front Nine   Gross/Net

Thornton                    41/35

Gooding                      43/35

Greene                        43/37

Schmal                      45/38

Corrigan                     46/34

Wymer                        48/37

Houle                          48/38

Colbath                       48/38

McGlynn                     48/38

Williamson                 49/37

Player                          51/41

Arnold                         53/43


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Note: The Commissioner remains on the DL and missed this week’s match but the action continued and was chronicled by this week’s scribe ATAG CFO Doug Healy who was nearly cut out of his weekly ATAG fix due to an e-mail snafu, the second week in a row that e-mail responses from some of the players have mysteriously not found their way into the Commissioner’s  e-mail basket. Mr. Healy vents his frustration with the ATAG e-mail system before getting into the narrative of the match.

“ATAG Descends into Chaos as the Commissioner’s Secure Email System Malfunctions Cause Confusion and Panic!  5-24-2016 By Doug Healy

As reliable as a rising sun in the east, the Call for Players generally settles into your inbox in the pre-dawn hours of the preceding Monday when the Commissioner, unable to sleep, taps his send button reaffirming to his minions that another ATAG Tuesday is in the works.  Over the last two weeks however, the Swiss watch efficiency of this process has been challenged with several players, including this writer, not receiving the Call, or worse, having their responses go unacknowledged until realizing in panic that they had been dropped from the competition.  When advised of the confusion, the usually unflappable Commissioner has been forced into a behind the scenes scramble to rearrange tee times and pairings.  The unintended victim of this week’s confusion was Pat Murphy, who graciously acquiesced to being bumped by this correspondent.  As luck would have it, we were able to play a fivesome so everyone was able to participate.  In fairness, the Commissioner has been equally shocked by this technological aberration and has vowed to make whatever improvements are necessary.  To that end, he has brought in IBM, Google and Lexi Thompson to investigate. The initial probe has centered on the Commissioner himself who maintains so many different email addresses that it is nearly impossible to track them all.  Nevertheless, I am quite sure that no stone will go unturned by this group and the system will be back to its model efficiency by next week.

Now on to more compelling topics.  Fabulous weather brought 17 competitors to the field for a close match on the front 9.  The fivesome dropped a random player and all four teams finished between -7 and -10.  The winners at -10 were Danny Morris, Mike Schmal, Marty Arnold and John Wymer.  Bringing up the rear at -7 was the team of Ron Majors, Scotty Greene, Jeff Colbath and Jeff Kohn.  The middle teams tied at -8.  As usual, we were the beneficiaries of the generous efforts and service of Kerry and Jonathan to keep the food and beverages flowing making it another delightful evening in the ATAG Skybox.

Low net at 34 ended in a tie between Majors and Morris (who has been playing particularly well lately).  The traditional chip off was suspended due to excessive traffic on the course and the bounty was split between the two competitors.

The Pink Lady (net 43) was awarded posthumously to David Danzig  who killed himself after the round.

Three birdies were added to the statistics; one each by Healy, Meagher and Kisgen.  Kisgen’s birdie on #9 proved to be the deciding factor in keeping his team out of a tie for last place which they would have lost had a playoff been necessary.

There was little discussion about the Shot of the Day until Tom Player stepped up on #9 and duffed his drive into an unplayable lie. At that point, the entire Skybox crowd focused their attention on the gritty competitor who launched his third from somewhere around the ladies tee box to 10 inches. His playing partner graciously spared him any further embarrassment by picking it up and allowing Mr. Player to ascend the stairs with a fully pumped chest. If there was ever a bogey that felt like a birdie, this was it.

Another great evening of golf and camaraderie ended without further incident. The full results are posted below:

Morris, Schmal, Arnold, Wymer     -10

Healy, Cowles, Kisgen, Thornton -8

Murphy, Danzig, Williamson, Player, Meagher -8

Majors, Greene, Colbath, Kohn – 7

Commissioner’s Comments:  The Commissioner acknowledges an apparent snafu in the ATAG E-Mail system and has ordered an internal audit by the ATAG Technological Oversight Committee to determine if there has been any breach of sensitive ATAG communications amongst the players by outside hackers (i.e. jealous golfers) attempting to diminish the ATAG Experience. The FBI was consulted, but the aforementioned Google, IBM, and Lexi Thompson were not.

Final Results: 5-24-16  Front Nine   Gross/Net

Meagher                         38/35

Majors                                39/34

Schmal                               41/36

Morris                                42/34

Thornton                           42/36

Murphy                              43/36

Kohn                                    43/37

Williamson                          45/36

Arnold                                   46/35

Healy                                     46/38

Greene                                   48/40

Kisgen                                    49/36

Colbath                                   49/38

Wymer                                    50/37

Player                                      50/39

Cowles                                     50/40

Danzig                                      55/43











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Note: The Commissioner placed himself on the DL this week but fortunately long time ATAGer and noted sculptor Tom Player (whose beautiful bronze work can be seen at http://www.tomplayersculpture.comvolunteered to continue the tradition of chronicling the ATAG Tour. His artistic narrative as to how this particular Tuesday afternoon went is provided below.

5-17-16 ATAG-By Tom Player

I have been ask to chronicle the day. I hope to forgo the frivolous and capture the heroic nature of what we do here.

The day wore a mantle of ragged edges. It was threatening rain. Lesser men would have turned from the challenge, but not THE SIXTEEN. Four by four they descended onto the killing ground. Among the sounds of anguish and exhilaration was the creaking of straps and braces, moaning of the pull carts and rumbling of the occasional War Wagon.

After the battlefield cleared and the warriors ascended to the top of The Wall, we learned that only 2 shots separated the four teams. In a playoff, David Danzig, Jeff Kohn, Kevin McGlynn and Doug Healy (note: two Jews and two Irishmen, there must be a joke in there) took the Ale at ­8 under in a playoff with Thornton, Morris, Majors and Tommy Two Glove Thornhill.  Buying at ­6 under were Meagher, Colbath, Sellner and Cowles.

Then there was the apparition of a likeness of William Thornton who took both low gross and low net with a 38!32.

Shots ‘O Day were two. Bill Meagher exploded from the sand on 13 into the cup. We shall name this shot The Dwarf Lannister (short, ugly but got it in the hole). Those dwarfs will do that.

Then Tom (Gravity­is­my Friend) Player snaked an incredible 50 footer in for a birdie on 18. Speaking of birdies, The Club of Player and Meagher were joined by Jeff Kohn and William Thornton.

Highlight of the Day was Frank Corrigan winning a real Pink Lady in addition to the one he pocketed. His first grandchild, the beautiful and talented and yet to be named grand daughter (called “Baby Girl Corrigan” for now) born at Northside Hospital to cap off the evening. Corrigan had 53/41.

So as dusk morphed into night without the presence of our leader Don the Lame, strains of Henry V were heard, “…we few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers.”

Final Results: 5-17-16 Back Nine  Gross/Net         (as reported by Danny Morris and ranked in order of best net scores)

Thornton                             38/32

Majors                                      39/35

Cowles                                       45/36

Player                                         46/36

Sellner                                        49/36

Kohn                                            42/37

Kisgen                                         49/37

Colbath                                        48/38

Thornhill                                      45/39

Morris                                           47/39

McGlynn                                       49/39

Greene                                            47/40

Meagher                                        43/40

Danzig                                             48/40

Healy                                                48/40

Corrigan                                           53/41




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Commissioner’s Comments: There were no volunteers to chronicle this week’s front nine ATAG match so the Commissioner went table to table asking several players to assume the role–but, to the Commissioner’s consternation, none of those asked were willing to do so, managing to proffer one lame excuse after another. Accordingly, without the recap, only those present this past Tuesday will know if there was even a match at all. (There was definitely some activity on the porch as several ATAGers opted to stay late after ordering one or more rounds of shots of bullet bourbon.)

However, not to totally shirk his  responsibility, the Commissioner did receive score cards that obligate him to reveal that there may, in fact, have been a match with the following results:

Winning Team:  -12      Doug Healy, Kevin McGlynn, Jeff Colbath, Brooks Cowles

Sponsor:     -2     Tom Kisgen, Jeff Kohn, Craig Sellner, Pat Murphy

Low Gross:  39    Bill Meagher

Low Net:  -4  Brooks Cowles

Pink Lady:  William Thornton  net 6 over

Shot Of The Day:  Bill Meagher holes out on # 2 for an Eagle

Birdie Club:  Brooks Cowles-with 2

Cameos:  Al Roberds and Russ Jobson

That’s it for this week. You will have to ask those present just really went on this Tuesday of May 10, 2016.



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NOTE This week’s match recap is provided by long time ATAGer Brooks Cowles who was chastised in last week’s report for falsely claiming the low net booty but who has since made amends. The affable funeral home broker (what, you didn’t know there was such a thing?)  offers his insights into the back nine trample experienced by today’s field.

Start with a field hot off dominating the entire Ansley Golf Club Member – Member Tournament (okay, maybe just a few nether flights, but still dominating); add the daunting back 9; sprinkle some sand on some already hairy greens; and top with swirling winds, and what do you get? Well, basically, a girl-fight. After 2  1/2 days of thrashing par, whippin’ Settindown ass and drinking Phil dry, the ATAG field could only muster a middle of the road performance that quickly put to rest all those thoughts of, “OMG, I finally get this game!”

9 UNDER TAKES IT. Jimmy Williams, Jeff Kohn, Mike Schmal and John Wymer collaborated for a respectable score of 9 under par to edge out the Commissioner’s team of Don Nichols, Ron Majors, Brooks Cowles, and a clearly exhausted 8th Flight Champion Tom Kisgen, who was heard to say more than once, “you try dragging McGlynn around for 3 days and nights and see how you feel.”

The host was the DAL team of Danny Morris, Tim Martin, Craig Sellner and Pat Murphy, who dribbled in with a team score of 2 under par. Although uncorroborated at this time, the tone was apparently set early in the round when 6th Flight Champion and erstwhile team leader Danny Morris managed to produce a drive off #11 tee that found the creek rocks directly in front of the tee and caromed back over his head for a net drive of minus 1 yard. If true, this would be Shot of the Day, only because this writer knows from personal experience that while this can be an easy shot from the 2d tee, it is a monster from the 11th, requiring a pure ricochet of almost 25 yards. Luckily no one was hurt.

DON NICHOLS TAKES LOW NET.  MATH CHECKS OUT! The Commish slapped, cajoled and chaperoned his ball around a tough playing back 9 for a ‘good enough’ 1 under par to take home the big money for low net. The math was double and triple checked to avoid the embarrassment and pain of last week’s scoring debacle (for which I again apologize to all), and it was confirmed that The Donald was the only player to break par on this day.

LOW GROSS TIE. Tired of taking low gross on alternating weeks, Ron Majors and Mike Schmal agreed to share it this week with a score of 41.

COLBATH SECURES PINK LADY. Jeff Colbath sucked more with a plus 5 net score, to edge out 8th Flight Champion Kevin McGlynn, who was clearly surprised. “After watching Kisgen hit nearly 175 shots over the last few days, I really thought I could get this one.”

BIRDIES. Scotty Greene was the lone contributor to the Birdie Club, with a chip that found the bottom of the cup on #14,

SHOT OF THE DAY. Could be a toss up between Morris’ aforementioned negative yardage drive, Greene’s legitimate chip in,  and William Thornton’s attempt to pry his ball out of the tennis court fence on 17th  (see Gallery) in total defiance of the laws of both physics and golf. On the plus side, Greene’s aforementioned chip-in, and David Danzig’s up-and-down (which is actually 2 shots of course) for par on 17 after his second landed somewhere near the ladies 18th tee were mentioned.

THE PORCH SCENE. The group finished a beautifully mild evening on the porch with fish sticks, medium-rare chicken wings and beer. Unfortunately, Doug Gooding escaped prematurely to attend the birth of his next wife, and Tom Houle delayed proceedings a bit trying to pencil-whip his team’s card into first place. Houle was later heard trying to raise funds for some “Math Matters” tee shirts, but found a tepid response.

Table talk turned briefly to the Indiana primary results, proving conclusively that absolutely no one on the third floor porch at Ansley Golf Club between 7pm and 9pm on May 3, 2016,  knows more about politics than ATAG!

See you all next Tuesday–Brooks Cowles

COMMISSIONER’S COMMENTS:   Another great job by a volunteer scribe who admitted when he sent in his commentary that “wow, I see why you needed a break.”  It is sometimes hard to capture the essence of the ATAG experience but so far nothing has been lost using the time and talents of the ATAG fraternity in chronicling the weekly matches. On a personal note, the Commissioner was pleasantly surprised to win low net with only a 1 under score. In reviewing the stats, a one under winner has happened only a few times throughout the years—and always on the dastardly back nine. Interesting to note that seven players in today’s field finished only one shot short of the low net which would have made a chip off almost a tournament in itself.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

5-3-2016   Final Individual Results     Back Nine     Gross/Net

Schmal                                                          41/36

Majors                                                           41/37

Gaddis                                                                42/36

Kohn                                                                   42/37

Williamson                                                        44/36

Gooding                                                              44/36

Murphy                                                               44/37

Thornton                                                             44/38

Nichols                                                            46/35

Cowles                                                                   46/36

Martin                                                                    46/39

Greene                                                                    46/39

Houle                                                                      47/36

Morris                                                                     47/39

Wymer                                                                     48/36

Danzig                                                                      49/37

Sellner                                                                      50/37

McGlynn                                                                  50/40

Kisgen                                                                       51/38

Colbath                                                                     51/41




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