Editor’s Note: The following recap by this week’s reporter Doug Healy was not received until late last night, minutes before press deadline, leaving the editor no choice but to publish the contents as written.

May 16, 2017-By Doug Healy

As much time as has been spent on the weather in this chronicle, I did not think it possible to plow any new ground on that subject, however, as is often the case, I was soon to be proven completely wrong. More on that in a minute.

First the basics. A full field of 20 posted for the event and went off the back a full 5 minutes ahead of our scheduled starting time. Little did we know that we would need all of that time and considerably more, but I digress.

First off was Team 1 consisting of Tim Martin, Tom Kisgen, William Thornton and Anthony Morgan. Ultimately finishing in 2nd place at -9, the highlights of their round included a single birdie by Morgan on #11, a three stroke pick up on #15 courtesy of “two stroking Tom”, and an epic 3 stroke drop on the final 2 holes. Team 2 with Healy, Colbath, Houle and Pearson fired an uninspiring -7 spending most of the evening expecting to host the eventual winners. The group enjoyed pleasant conversation but failed to produce any highlights in their round as even the usually stalwart Lee Pearson came in at 41/35. Team 3; Kohn, Majors, Williamson and Schmal had an equally droll evening but came in at -8, earning them a spot in the no-buy zone. After rocking along at -1/-2 for 5 holes they started a nice progression on 15 but in the end would have needed to play 5 more holes equally well to close the gap. Team 4, our winners at -13, were unmatched. Tom Thornhill recorded 3 birdies earning himself a spot on the ATAG Handicap Watchlist while finishing 36/31 to capture Low Net for the evening.  The names of Wymer, McGlynn and Sellner were also shown on the scorecard.

(Commissioner’s Comment: Tom “Two Glove” Thornhill has been taking money from Ansley Golf Club members for the twenty five years I have known him. To his credit, he cleverly plays to his handicap over the course of a season, making it hard to prosecute as a sandbagger–but he has an uncanny knack to better that handicap when there is money on the line.)

Back to the early starting time and the weather. It was exactly 8:12 pm when Meagher and Gaddis strode into the lounge looking wasted and complaining about the weather which immediately sent the ATAG’ers into, and I kid you not, a spontaneous rendition of the first stanza of Let It Snow. It was no Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but it was certainly “corny” in true ATAG fashion. It was some time later that Jobson and Buist made it to the clubhouse with their DAL -6 scorecard in hand finally allowing the winners their due refreshment. Meagher’s birdie on 15 was their only noteworthy accomplishment.

(Commissioner’s Comment: Pretty easy to read between the lines here about slow play. The match started five minutes early but players in the last group were noted to be arriving some 2 hours 45 minutes or so after the start of their round. Apparently the ATAG “hit when ready” rule is not being enforced)

Not surprisingly, Tom Thornhill earned low gross and low net with his 36/31 and William Thornton shagged the Pink Lady with a net 42. There were 3 birdies by Thornhill and 1 each by Meagher and Morgan. Individual and team scores as follows:

Team 1 (-9) Martin 45/39, Kisgen 47/35, Thornton 49/42 and Morgan 43/33

Team 2 (-7) Healy 47/40, Colbath 48/37, Houle 45/37 and Pearson 41/35

Team 3 (-8) Kohn 42/37, Majors 37/34, Williamson 45/37 and Schmal 41/36

Team 4 (-13) Thornhill 36/31, Wymer 48/37, McGlynn 46/35 and Sellner 49/37

Team 4 (-6) Jobson 48/38, Buist 47/36, Gaddis 45/39 and Meagher 39/37

That’s it for this week. Check out the photos in the Gallery.

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Editor’s Note:  The above headline and the following preamble to this Tuesday’s ATAG match recap is a fanciful tale envisioned by Doug Healy and was almost edited out completely due to its being, well, how else to say it, “corny”.  (We’ll let the readers decide)Nevertheless, it does demonstrate the enthusiasm of the writer in his attempt to be humorous which he follows with a verbose rambling account of the day’s match, indicating no writer’s cramp in getting his thoughts on paper about what transpired on this particular Tuesday. Mr. Healy also cleverly invited Tom Kisgen to comment on his team’s winning score and embodied those reflections in his match recap.


In what can only be described as a bizarre twist of golf terrorism, Substitute Commissioners Healy, Morris and Williamson were kidnapped early Tuesday morning by an individual who appeared to be a self-radicalized clown. A proof of life photo (posted in the Gallery) was delivered to Semi-Retired Commissioner Don Nichols with a list of demands that have so far remained confidential. Nichols immediately began negotiations to free the hostages and fearing the worst, quickly moved the 4th Substitute Commissioner, Ron Majors (who had suspiciously cancelled his appearance due to illness), to a secure location.

As you can see from the photo, the hostages were well treated during their captivity, however in a momentary lapse of attention by their clown captor, they were able to escape and make a harrowing, traffic jammed journey from The Golf Club of Georgia to Ansley with only minutes to spare before their 5:36 tee time. None of the three would comment on their ordeal except to say that they were glad to be back inside the Perimeter playing ATAG on a beautiful Tuesday night. The investigation is ongoing.


After announcing a full field of 20 for the match, there were three drop outs (including the aforementioned Ron Majors under suspicious circumstances) which narrowed the group to 17 going off the front nine. Given the untimely delays of the Substitute Commissioners, Club Pro Andrew sent the players off in three threesomes and two foursomes which unintentionally created a scoring nightmare with multiple draw partners required to sort things out. The front nine yielded some very compelling scores with two teams @ -11, the ultimate winner @ -16 and two teams who stumbled out of the gate (Thunder Snow??) at -5 and -7. A closer examination of the cards revealed significant benefits accruing to the leading teams from the draw partner process, but some excellent play as well. Tom Kisgen, low new winner @ -3, submitted the following report on his winning team who came in at -16 and included Craig Sellner, Jeff Colbath and draw partner Tom Thornhill.

Tom Kisgen:   “So we had a rather awesome team score last night, once our draw partner came thru on a few critical holes for us (Thank you Tommy 2 gloves). But the bulk of the heavy lifting was shared among our high handicapping threesome. To wit: Craig Sellner got us started with a par “net eagle” on #4. Jeff Colbath topped that with a birdie “net double eagle” on #7! While Kisgen was making a ho-hum par “net eagle” on the same hole, for a team net of 5 under on #7 (has to be a record for one hole in the history of ATAG). And Kisgen closed with a birdie “net eagle” on #9. Lots of lightning bolts striking in our group. But as individuals we finished -1, +1 and -3. Nothing spectacular in our individual 9 hole scoring. Just some good ol ham and egging.” (Note: dedicated readers will recall Mr. Healy’s write up last week where Brooks Cowles lamented the burdens of ham and hamming).

Free beer sponsors for the evening were the team of Healy, Williamson, Morris and Lewis at -5. Tom Lewis, an occasional ATAGer who claims to have had ATAG on his calendar for the last 7 years, picked a rather inauspicious night to mark his return and went down in defeat with his partners who were still a bit unsteady from the day’s events. Other notables included low gross winner Mike Schmal @ 41 (mistakenly announced previously as a tie between Tim Martin and William Thornton at 42) and the Pink Lady awarded to David Danzig.

Individual and Team Results:

Team 1 @ -11: Cowles 44/34, Sawyer 47/36, Schmal 41/36 and Draw Partner Tim Martin 42/35.

Team 2 @ -11: Thornton 42/35, Danzig 54/43, Thornhill 40/35 and Draw Partner Jim Williamson 44/36.

Team 3 @ -16: Sellner 49/37, Colbath 47/35, Kisgen 45/33 and Draw Partner Tom Thornhill 40/35.

Team 4 @ -7: Martin 42/35, Colbath 45/40, Corrigan 50/38 and Wymer 48/38.

Team 5 @ -5: Morris 47/38, Williamson 44/36, Healy 47/40 and Lewis 47/38.

Check out the photos in the Gallery and the updated Leaderboard.

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NOTE: This week’s recap of the 6th ATAG match of the year is provided by ATAG CFO Doug Healy.

5-2-17 ATAG-By Doug Healy

The 5/2/17 back 9 match was a full grouping of 20 players including Kevin McGlynn’s son Alex, an incoming Ansley member, and a guest of David Danzig (more about him later). The weather which has been a standard topic of this newsletter can be summarized as simply, one of the 5 best ATAG outings ever.

The scores, while mediocre at best, were tightly grouped between -4 and -7 with the exception of Team 5 who stumbled in at +3 to become the hands down sponsors of the evening brew which was enjoyed by Team 3 at -7. A closer look at the journey of Team 5 revealed that after picking up 2 strokes on #1, they gave them back and picked them up again several times before melting down on #18 with a 12 to finish +3. #18 proved challenging for Teams 2 and 3 as well, dropping 2 and 1 strokes respectively which in the end determined the outcome of the match.

Three birdies were recorded 1 each by Mike Schmal #14, Danny Morris #18 and Bill Meagher #13. To Mr. Morris’ credit, his birdie followed a series of 3 doubles and 2 triples demonstrating once again that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Low gross was posted by Bill Meagher with a 38 who seemed somewhat relieved that Ron Majors was a no show. The Pink Lady was actually a tie between Jeff Colbath with 56/45 and Danzig’s guest Tim (last name unknown) at 50/45. It was a struggle to come up with a Shot of the Day, however credit should be given to Mike Schmal who chipped to a foot or so from 50 yards on #14 and made the birdie putt.

Low net proved to be a complicated affair with a tie at 35 between Tom Kisgen and Jim Williamson. With everyone relaxing in the temporary accommodations, there was no chance of moving to #18 for a chip off. Alternative formats including naked arm wrestling and pickle ball were dismissed and the Acting Commissioner improvised with a game of chance. Each contestant was challenged to guess the handicap of Mr. Danzig’s guest knowing only that his team finished at +3. The closest without going over was to be deemed the winner. With guesses at 17 and 18, both dramatically exceeded the correct number of 10, and therefore the pot was split. It is useful to point out that Tim shot 50/45, tying for the Pink Lady which is why we singled him out for a little abuse despite the fact that we were delighted to have him as a guest.

It proved to be a perfect evening on the porch with Russ Jobson making a cameo and most players staying around for awhile to enjoy the fun. In a post match interview, this correspondent asked Brooks Cowles what he thought contributed most to his team’s -4 finish, which until Team 5 appeared, looked like the sure loser. As you know the press loves this guy, as he is always ready with a good quote. Tonight was no exception. Without a moment’s thought, he attributed the weak showing to his team’s “ham and hamming it”, a tip of the hat to the typically more successful strategy of ham and egging it.

NOTE: The Commissioner, who continues to monitor ATAG in abstentia, was pleased to learn that one of the young guns from the McGlynn clan is an incoming Ansley member and that he also elected to participate in this week’s match. Will this be the beginning of a youth movement for ATAG—or is ATAG destined to remain a hodge podge of AARP members and/or Medicare beneficiaries?  (just saying.)

Individual and Team Results as follows:

Team 1 @ -4: Cowles, Williamson, Colbath and Buist

Team 2 @ -6: Thornhill, Schmal, Corrigan and Kisgen

Team 3 @ -7: Healy, McGlynn, McGlynn and Thornton

Team 4 @ -5 Martin, Morris, Meagher and Greene

Team 5 @ +3: Danzig, Guest, Gooding and Sellner

Meagher: 38/36                               Cowles: 51/41

Thornhill: 42/37                                 Sellner: 53/41

Schmal: 42/38                                    Colbath: 56/45

Williamson: 43/35

Alex McGlynn: 43/36

Greene: 44/36

Healy: 45/38

Thornton: 45/38

Martin: 46/39

Kisgen: 47/35

Gooding: 47/40

Kevin McGlynn: 48/37

Buist: 49/39

Corrigan: 49/38

Danzig: 50/39

Danzig Guest: 50/45

Morris: 51/42

Check out the photos from this week’s match taken by ATAG photographer Tim Martin.

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Commissioner’s Note: This week’s recap is provided by core ATAGer Ron Majors who last week was on the winning team and duped losing team member Richard Batelaan into buying a mixed drink instead of the customary brewsky. When this was revealed in last week’s issue, Mr. Majors later retorted that it was all “Fake News” reporting. It appears that this week Mr. Majors received his “comeuppance” when he was on the losing team, and winning team member Jim Williamson, apparently acting vicariously for the absent Mr. Batelaan, demanded the more expensive alcoholic beverage alternative. No “fake news” here, but the Commissioner is concerned that a dangerous high stakes precedent is being set that is counter to the ATAG culture.

4/18/17 By Ron Majors

 At precisely 5:00PM the first team teed off on a beautiful spring evening with scoring conditions that attracted a full field of 20 competitors, all anticipating record low scores. If only the actual scores met their expectations.


Team #1: (-5) Tim Martin, Craig Sellner, Jeff Colbath, and draftee Steve Barnhart

Team #2: (-4) Sponsors Tom Kisgen, Doug Gooding, Ed McCormack, Ron Majors

Team #3: (-9) Winners Tom Thornhill, John Wymer, Kevin McGlynn, Jim Williamson

Team #4: (-7) Russ Jobson, Mike Schmal, Anthony Morgan, Scotty Greene

Team #5: (-5) Bill Meagher, “Old” Tom Player, David “Double D” Danzig, and draftee Ansley Assistant Pro Tyler Hayes


The usually friendly front nine was unusually unfriendly on an evening  that provided excellent scoring opportunities. No obvious explanation was voiced by the field other than the usual lament of “I just suck at golf.”  Three Birdies were carded by Tyler Hayes who also carded 3 bogies on his way to a Low Gross score of 36. Commissioner’s Note: Apologies to Tyler Hayes, but even par or better is expected of a professional playing his own course, so, for purposes of the ATAG stats, Bill Meagher’s score of 39 will be recorded as the official ATAG best score and Mr. Hayes score will be duly recorded with a fine print footnote.

Tom Thornhill, Kevin McGlynn, and Ron Majors recorded one birdie each. Low Net (33) winnings were shared by Tom Kisgen and Anthony Morgan.

Many thanks to Acting Commissioner(AC) Jim Williamson who shared this week’s duties with this reporter by getting the tee times and composing the teams. But you may have already observed that AC Williamson, in the continuing tradition of our eerily absent “Commish”, placed the winning team around himself and then had the hutzpah to ask if I would buy him a “vodka & tonic” instead of a beer as his winnings. How ironic after last weeks “fake news.”

There were two dubious nominations for “Shot of the Day.” Russ Jobson’s  shot towards the green on #7 landed in the pond and skipped several times before coming to rest on the left foot bridge – a feat never before recorded in ATAG history. Apparently Russ was unable to play his next shot from that lie and took a drop before marching on to record a 7 for his score. When questioned if he took a penalty stroke for lifting out of the hazard Russ  and his team mates admitted that no penalty stroke was recorded. AC Majors assessed a penalty stroke which resulted in a dance with the “Pink Lady” for the hapless Jobson.

The second nomination was for Ron Majors’ second shot out of the left hand rough under the trees at #4. That shot was a screaming laser that flew the green, landed on the bank behind the green, bounced once into a tree and ricocheted back on to the green before coming to rest 18” from the cup for a tap in birdie. Neither nomination received confirmation from the field.

Note:  No photos were taken of this week’s match.


36/36 Tyler Hayes  

39/37 Bill Meagher   (official ATAG best score)

41/35 Tom Thornhill

43/33 Anthony Morgan Low Net Co Winner 

43/36 Tim Martin

43/39 Ron Majors

46/33 Tom Kisgen Low Net Co Winner

 46/41 Mike Schmal

46/38 Jim Williamson

47/40 Doug Gooding

47/39 Scotty Greene

48/36 Craig Sellner

49/37 Kevin McGlynn

49/38 John Wymer

50/39 “Old” Tom Player

50/39 David Danzig

50/42 Steve Barnhart

53/41 Jeff Colbath

55/45 Russ Jobson Pink Lady Winner

57/44 Ed McCormack















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4-18-17-By Jim Williamson

It looked ominous for the 4/18 ATAG round. First the acting ATAG commissioner, Doug Healy, calls in sick and thunderstorms were popping up all over Atlanta. However, by 5:00 both issues were resolved and 15 ATAGers teed off.


Team # 1: (-2)   Sponsors

Scotty Greene, Richard Batelaan, Davis Danzig & Ed McCormack

Team #2: (-6)  Winners

Danny Morris, Ron Majors, William Thornton, & Craig Sellner

Team #3: (-3) Thanks to Draw Partner William Thornton

Tom Houle, Frank Corrigan, Anthony Morgan & (Draw Partner) William Thornton

Team #4 (-5)

Mike Schmal, Brooks Cowles, Tim Martin, & Jim Williamson


The back nine did its usual damage to the team scores. Team #2 narrowly won the coveted golden ales which were provided by Team #1. There were no birdies recorded. The only major controversy of the evening was between Richard Batelaan (losing team) and Ron Majors (winning team). Majors took advantage of Batelaan’s first ATAG appearance of the year and requested a mixed drink instead of the usual beer. After catching his breath Batelaan complained to the substitute commissioner and asked was this action proper. Knowing the ATAG bylaws are hermetically sealed at the real commissioner’s home and not wanting to disturb him it was suggested Batelaan proceed with the request.


Danny Morris                     43           34           (Low Net winner)

Brooks Cowles                  45           35

Anthony Morgan             45           36

Ron Majors                         39           36           (Low Gross Winner)

Jim Williamson                  44           36

Tim Martin                          43           37

Craig Sellner                       50           37

Ed McCormack                  54           37

Scotty Greene                   48           39

David Danzig                      51           40

Richard Batelaan              44           40

Tom Houle                          48           40

William Thornton             47           40

Mike Schmal                      49           44

Frank Corrigan                   56           48           (Pink Lady)

Commissioner’s Comment:  Mr. Majors did indeed pull a fast one on Mr. Batelaan, considering that a mixed drink cost about 4 dollars more than the customary brewsky. According to ATAG By Laws, a player on the losing, or rather, sponsoring team is only obligated to buy a beer. Anything above that must be agreed to by the person who will see the charge on his next club bill. However, based on case history, there appears to be retribution for Mr. Batelaan if and when the circumstances are reversed and Mr. Majors finds himself on the sponsoring team and face to face with Mr. Batelaan on the winning team.

On a side note, former ATAGer Bill Benning recently reached out to the Commissioner to say that he enjoys reading the ATAG Reporter each week and offered a joke to be told at the next ATAG match. It is an old one that has been told before (haven’t they all?) but clearly the intent of the communique was to remind everyone that he is still the only one to have ever had a hole-in-one in an ATAG match. And, he was kind enough to provide a memorabilia of the event which has been posted in the Gallery section.


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Note: This week’s recap is provided courtesy of core ATAGer Jim Williamson, possessor of the Best Attendance Record for the 2016 season.

4-11-2017-By Jim Williamson

After watching the Masters all weekend everyone was ecstatic to let everything they had seen and learned from the pros be on exhibition for their fellow ATAGers. However, the team scores did not prove exceptional gains. The one standout was Bill Meagher who shot the low gross score of 34 and for the first time ever also won the coveted low net award with a 32 and $16 golf dollars.

(Commissioner’s Note: Congrats to Bill Meagher. His gross score of 34 is the best ATAG score since Ron Majors posted the same result on July 7, 2015. (Both on the front nine). The all time best gross score still stands at 33 which was posted by former ATAGer Brad Reese on May 17, 2011–also on the front nine. (The good news is that Meagher’s low net victory means that we no longer have to hear his belly ache lamenting cry about never winning low net.)

Three Teams at Seven Under:

First Team: Thornton, Sellner, Martin and Buist

Second Team: Houle, Meagher, McCormack, and Kisgen

Third Team: Jobson, Murphy, Player, and Williamson

All 3 teams waited anxiously for the Fourth team: Gooding, Thornhill, Cowles and Wymer to share their six under score, but instead a nine under score card appeared. To determine who would present the golden ales to the winning team a review of the 6th hole was undertaken and it showed the First Team would be the presenters.

Shot of the Day:

Tim Martin’s approach shot on # 8 within 18 inches for a birdie.

ON THE Porch:

Positive chatter about Sergio winning the Masters and some negative grumbling about slow play. It is important to keep up with the group in front.

Birdie Club:

Tim Martin, Pat Murphy (2), Tom Houle, Bill Meagher(2)


Bill Meagher                       34           32

Pat Murphy                        41           33

John Wymer                      44           33

Craig Sellner                       47           34

Tim Martin                          41           34

Tom Houle                          44           35

Tom Thornhill                    41           35

William Thornton             43           36

Jim Williamson                  45           37

Tom Kisgen                         50           37

Russ Jobson                       48           38

Doug Gooding                   45           38

Tom Player                         50           39

Brooks Cowles                  50           39

Bill Buist                               57        44

Ed McCormack                  58           45           PINK LADY

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April 4, 2017–By Danny Morris

Play during week two of ATAG was accomplished on one of those perfect Atlanta Spring days. With the Masters on the horizon, 20 amateur golfers took on the difficult back 9 of Ansley Golf Club’s Midtown course. The ATAG crowd plays the same game; however, the play at Ansley, while exciting and interesting, was not the same skill level as what is played down the road in Richmond County.

The big, bridge destroying Interstate fire caused an hours long line of cars on Montgomery Ferry. This created an environment for more than a few nervous drives off the first tee. It also caused a couple of folks to run right up to their tee times. Since his days many years ago as an ATAG founder, Mike Gaddis has almost always been at least 60-90 seconds early for his tee times. On this particular afternoon, his teammates waited as MOG ran up to the box and fired off his tee ball just in the nick of time. The heavier traffic caused by the bridge disaster had thrown off the timing of the master of cutting it close.

In ATAG week one most of the team scores were double digit under par. Week two found the intrepid linksters generating much lower scores.

Two Teams at Five Under

The team of Sellner, McCormack, Gaddis and Williamson went around the back 9 in 70 strokes or -5. This team had a roller coaster round. They picked up 3 against par on the first hole anchored by a Jim Williamson birdie. Before the nine was complete, they gave back and gained to par several times, going as low as -6 before settling in at -5.

Pearson, Thornhill, Majors and Houle made up a steady foursome that tallied five under by adding one cut at a time until they reached their tying score of 70.

In a card comparison, the Pearson, Thornhill, Majors, Houle team had the lower score on the #2 handicap hole 16. They were declared the overall victor.

Even Par Buys the Beverage

The foursome that included Scotty G, Colbath, Buist and Player was able to finish without hurting themselves or posting a score in the black. They were even par. At one point in the proceedings they were -3 but could not maintain that success. They are lighter in the pocket for the effort.

Low Net – Low Gross – Birdies and More Birdies

Kevin McGlynn won $20 for a low net of 34. Bill Meagher shot 38 for low gross. Pink was earned by Bill Buist and Jeff Colbath with net 44. Birdies were recorded by Bill Meagher, Jim Williamson, Danny Morris and Ron Majors. Shot of the day was professed by Bill Meagher for his 165 yard shot to 12 inches for birdie on number 17. This hole was open for business as Danny Morris hit the same length shot to about two feet also for birdie. Morris conceded the S.O.D. to Meagher since Bill hit it closer.

Long Night

One or two folks had to leave early for cause. The rest of the bunch hung around a long time. The wings and other goodies were completely gone, the cocktails flowed freely and conversations were lively. The tennis porch once again proved to be satisfactory as a post play gathering place. That said, everyone is anxiously waiting for the opening of the fancy new Men’s Grill and the newly renovated and covered ATAG porch. The one noticeable drawback to the long skinny tennis porch is there is no good way to engage the entire crowd for jokes or common theme conversation.

This night, the ATAG bunch closed the bar and some n’er-do-wells carried the party off-site to one of the local, famous restaurants.

Back at it Next Week

We move back to the front nine next week. Let’s look forward to better scoring.

Kevin McGlynn 45 11 34
Lee Pearson 40 5 35
Danny Morris 43 8 35
Jim Williamson 43 7 36
Tom Thornhill 42 5 37
Ron Majors 40 3 37
Bill Meagher 38 1 37
Mike Gaddis 43 6 37
Scotty Greene 45 8 37
Craig Sellner 50 12 38
Tom Houle 48 9 39
Tom Player 49 10 39
Tom Kisgen 52 12 40
Doug Gooding 47 6 41
Ed McCormack 55 13 42
Tim Martin 49 7 42
Frank Corrigan 54 11 43
Tom Lewis 51 8 43
Jeff Colbath 55 11 44
Bill Buist 56 12 44


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March 28, 2017

ATAG Commissioner Don Nichols, citing a seemingly never ending muscular skeletal issue (low back pain, stiff neck, and other age related maladies),  a deteriorating golf game that resulted in a self- imposed hiatus from the sport six months ago, and the desire to spend more time with his family (you know they all say that), turned in his resignation over the winter to the ATAG Elders during a luncheon meeting at a Buckhead barbecue restaurant. The resignation was not accepted.

So, rather than having ATAG go rudderless, the Elders agreed to take it amongst themselves to take the burden off the Commissioner by arranging the weekly pairings and report the day’s outcome to the Commissioner who would duly maintain the stats and edit and publish this newsletter and even attempt to play in some of the ATAG matches later on in the season.

This week was Opening Day and the recap provided below is courtesy of Danny Morris who took over the reins when volunteer Doug Healy was unexpectedly called out of town. Mr. Morris’ able recounting of the day’s action was forwarded to the players via e-mail and received great praise from those who were there, suggesting that Mr. Morris appears to be well suited to be in line to be the next Commissioner Of ATAG.

Since the individual scores have already been sent to the players on the ATAG Roster, they will not be repeated here but below is Mr. Morris’s account of the day’s action.

ATAG Opening Day-By Danny Morris

 The initial round of ATAG 2017 is in the books.   A quick review of the scoring shows a much improved ATAG field – at least on Day 1.  The mild winter seems to have allowed plenty of time for off-season practice and play.  Highest net score was 40 and lowest was 31.  Everyone’s net, save one, was in the 30’s.  Ten birdies were recorded.

Five teams were assembled and due to the absence of more than a half-dozen regulars, the total number of players was short of the usual opening day twenty.  Notable absences – The Commish, McGlynn, Sellner, Gaddis, Healy, Arnold, Schmal, Jobson and others.  The eighteen who played enjoyed great course conditions under sunny, ATAG-like skies.

Winners and Others

 The team of Scotty Greene, Brooks Cowles, Tom Houle and Ed McCormack was awarded a beer (well three beers and a cocktail with umbrella) by the team of Bill Meagher, David Danzig, Bill Buist and Draw Partner – Tim Martin. 

Low Net was shared by Danny Morris and Ed McCormack at -5.  Low Gross–38–went to the hot putting Ron Majors.  The Pink Lady prize was earned by Anthony Morgan.  Morgan netted a 40, an unusually low number for the Lady. 

Birdie Club Activity

Birdies were circled for David Danzig, Doug Gooding, William Thornton, Danny Morris, Ron Majors and Jeff Kohn.  Birdies were not circled but verbally reported, searched for and found for Ed McCormack, Tom Houle, Scotty Greene (2).  PLEASE CIRCLE  BIRDIES, YOUR TEAMATES WILL THANK YOU.  More on score card issues later.

Social Time

 The post round celebration went very well in the “new” temporary digs in the Tennis Center.  The chicken wings were still hot and beer was still cold.  The porch easily accommodated our privileged  group plus room for others.  We will be in this area until the renovated Men’s Grill and ATAG porch are back on-line sometime in June.  Brooks Cowles summed the whole thing up nicely.  “I’ve drank in way worse places than this.” Brooks continued, “At least we aren’t under the highway overpass”.

The bartenders were ecstatic to see ATAG back in the swing. 

Scotty Greene claimed Shot of the Day.  Please see Scotty for the details.

Much conversation but no new jokes.  Tim Martin asked for a show of hands regarding how many wives asked “When does ATAG start back”.  We translated that to mean….”What are you doing around the house on Tuesday afternoon”. 

Score Card Accuracy and Etiquette – Please read.

 Circle your birdies and your teammates birdies.  Keep a running total of your +/- to par.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR HANDICAPS.  Without naming names (this week only) there was one card submitted with incorrect scoring.  The correct handicap was accurately recorded beside the players name but the incorrect number of strokes was applied on particular hole.  To further complicate life on this same scorecard, the incorrect handicap was applied to a players total gross score. These errors had an effect on the outcome of the games and $$.  Too late to change it now but please be accurate.

 Next week the outward 9.  Tee times will begin at 5:00 PM.


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October 18, 2016-By Don Nichols

It was another beautiful day  and a full house of 20 players who arrived early in order to beat the nightfall for the last match of the 2016 season. Here are the results:

Winning Team:   In a two hole card comparison tie breaker, the winning team at 13 under was Henry Sawyer, Tom Player, Craig Sellner, and Jeff Colbath who edged out the Commissioner’s Team of Mike Gaddis, Danny Morris, Tom Kisgen, and Don Nichols who also finished at 13 under.

Sponsor:  -6    Doug Healy, Jim Williamson, John Wymer, and Mike Schmal

Others:    -8   Frank Corrigan, Kevin McGlynn, Doug Gooding, Pat Murphy; -7   Tom Houle, David Danzig, Brooks Cowles, Scotty Greene

Low Gross:   Mike Gaddis and Tom Kisgen     42

Low Net:   Tom Kisgen  -4 ; His 42 was his best round of the year and his second low net of the year, edging out John Wymer and Tom Player by one shot and avoiding a chip off in the dark.

Pink Lady: Doug Gooding   +6   His second Pinkster of the year. Scorecard revealed he was only one over after two holes but later stumbled along with three doubles and a triple.

Birdie Club:  Pat Murphy and Danny Morris saved the day for the Birdie Club with one each, both making birdie on #5, with Morris making the prestigious club for the first time this year.

Shot Of The Day:  Danny Morris. This time a legitimate shot of the day as he made a 25 foot putt from off the green on #5 for a birdie-“net eagle”.

On The Porch:.

ATAG CFO Doug Healy announced that the End Of The Season Awards Banquet (well, not really a banquet but a  private room with more than just chicken wings) will be the following Tuesday in the Tennis Center (ironic) and that a Call For Partyers will be sent out for the head count and the appropriate tab. As CFO, Healy also announced that he will be collecting the ATAG annual dues on or before next Tuesday. Under ATAG Bylaws, any player who fails to pay the ATAG dues will never participate in any future ATAG match until such dues, including interest and penalties, have been paid.

It was more of a laid back group on the porch with mostly separate table discussions but the mood was lightened when ATAG Humorist Tom Kisgen, like the days of old,  got a hearty laugh from the gang by telling a new joke about a speech therapist. The joke was quickly catalogued by the Commissioner as “one of ATAG’s finest.”

There was also a dig against the Commissioner for missing so many matches this year and other non flattering chatter that caused Jim Williamson to remind those behind the grumbling that the Commish was still sitting right there in the middle of the group.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Next week will report the award winners as well as some of the highlights of the year and will include a major announcement from the Commissioner. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

10-18-16 Final Individual Results   Front Nine   Gross/Net

Kisgen                                             42/32

Gaddis                                             42/35

Wymer                                            44/33

Player                                              44/33

Murphy                                            44/36

Morris                                               44/39

Schmal                                             44/39

Williamson                                      45/37

Colbath                                             46/34

Sawyer                                              46/36

Cowles                                               46/37

Sellner                                                47/35

Houle                                                  47/37

Healy                                                   47/39

Greene                                                 47/40

Nichols                                                48/36

McGlynn                                              48/36

Danzig                                                  48/37

Gooding                                                48/41

Corrigan                                                51/40





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October 11, 2016-By Don Nichols

On what can best be described as a spectacular Fall afternoon–75 degrees, slight breeze, and blue skies (with the moon making an appearance high in the sky later in the afternoon)-the stage was set for nineteen ATAGers who gathered on the back nine for the penultimate match of the 2016 season. (that’s next to last for those who are vocabulary challenged).

The golf course was also spectacular with its manicured greens and plush fairways  that seemed to beckon against the backdrop of the Midtown Atlanta office buildings rising above the crescent. With its urban location in the central city core of a major metropolitan city, the historic nine hole Ansley Golf Course simply has no peer, and ATAGers (as well as all Ansley golfing members) appreciate and relish the opportunity to experience its splendor.

Ok, enough about the setting. Now on to the results of this week’s match.

The sponsor was quickly ascertained to be the 2 under team of Bill Meagher, Jeff Colbath, Jim Williamson, and Frank Corrigan. Scorekeeper Meagher was overheard saying, “We’re not only bad, but stupid” after they discovered they played the wrong tee box on #12.

There was some drama as to who would be the winning team after the other four teams all finished at 6 under. However, one of those teams was the Commissioner’s Team, a threesome of Ron Majors, John Wymer, and Don Nichols, who were entitled to randomly draw a partner out of the pool of 16 eligible players, needing only a one shot improvement to capture the Golden Ale. Danny Morris quickly raised his hand and volunteered to be such draw partner and was just as quickly dismissed by the group with a chorus of boos. The Commissioner then asked Bill Meagher to shuffle the scorecards and John Wymer then selected the number 7 on behalf of the Commissioner’s Team. With 16 guys hanging on the edge of their seats to see if they would get the free brewsky, the number 7 player out of the sixteen turned out to be—who else, but Danny Morris. Go figure. Morris’s score of the first hole was good enough to propel the Commissioner’s Team to victory and he later added two more for a final draw partner winning team score of 9 under.

LOW GROSS WENT TO BILL MEAGHER WITH A 37 . This matched Ron Majors, Mike Schmal, and Tom Thornhill for the BEST LOW GROSS OF THE YEAR. Meagher is quick to tell you that Low Gross Medalist winners get little recognition amidst an ATAG group of mid to high handicappers, hence the bold all cap as a means of such recognition.

Low New Winner was Tim Martin whose score of 39 resulted in a net of 4 under and 19 one dollar bills in his pocket. Oddly, it was only Martin’s second low net of the year after winning five times last year to earn the Sandbagger Of The Year award.

The hands down winner of the Pink Lady was Jeff Colbath who fashioned four triples and two doubles mixed in with two bogeys and one inexplicable par, for a score of 55 and a net 9 over par for his third pinkster of the year. Teammate Bill Meagher was overheard saying ” if we were playing the Stapleford points system, Jeff would get one point more than a dead man.”  (We’re a tough crowd)

The Birdie Club added two more to its totals thanks to a double contribution from Bill Meagher (#13 and #17) and a lone bird from Tom Thornhill (#12)

Shot Of The Day went to Danny Morris. I did not witness it,  but here is how it went down according to Morris and other eye witnesses. An errant tee shot on #15 found Morris in the rough between # 15 and # 16. Electing to play it safe, Morris attempted to punch a six iron back out to the fairway but the ball apparently did not cooperate. As Morris tells it,  he then raised his six iron into the air in a modest show of frustration when a sudden force of gravity propelled the club from his hands into a nearby tree–where it remained. An attempt to retrieve the club by throwing his 7 iron at it failed, with the 7 iron giving serious thought about joining his 6 iron friend in the tree– but thankfully fell back to the ground.  Teammate Tim Martin, who was driving a cart, then attempted a rescue by standing on the cart but to no avail. Then, in a desperate measure, the 250 pound Martin reportedly stood on top of the cart’s roof and was then able to retrieve the recalcitrant 6 iron. (The cart number is not being disclosed for liability reasons.)

Jeff Kohn was a late cancellation (3 pm) (forgot about an eye exam) that resulted in the Commissioner’s Team having to play as a threesome. It is not written in the ATAG Bylaws, but Ron Majors has proposed an amendment that states that “cancelling an appearance on the coveted Commissioner’s Team is punishable by loss of your ATAG Tour Card.”  Considering the ATAG Draw Partner system worked to perfection, the Commissioner sees no reason to endorse such a proposal.

It was lively on the porch and the ATAG camaraderie was never more evident as the beers flowed and the conversations covered most of the issues of the day, especially the Presidential Election where both ATAG conservatives and liberals agree that there is not a suitable candidate. This prompted the Commissioner to announce that he was voting for ATAG CFO Doug Healy as a write in candidate. Healy quickly responded that “he would not run and if elected he would not serve.” The Commissioner then wondered out loud if he should run as the ATAG Commissioner on a third party write in ballot. Healy said, “well, let’s stop and think about it. There are 32 members on the ATAG roster so the Commissioner should expect receiving as much as 8 votes.”  So, I got that going for me.

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week is the finale and the following Tuesday will be the end of the year awards ceremony. Hard to believe that yet another season is soon to pass.

Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores.

Final Leaderboard:  10-11-16   Back Nine     Gross/Net

Meagher                                   37/35

Martin                                     39/32

Majors                                         39/35

Thornhill                                     41/35

Greene                                          43/36

Cowles                                          46/35

Houle                                             46/36

Wymer                                           46/36

Williamson                                    46/38

Gooding                                         46/39

Nichols                                           47/36

Morris                                             48/41

Corrigan                                          49/38

Sellner                                              50/38

Kisgen                                              50/39

Healy                                                50/42

Sawyer                                              51/41

Player                                                52/42

Colbath                                              55/44



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