September 22, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was another beautiful day and the golf course conditions could not be better, but inexplicably only 11 players signed up to play and those that did turned out to be an apathetic bunch at best, posting some of the worst scores of the year–average score of 49/net 40 and no birdies or shots of the day.

Perhaps players were avoiding the more difficult back nine or perhaps the enthusiasm for ATAG has diminished in tandem with the early approaching darkness. Whatever the reason for the paltry showing and the paltry play, the Commissioner had seen enough and declared that the 2015 season will come to an abrupt halt next week, culminating in a shortened 25 week season.

Here are the pitiful results from today’s play:

Winner:   -4  Morris, Sawyer, Thornton, and draw partner Houle (ends up buying a beer for himself)

Sponsor:  +4    Healy, Kisgen, Kohn, Houle (sets the record for the worst team score)

The Other Team:  even par    McGlynn, Wymer, Williamson, Nichols

Low Gross/Low Net: William Thornton   42/35

Pink Lady  + 9  Jeff Kohn

Individual Scores:   Gross/Net   Back Nine

Thornton                                                      42/35

Sawyer                                                           45/37

Williamson                                                    46/39

Morris                                                             47/40

Nichols                                                            49/39

Healy                                                                49/42

Kohn                                                                 50/45

Wymer                                                              51/40

Houle                                                                 51/43

McGlynn                                                            52/42

Kisgen                                                                 53/41

-The players gathered on the upper deck and, with only 11 of them, the mood was quiet and more like a subdued committee meeting.  And speaking of committee meetings,  Steve Bates, head of the Ansley Grounds Committee which had convened earlier,  came up to the porch and gave a special insider report on the status of the tree removal and cart path relocation work at Settindown, resulting in a discussion that pretty much dominated the conversation amongst the players. Look for Steve’ s formal report to the general membership in a few weeks.

Bill Buist, a member of the grounds committee, made a cameo appearance as did Ron Majors.

That pretty much sums it up–an apathetic showing and an apathetic night on the porch. Check out the photos in the Gallery and look for the Call For Players for the ATAG Finale next week.


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September 15, 2015-By Don Nichols

Autumn arrived early on this mid September Tuesday– a beautiful 79 degree day on a beautiful golf course, but the week layoff after the Labor Day holiday evidently had an impact on the 19 player field as only four were able to break par on the friendly front nine, and the winning score was the lowest since opening day.

8 Under Takes It!  The pairing of Bill Meagher, Frank Corrigan, Mike Schmal, and Jeff Kohn finished at 8 under and assumed they would be in the middle of the pack for a front nine score but instead were treated to the Golden Ale Trophy with a lopsided victory. Finishing DAL was the ill fated pairing of Doug Healy, John Wymer, William Thornton, and Marty Arnold which easily clinched sponsorship rights as well as set the record for the worst front nine score this season with a net score of 2 over par.

Meagher is Medalist Again. Six handicapper Bill Meagher as usual posted the best gross score with a 38.

Highest Handicappers Share Low Net!  The highest handicappers in the field, twenty five handicapper Craig Sellner and twenty three handicapper Tom Kisgen shared Low Net at 2 under. (early approaching darkness prevented a chip off)

Arnold Crushes The Competition!  Nineteen handicapper Marty Arnold came off the DL and showed why he is a force to be reckoned with in the Pink Lady competition, posting a net 10 over par. Martin was able to fashion five doubles and three triples to skate past the nearest competitors and grab his fourth Pinkster of the year.

Shot Of The Day!  Russ Jobson holes out from off the green on # 1 to make par-“net birdie”, a rather unique way of making par since his ball never found the green after his tee shot landed in the middle of the fairway.

Birdies Scarce!  The Birdie Club avoided a shut out thanks to individual contributions from Bill Meagher (hole # 7) and Mike Gaddis (hole # 4)

Final Team Results: Front Nine

Meagher, Kohn, Schmal, Corrigan                                                              -8

Kisgen, Sawyer, Jobson, Nichols                                                                  -5

Sellner, Greene, Williamson, Player                                                            -5

Morris, Gaddis, Pearson, Jobson (draw)                                                    -3

Healy, Arnold, Wymer, Thornton                                                                +2

Commissioner’s Corner:

-A gorgeous photo op sunset greeted the players on the ATAG porch and, as noted by Tom Kisgen, “the spirit of ATAG was alive and well tonight on the upper porch at Ansley. I just thought this sunset might have been as nice as any I’ve seen from our porch above the Men’s Grill.”  (see Gallery)

Cameo appearances were made by Brooks Cowles and Ron Majors, with Majors recounting for all to hear his hole-in- one last Sunday on #7 at Settindown.

-The winning team of Meagher, Schmal, Corrigan, and Kohn was cited for slow play, not keeping up with the group in front of them and backing up the field for the last four holes.

Kevin McGlynn was a late notice withdrawal from the field due to a pressing business matter but was granted a reprieve from the Commissioner in light of his mistreatment in the last ATAG match as noted below.

-The ATAG Reporter is considered infallible when reporting the facts—as the facts are presented and is not liable for any misrepresentation of such facts. In the last ATAG match, Kevin McGlynn was lampooned for winning the Pink Lady and subjected to the famed ATAG ridicule after a clinching double bogey on the last hole. However, it was later brought to the attention of the Commissioner that McGlynn had actually made par on said hole and that score keeper Jeff Kohn had reversed their respective scores, giving himself the par and McGlynn the double. Accordingly, Mr.McGlynn has been exonerated and the stats have been revised to reflect the Pink Lady was actually earned by Tom Player, Jim Williamson, and David Danzig who each finished at a net 6 over par. Mr. Kohn had his score adjusted and received a Letter Of Reprimand in his file and is suspended from being score keeper for the rest of the season.

That’s it for this week’s recap. There are only five more matches left in the 2015 season. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

9-15-15 Final Results   Front Nine    Gross / Net

Meagher                                            38/35

Morris                                                42/35

Greene                                                44/37

Kohn                                                    44/38

Schmal                                                44/39

Healy                                                    45/37

Gaddis                                                  45/39

Kisgen                                                   46/34

Pearson                                                46/41

Sellner                                                   47/34

Sawyer                                                   47/38

Corrigan                                                48/36

Nichols                                                   48/37

Wymer                                                    48/37

Thornton                                                 48/41

Williamson                                             49/41

Jobson                                                      51/41

Player                                                        51/41

Arnold                                                       56/46

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September 1, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was another full field on a hot and muggy Tuesday afternoon where the onerous back nine links of the Ansley Golf Club once again had its way with the players. The average gross score was 11 over, the average net was 3 over, only four ATAGers were net under par (and that was barely) and there was an intense competition for the “who sucked more” sponsoring team as well as the individual Pink Lady.

One group of players had no difficulty, however, tackling the back forty. The team of Tim Martin, Brooks Cowles, William Thornton, and Tom Kisgen crushed the rest of the field with a score of 10 under, with the next best score at 6 under. Three other teams finished at the bottom at 2 under, and it took the tiebreaker card comparison to determine that the Commissioner’s Team of Danny Morris, Tom Player, Frank Corrigan, and Don Nichols would have to pony up to the winners.

Schmal Has Best Score!  Martin Does It Again!  Eleven handicapper Mike Schmal topped the field with a score of 40 and Tim Martin won his fifth Low Net of the year with a net score of 2 under, causing some to suggest we should change the name to the Tim Martin Low Net Award. The victory gives Martin a commanding lead to repeat as Sandbagger Of The Year.

A Fight For The Pinkster!  Four players–Jim Williamson, Tom Player, David Danzig, and Kevin McGlynn–went head to head in an exciting match to see who would get the “sucked more” moniker affixed to their name on the leaderboard. McGlynn took the early lead with consecutive triples on the first three holes, but “Old Tom” Player put together three consecutive triples of his own late in the match to catch up with McGlynn, Williamson, and Danzig  at net 6 over par,  with McGlynn and Player coming to #18 all square.  Player blew his chances on the concluding hole by sinking a long putt for bogey, making McGlynn (who easily made double bogey) the outright winner of his fourth Pink Lady of the year.

Shots Of The Day!  William Thornton, after dunking his tee shot in the creek on number 18, takes a drop and then flies it into the cup to save par. Meanwhile, his playing partner Brooks Cowles also had an errant tee shot, landing in an unplayable lie next to the pool fence. He opted to return to the tee and launched his second “Bubba” attempt which headed straight for the hole before stopping a foot short for a tap in bogey-“net par”.

Birdie Train Continues To Roll!  Three tweeters were deposited into the Birdie Club account thanks to single contributions from William Thornton, Brooks Cowles, and Jason Albaum (David Danzig guest)

Final Team Results: 9-1-15  Back Nine

Martin, Kisgen, Cowles, Thornton                                                                -10

Kohn, Sawyer, McGlynn, Gooding                                                                 -6

Schmal, Williamson, Houle, Wymer                                                             -2

Danzig, Albaum, Colbath, Meagher                                                               -2

Corrigan, Morris, Player, Nichols                                                                   -2 (tie breaker)


-The Commissioner was out last week but ATAGer John Wymer stepped up to be the Acting Commissioner and reported that a field of 11 players took on the friendly front nine. Bill Meagher won Medalist honors with a 38, Tim Martin and John Wymer shared the pithy low net purse (probably why there was no chip off) and Mike Schmal won his first Pink Lady with his worst ever ATAG score of 50–net 9 over par. Individual scores and birdies were reported to the Commissioner who duly recorded them in the ATAG stats. ATAGer PJ Wade made an odd cameo appearance, showing up in street clothes and playing two or three holes (and making a non recordable birdie on one of them) before disappearing into the night where it was rumored he was returning to his part time job as an Uber driver.

-This week the porch was lively as usual as the beers flowed and the chicken wings were downed. Anthony Morgan made a cameo appearance and was chastised for missing the last six weeks of ATAG.

-And, speaking of missing matches, Marty Arnold continues to remain on the DL after having hand surgery and hopes to rejoin the ATAG Tour soon.

-Much of the discussion was centered around the “ATAG Ireland International Team” of eight players–Russ Jobson, Doug Healy, Ron Majors, Jim Williamson, Kevin McGlynn. Tom Player, Tom Houle, and Don Nichols who had just returned from what they described as a “great adventure,” playing six days of golf on the southwest side of Ireland where they were met with challenging yet gorgeous golf courses with stunning views, oftentimes perplexing weather, and lively Irish pubs and restaurants. One of the highlights of the trip was the surprise “cameo” appearance of ATAG Founding Member Danny Morris who, along with his wife Connie, showed up at the Doonbeg Golf Links on the southwest coast of County Clare, Ireland, while the group was having lunch. The visit has now been recorded as the “All Time ATAG Cameo Appearance.”

That’s it for the recap of the last two ATAG matches (the one before was a rain out). Next Tuesday the Club is closed for the Labor Day holiday so the next match will be September 15.

Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores of today’s match.

Leaderboard 9-1-15     Back Nine      Gross/Net

Albaum (guest)                                 38/35

Schmal                                                40/35

Martin                                                 41/34

Meagher                                              41/39

Thornton                                             42/35

Sawyer                                                  44/36

Kohn                                                     45/39

Cowles                                                  46/37

Gooding                                                46/39

Morris                                                   46/39

Wymer                                                  47/37

Nichols                                                  48/38

Kisgen                                                    49/39

Houle                                                      49/41

Williamson                                             49/42

Corrigan                                                  50/38

Colbath                                                    50/40

Player                                                       52/42

McGlynn                                                   53/43

Danzig                                                      55/42


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August 11, 2015-By Don Nichols

Rain was threatened but it was another beautiful sunny day for 20 ATAGers, but little did they suspect that the back nine was standing ready to spoil the day for most of them. Consider this: Only two players managed to break par, the best gross score was 6 over (and none were posted by any of the three single digiters in the field), two players tied for the Pink Lady, and the average net score from the 20 man field was 3 over par.

Commissioner’s Team Comes Out On Top!  This week’s Commissioner’s Team of William Thornton, Mike Schmal, Tom Houle, and Don Nichols bested the field at 11 under, picking up three shots on the last hole. The win brought the overall Commissioner’s Team year to date record to breakeven (four wins against four losses). This week’s purveyors of the complimentary ale was the ill fated pairing of Bill Meagher, Doug Gooding, Tom Player, and Brooks Cowles which, as the last group to finish,  limped up the stairs with a scorecard that read 2 over, much to the glee of one team that thought for sure they had it locked up at 6 under.

Thornton and Nichols Share Medalist Honors!  Teammates William Thornton and Don Nichols each posted a score of 42 which turned out to be the best of the day and the highest best gross score so far this year.

Nichols Takes Low Net!  Don Nichols took home the 20 one dollar bills with his net 4 under score. The win marked the Commish’s third Low Net victory this year and puts him in the running for Sand Bagger Of The Year.

Dog Fight For The Pink Lady!  It was a dog fight for the Pink Lady (meaning playing like a dog) as 6 players had a 5 in front of their score, but it turned out to be a draw in the hotly contested contest between Marty Arnold, and Tom Houle, each of whom won their third Pink Lady with a matching net score of 7 over par. Houle, who was besieged with a severe case of “Shankaritis”until the last hole, had the Pinkster all to himself  but ended up making birdie on # 18,  dropping him into a tie with Arnold.

Schmal Has Shot Of The Day!   On the par 5 number 13, nine handicapper Mike Schmal found himself lying two in front of #15 green with tall trees providing an obstruction and blocking his view of #13 green. His approach shot soared high and over the trees and landed on the green some 20 yards from the pin setting up a birdie opportunity. (Alas, he three putted for bogey, but it was a great shot anyway)

Birdie Club Continues On! The back nine tried its best to thwart the Birdie Club but coming to its rescue were Birdie Club members Frank Corrigan and Tom Houle each of whom made birdie on #18.

Final Team Results: 8-11-15  Back Nine

Thornton, Schmal, Houle, Nichols                                                                   -11

Martin, Williamson, Arnold, Corrigan                                                             -9

Colbath, Healy, Kohn, Majors                                                                            -6

Sellner, McGlynn, Morris, Jobson                                                                     -5

Meagher, Gooding, Cowles, Player                                                                   +2

Commissioner’s Corner:

It was a pleasant evening on the upper deck where players enjoyed a beautiful sunset while discussing their rounds and keeping the bar keeps busy running up and down the stairs.

Jokes were told by Danny Morris, Jeff Kohn, and Tom Houle. with Morris getting the most laughs.

Craig Sellner was appointed by the Commissioner to represent ATAG at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straights this week end. (as a spectator of course). Look for Sellner on TV. He will be the one holding up the sign “ATAG” next to the guy holding up the sign “John 3:16”  in an attempt for equal billing.

Tom Houle’s bout with “Shankaritis” was difficult to watch, especially his third shank on #12 that sailed through the trees and over the fence and narrowly missed an unsuspecting walker on the beltline. It was good to see that the debilitating swing virus had finally left his body when he struck his tee shot on #18 that landed within five feet of the pin.

THIS JUST IN!  Thanks to a heads up from John Wymer, Daily reports that the size of the golf hole will be boosted from 4.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter in a pilot scheme which is to be tried at 100 courses across the country. It is hoped that the move will increase game speed and encourage more beginners to take up the sport, which has lost around five million players in the U.S. alone over the past ten years. (Hmmm, doesn’t appear to be that way at the Ansley Golf Club.) The increased hole size apparently has the backing of Ted Bishop, Vice President and Director of the Professional Golfers Association of America, and is soon to be installed at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia, and the Redwoods Golf Course in Langley, British Columbia. (This story has to be true because it is from the internet.)

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the ATAG quotes in the side bar and the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores from today’s match.

Final Leaderboard        8-11-15   Back Nine        Gross/Net

Nichols                                                       42/32

Thornton                                                    42/35

Martin                                                         43/36

Majors                                                         43/39

Williamson                                                 44/37

Kohn                                                            44/38

Schmal                                                         44/40

Meagher                                                      44/42

Healy                                                            45/37

Jobson                                                          46/36

Morris                                                           47/41

Corrigan                                                       48/36

Colbath                                                          48/38

Gooding                                                         49/42

Sellner                                                             50/38

McGlynn                                                         51/41

Cowles                                                             53/43

Player                                                               53/43

Arnold                                                              53/44

Houle                                                                53/44


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August 4, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was another hot one, 95 degrees when the first ball was struck, but the simmering heat did not stop 16 players from enjoying the 19th match of the 2015 ATAG season on the beautiful links of the Ansley Golf Club.

13 Under Sweeps The Field!  Last to tee off and first to finish in the standings was the team of Tim Martin, Mike Gaddis, David Danzig, and John Wymer which finished at 13 under despite dropping two shots on the last hole.  At the bottom of the totem pole was the first group off the tee, the woebegone team of Marty Arnold, Danny Morris, Jeff Colbath, and Doug Gooding which finished at 4 under.

Martin Claims Low Gross and Low Net!  ATAG All-Star Tim Martin rebounded from last week’s pink lady with the best Low Gross and Low Net, firing a 37 for a net 6 under par. The 14 handicapper followed his worst round ever last week–49– with his best round ever this week–37. This marks the third Low Net for Martin this year and puts him back in the running for Sandbagger Of The Year.

Arnold Collects Another Pinkster! Nineteen handicapper Marty Arnold collected his second Pink Lady of the year with a net 6 over par. Two triples besmirched what otherwise would have been a decent scorecard.

Shot Of The Day went to Mike Gaddis who pitched in from off the green on # 3 for birdie.

Birdie Club Flourishes!  The birds were chirping on this day as the Birdie Club added 8 tweeters thanks to double contributions from Lee Pearson, Ron Majors, and Tim Martin and single contributions from John Wymer and Mike Gaddis. (Ron Majors continues as the leader in the clubhouse for Birdie Champion.)

Final Team Results: 8-4-2015  Front Nine

Gaddis, Danzig, Martin, Wymer                                                             -13

Williamson, Cowles, Majors, Houle                                                       -10

Kisgen, Pearson, Kohn, Nichols                                                               -9

Arnold, Morris, Colbath, Gooding                                                           -4

Commissioner’s Corner:

-It was too hot for the porch so the players gathered in the air conditioned Men’s Grill where they occupied almost all of the tables. The loud and boisterous setting at different tables made it impossible to have any kind of group discussion or story telling and many ended up leaving early.

Doug Healy dissed ATAG in favor of attending a Braves game and played earlier in the afternoon with his wife and another couple, a clear violation of ATAG Bylaws and, as an officer of ATAG, a possible ethics violation.  The Commissioner decided to just give him a mild scolding in lieu of a letter in the file considering all of the contributions Mr. Healy has made to ATAG.

Scores will not be recorded for this week’s match due to the temporary tee boxes on # 6 and # 9 that shortened the course approximately 150 yards. The number one handicap hole # 6 was playing approximately 300 yards, setting up birdie and par opportunities. However, only six players took advantage of the shorter distance,  producing 3 birdies and 3 pars. The rest were bogeys except for one double bogey (and you know who you are).

-This was the 19th match and there  are only 10 matches left in the 2015 season. Those whose attendance has been lagging may want to make a concerted effort to make sure they make at least the minimum number of matches (1/3) in order to remain on the ATAG Roster.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the quotes in the sidebar and the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

8-4-15 Final Leaderboard  Front Nine    Gross/Net

Martin                                                     37/30

Gaddis                                                     38/32

Majors                                                     40/36

Pearson                                                   41/37

Cowles                                                     42/32

Kohn                                                        43/37

Morris                                                      44/37

Kisgen                                                      45/33

Gooding                                                   45/37

Nichols                                                     46/35

Houle                                                        46/37

Williamson                                               46/38

Wymer                                                       47/36

Colbath                                                      47/37

Arnold                                                        50/40

Danzig                                                        51/38

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July 28, 2015–By Acting Commissioner Danny Morris

Once again, very, very hot and humid. However, no indoor stragglers, everyone enjoyed the sunset and the camaraderie on the upper deck.

The horn has a new moniker – The Nice Day, Blue Sky Horn.  Again, this week we were befuddled by the “lightning alert” system.  The system fired off between 2 pm and 3 pm and the backlog created havoc with the later (ATAG)start times (no apparent reason for the alert).  There were several afternoon groups yet to turn as we prepared for the opening 4:42 time.  Our first group began at around 5:00.  Then the system alerted us to more sunshine, puffy clouds and blue sky sometime around 6:30 or 7.  Another 20 minutes delay.  Radar showed a benign green dot outside I-285.  Doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for this problem.

Low Gross:  Bill Meagher  37 (despite a rare double bogey)

Low Net: Doug Gooding won $20 for low net,  he had to leave early (8:15ish) for a conference call and did not collect the cash. (Editor’s Note: Gooding won the Pink Lady the prior week)  We finished later than normal (blame the *#^%@* horn) so I granted DG an excused absence.  It is rumored that some of the guys took Gooding’s 20 singles to one of the local clothing optional establishments.  They claimed they wanted to exchange the one dollar bills for a case $20.  If I were Gooding I would be suspicious.

Pink Lady:  Tim Martin (mostly a low 40s shooter) worked his way to an uncommon, for him, Pink Lady. ( Editor’s Note: Pink Lady at net 7 over par–his second of the year.)

Winner and Sponsor: After a card playoff that moved to the third hole for resolution, Corrigan, Houle, Wymer and Kohn, at 4 under, were the ale sponsors for  the 9 under winning team Williamson, Schmal, Gooding, and Danzig. (Editor’s Note: the Corrigan, Houle, Wymer, Kohn team was a repeat pairing after being named last week’s sponsor due to a WD.)

Shots Of The DayDavid Danzig for his tee shot on # 18 for a tap in birdie, and Bill Buist for sinking a 25 foot birdie putt on #18 to save his team from entering the tie breaker play off to be the sponsor. Honorable mention on that same hole goes to  Ron Majors and Danny Morris. Both had exceptionally good up and down pars.  Both were just inches from the hazard line and short of the green; both golfers hit close chips and sank 4 footers each for par.

Birdie Club: Bill Meagher with two and David Danzig and Bill Buist one each (Editor’s Note: Danzig and Buist make the Birdie Club roster for the first time this year. Danzig’s tap in birdie on #18 was not as close as Houle’s tap in birdie on the same hole the week prior.) (See Gallery)

Other Observations By The Acting Commish:

–Anecdotally… Tom Kisgen entered the creek area to retrieve his Top Flight (or maybe it was a Pro V1x)  and reportedly slipped and nearly fell in the creek.  This seemed worthy of mention; but, he did not appear wet other than with sweat when he arrived on the deck.

Part time Atlanta resident, Scotty Greene, was in town for other reasons and was able to play in the ATAG group for what seems might be the last time this summer, Scotty leaves directly for one of his other homes in a faraway land.

–All cards were mostly legible and accurate, all monies in order (As assistant commissioner, I tried to palm $4 from Danzig but he caught me).

Lee Pearson left early – unexcused.  Recommend a note in file.

Tom Houle told a few jokes that we had all heard in grammar school but we laughed anyway.

Politics was the basis for the early evening discussions but it is too soon in the race for there to be any real  honest passion… no blood was drawn.  Everyone agreed, at this point in time there will need to be a very large clown car to fit all the current candidates.

–The Ansley Men’s Grill Staff gave a sterling performance as many drinks, burgers and salads were delivered to the ATAG Sky Box.  The hot and tired golfers were grateful.

Final Results: 7-28-15   Back Nine   Gross/Net

Gooding                                                      41/33

Wymer                                                        45/34

Meagher                                                      37/35

Danzig                                                          48/35

Healy                                                            43/35

Kisgen                                                          47/36

Morris                                                          43/36

Houle                                                            46/37

Pearson                                                         42/37

Corrigan                                                        50/38

Kohn                                                              44/38

Schmal                                                           42/38

Jobson                                                           50/39

Sawyer                                                           47/39

Majors                                                            43/39

Buist                                                                50/39

Greene                                                            46/40

Williamson                                                     48/41

Cowles                                                              51/41

Martin                                                              49/42









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July 21, 2015-By Don Nichols

The horn from the Early Warning Detection System (EWDS)  once again became a thorn to ATAGers, halting play twice on a clear, sunny day with no evidence of lightning or thunder in the skies, only to give the all clear triple blast shortly after players had just left the course. The nuisance blast, which has now replaced common sense human judgment, apparently is triggered whenever there is a reported lightning strike anywhere in central Georgia or neighboring Alabama that could conceivably travel “lightning quick” to the Ansley Golf Course links.

Despite the delays and the frustration, the 17th match of the 2015 season was able to be completed although one team elected to withdraw (read DQ) rather than go back out and deal with the wait brought about when other non ATAG golfers got in front of them when the all clear horn was sounded for the second time. Nevertheless, here are the results:

Winning Team:  -15    Tom Kisgen, Ron Majors, Anthony Morgan, and Don Nichols. This score sets the bar for the front nine.  Ironically, the same random pairing set the bar for the back nine at -13 on 6-30-15.

Sponsor:  The Commissioner declared the DAL team to be the DQ team of John Wymer, Frank Corrigan, Tom Houle, and Jeff Kohn which only finished four holes (where they were four under)

Low Gross:  Ron Majors and Bill Meagher     40

Low Net:  Don Nichols     -3

Pink Lady:  Doug Gooding    +5

Birdies:  Ron Majors, Brooks Cowles, and Henry Sawyer, with Sawyer making the club for the first time this year.

Shot Of The DayDon Nichols sinks a 25 foot downhill putt on # 8 for a double bogey which, in the end, enabled him to slip by playing partner Tom Kisgen by one stroke for the Low Net win.

Final Team Results: 7-21-15  Front Nine

Kisgen, Majors, Morgan, Nichols                                                 -15

Cowles, Sawyer, Sellner, Meagher                                                -11

Morris, Williamson, Martin, Gooding                                         -6

Commissioner’s Corner:

-It was a hot and humid night so the players gathered in the Grill where they were joined by cameos from Kevin McGlynn and William Thornton.

ATAG photographer Tim Martin failed to take photos–but not to worry, stock photos were on hand.

Jeff Kohn failed to appear in the Grill for the match results after withdrawing from the match and being declared a DQ sponsor. A beer was charged to his tab and a letter has been placed in his file.

Danny Morris suggested that for future matches consideration should be given for a  “half time” gathering in the Grill, noting that the players enjoyed the mid round beer and chicken wings after being required to leave the course after the horn blast.

-On a side note, ATAGers Doug Healy and Jim Williamson were defeated in their Billy Jones Match Play on the 19th hole when apparently one of them missed a makeable 5 foot putt. It was not mentioned who failed in the putt attempt but it was obvious that Doug Healy was missing from this week’s ATAG match and it was rumored that the dynamic duo had mutually decided to “spend some time apart” from each other.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

Final Leaderboard: 7-21-15 Front Nine     Gross/Net

Majors                                                        40/36

Meagher                                                     40/37

Martin                                                         42/35

Morris                                                          43/35

Williamson                                                  43/35

Nichols                                                         44/33

Sawyer                                                          44/35

Cowles                                                           45/35

Kisgen                                                           46/34

Morgan                                                         47/38

Gooding                                                        49/41

Sellner                                                           50/37

Wymer                                                            DQ

Corrigan                                                         DQ

Houle                                                              DQ

Kohn                                                               DQ




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July 14, 2015-By Don Nichols

Obviously there is no summer swoon for ATAG as another full field showed up on another hot 90+ degree afternoon, with many players opting to create their own summer breeze by increasing cart rental income for the Club.

Tiebreaker Determines Winner!   Two teams managed to handle the difficult back nine, each finishing at 10 under. The card comparison tie breaker revealed the winner to be the pairing of Kevin McGlynn, Jeff Kohn, Jeff Colbath, and Ron Majors which was a net 3 under on the tie breaker hole # 16.

Commish’s Team DAL! This week’s Commissioner’s Team of Doug Healy, Jim Williamson, Brooks Cowles, and Don Nichols was the worst of the bunch, finishing at 4 under. The ill fated pairing occurred when twenty four handicapper Craig Sellner was late in arriving and the Commissioner selected fifteen handicapper Doug Healy to move up and take his place, figuring the Healy/Williamson combination ( mind you, the 2014 Member- Member Seventh Flight Champions and currently in the quarterfinals of the 2015 Billy Jones Tournament) would bode well for the Commish’s chances. Obviously, didn’t happen as each of the highly touted duo was net 4 over, and once again proved the karma of the initial pairing of the Commissioner’s Team cannot be disturbed without its consequences.  ( A post round review of Sellner’s scores revealed the Commissioner’s Team as originally assembled would have finished at 9 under and would have avoided being awarded sponsorship rights. And Healy’s rightful pre-destined team would have finished DAL at 6 under.) I’m just saying.

Gaddis Medalist!  Eleven handicapper Mike Gaddis’s score of 40 was the best round of the day, edging past last week’s phenom Ron Majors who returned to norm with a 41.

Wymer Pockets The Cash!  Twenty two handicapper John Wymer took home the 20 one dollar bills after firing a 43 for a net 4 under, giving him his first low net since 2013 when he was a three time winner.

Morgan Picks Up Another Pinkster!  Eighteen handicapper Anthony Morgan grabbed his second Pink Lady of the year, firing a 51 for a net 6 over par, thanks to a triple and four doubles and nary a par.

Shot Of The Day! Houle Has Hole In One!  Well, almost. The twenty handicapper’s tee shot on # 18 stopped about 4 inches from the hole. If you don’t believe it, he’ll be glad to show you the photo he took with his camera phone. (And, yes, he made the putt.)

Birdie Club Avoids Shut Out! Thanks to the above referenced tap in putt on # 18 by Tom Houle, the Birdie Club welcomed Mr. Houle as a new member and avoided a shut out.

Final Team Results: 7-14-15 Back Nine

McGlynn, Kohn, Colbath, Majors                                                                  -10 (tiebreaker)

Gooding, Jobson, Wymer, Bernhardt (visitor)                                            -10

Schmal, Morgan, Morris, Houle                                                                      -7

Sellner, Pearson, Thornton, Gaddis                                                                -7

Cowles, Healy, Williamson, Nichols                                                               -4

That’s for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores for this week’s match.


Final Leaderboard: 7-14-15 Back Nine    Gross/Net

Gaddis                                                        40/35

Bernhardt                                                  40/37

Gooding                                                      41/33

Thornton                                                     41/34

Majors                                                          41/37

Morris                                                           42/35

Kohn                                                              42/36

Wymer                                                           43/32

Pearson                                                          43/40

Houle                                                              44/34

Schmal                                                            44/39

Nichols                                                            45/36

Cowles                                                              45/36

Colbath                                                            46/36

Sellner                                                              47/36

McGlynn                                                          47/37

Healy                                                                 47/40

Williamson                                                       47/40

Jobson                                                               49/38

Morgan                                                              51/42

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July 7, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was another hot, 90 degree, day but that didn’t stop a full field of 20 players from responding to the Call For Players for this week’s front nine match. And, it turned out to be a major triumph for core ATAGer Ron Major (it’s actually Majors but that doesn’t tie in with the headline) who had a record-setting four birdies on his way to a score of 34 to make him the leader in the clubhouse for Medalist honors and front runner for the Birdie Club.

11 Under Gets The Trophy!  The pairing of Brooks Cowles, Henry Sawyer, Doug Gooding, and Tom Houle sneaked by one other team with a score of 11 under to earn the coveted Golden Ale Trophy. Earning sponsorship rights at 4 under (after dropping one shot on the last hole) was the team of Marty Arnold, Danny Morris, Doug Healy, and Tom Kisgen.

Majors Sets The Bar!  Eight handicapper Ron Majors set the bar for best low gross this year with his best ever ATAG round of 34, nearly matching the all time best score of 33 posted by former ATAGer Brad Reese on 5-17-2011. Majors’ personal best was also good enough to pocket the twenty one dollar bills with his low net score of 6 under.  (Very rare when the low gross winner also wins low net). Not having a good day was twenty handicapper Kevin McGlynn who finished with a net 6 over par to capture his third Pink Lady of the year.

Multiple Birdies For The Birdie Club! The Birdie Club added 6 birds to its coffers, thanks to two by Brooks Cowles (his second two hitter this season) and an unprecedented four by Ron Majors, three of which were back to back to back to end the round.

Shot Of The Day!  Well, guess who.    Ron Majors’ 190 yard approach shot on # 8 that landed within kick in distance from the hole, which was indicative of his flag hunting day.

Final Team Results: 7-7-15 Front Nine

Cowles, Sawyer, Gooding, Houle                                                   -11

Majors, Sellner, McCormick, Corrigan                                         -10

Morgan, Wymer, Jobson, Meagher                                                -9

Buist, McGlynn, Martin, Nichols                                                    -5

Arnold, Morris, Healy, Kisgen                                                         -4

Commissioner’s Corner:

-The day had cooled somewhat so the players gathered on the upper deck to await the match results while enjoying each other’s company over cold beer and chicken wings.

PJ Wade, dressed in business attire, made an early cameo appearance on a golf cart during the round and then climbed to the upper deck to watch each group finish, a gesture meant to show his amends for his infraction the prior week.

-The number nine hole was playing short (only 130 yards to the pin) but, as reported by eye witness PJ Wade, none of the first 19 out of 20  players  were able to hit the green with their tee shot, leaving it up to the last guy to break the jinx. Well, guess who. Ron Majors hit it within five feet and then made the putt for his fourth birdie.

Tom Houle was on the winning team but left after finishing his round without prior approval from the Commissioner.  Under ATAG By Laws, the Commissioner accepted the Golden Ale Trophy on behalf of Houle who still received a letter in his file for the unauthorized absence.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the additional photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

Final Leaderboard     7-7-2015   Front Nine     Gross/Net

Majors                                     34/30

Martin                                     42/35

Meagher                                  42/39

Jobson                                     43/32

Cowles                                     43/33

Arnold                                      43/33

Gooding                                   43/35

Sawyer                                      45/36

Morris                                       45/37

Houle                                         46/36

Nichols                                      47/37

Morgan                                      47/38

Wymer                                       48/36

Healy                                          48/40

Sellner                                        49/36

Corrigan                                     50/38

Buist                                            51/39

McGlynn                                     52/42

Kisgen                                         53/41

McCormick                                54/45


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June 30, 2015-By Don Nichols

19 players closed out the month of June, taking on the back nine on a beautiful sunny afternoon when the forecasted late afternoon showers never arrived. (But, a torrential downpour the following afternoon during the normal tee time slots showed once again that Mother Nature holds a special fondness for ATAG.) Instead, players were greeted for their post round gathering with a pleasant evening on the upper deck, enjoying a beautiful sunset on the last day of June.

13 Under Sets The Bar For The Back Nine!  This week’s Commissioner’s Team of Ron Majors, Anthony Morgan, Tom Kisgen, and Don Nichols posted the best back nine score thus far this season.

Earning sponsorship rights with a score of 1 over par was the last to finish (literally) team of David Danzig, Danzig guest Walt Phillips, PJ Wade, and Bill Meagher. (Ironically, each had requested beforehand to be placed in the last group.) The gap between the best score of 13 under and the worst score of 1 over made it unnecessary to select draw partners for the two threesome teams which finished at 2 under and 1 under respectively.

Meagher Sucks Less! Five handicapper Bill Meagher’s score of 40 was the best this field could deliver on this day, though he struggled with a couple of doubles over the back nine links. (He did manage, though, to get Shot Of The Day recognition for chipping in for birdie on #14.)

Morgan Takes Low Net!  Twenty one handicapper Anthony Morgan fired a 43 (despite a triple bogey on #16) for a net 3 under to take home the cash, slipping past twenty four handicapper teammate Tom Kisgen by one stroke.

Danzig and Wade Share Pink Ladies!  David Danzig and PJ Wade each posted a net 7 over par to share in the dubious honor. Danzig had it won but Wade came charging back with a dramatic triple on the last hole to even the score.

Birdie Club Adds Two More! The Birdie Club opened its doors and was able to keep the train rolling thanks to contributions from Bill Meagher and Anthony Morgan.

Commissioner’s Corner:

-Another great night on the porch where players discussed their rounds and consumed one or more brewskies before departing close to 9 pm. Russ Jobson was on hand for yet another cameo appearance.

Brooks Cowles had to withdraw after five holes due to an exacerbating knee injury but made it to the porch to join in the socializing, despite having to hold an ice pack on his aching knee.

Not making it to the porch to join in on the socializing were Co-Pink Lady winners and losing team members David Danzig and PJ Wade who elected to stay in the Grill to watch the Women’s World Cup soccer game, abandoning their fellow teammate Bill Meagher and earning the scorn of their fellow ATAGers. A Letter Of Reprimand has been placed in each of their files. (Fortunately, prior mug shot photos of the perpetrators were pulled from the ATAG photo library and can be seen in today’s Gallery)

-On a side note, ATAGers Jim Williamson and Doug Healy have made it to the later rounds in the Billy Jones Match Play Tournament and have agreed to display the ATAG banner on their next match.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores of today’s match.

6-30-15 Leaderboard      Back Nine   Gross/Net

Meagher                                                40/38

Morgan                                                  43/33

Williamson                                           43/36

Healy                                                     43/36

Majors                                                   43/40

Kisgen                                                    46/34

Nichols                                                   46/36

Sawyer                                                    46/37

Martin                                                     46/39

Wymer                                                    48/37

Colbath                                                   49/39

Arnold                                                     49/40

Phillips (Danzig guest)                         49/42

Wade                                                        50/43

Player                                                       51/41

Sellner                                                      52/39

Corrigan                                                   52/40

Danzig                                                      56/43

Cowles                                                       WD





























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