June 2, 2015-By Don Nichols

When the Call For Players went out late Sunday night it noted that there was a 60% chance of thunderstorms for Tuesday afternoon. But that did not stop 20 ATAGers from responding early Monday morning, and their loyalty was rewarded when it turned out to be yet another beautiful afternoon for ATAG.

Two Hole Tie Breaker Determines Winner!  Two teams finished at 11 under, but it was the team of Doug Gooding, Tim Martin, Brooks Cowles, and William Thornton who came out on top after winning the second tie breaker hole against the Commissioner’s Team. Stepping up to be this week’s sponsor was the ill fated pairing of Danny Morris, Kevin McGlynn, Marty Arnold, and Mike Schmal which finished in the buy zone at 7 under.

Medalist Honors:  Ron Majors and Tim Martin       40

Low Net:  Doug Gooding in a chip off against ATAG All Star Tim Martin. Each finished at net 3 under and wanted to just split the money and avoid the head to head competition, but the rest of the field would not tolerate such a cop out and the Commissioner agreed. The ball was placed some 25 feet from a back pin position requiring a delicate shot that would have to land on the bank short of the green for it to even have a chance of getting close to the pin. Gooding went first and basically followed the script, landing his shot in the precise spot necessary and then watching it roll gently toward the hole before stopping less than a foot away, much to the delight of the players watching from the upper deck. Gooding’s precise pitch shot seemed to rattle repeat Low Net Winner Tim Martin who followed by chipping his shot across the green. The win marked the first Low Net win for Gooding since June 2011.

Pink Lady Winner:  Tom Player  net 6 over  The 20 handicapper admitted he had not played much golf lately, devoting his time to sculpting what undoubtedly is yet another masterpiece, but three triples and a double with nary a par created a different sort of canvas for Mr. Player the golfer.

Birdie Club: Three birds added to the Birdie Train coffers thanks to Ron Majors, Mike Schmal, and Scotty Greene, with Greene making the prestigious club for the first time this year.

Final Team Results: 6-2-15  Front Nine

Gooding, Martin, Cowles, Thornton                                                     -11 (tie breaker)

Williamson, Kohn, Player, Nichols                                                        -11

Greene, Danzig, Majors, Kisgen                                                               -10

Healy, Corrigan, Houle, Sellner                                                                -8

Morris, McGlynn, Arnold, Schmal                                                            -7

That’s it for this week’s recap. Scroll down for the individual scores (which have been sent to the Pro Shop for recording) and check out the photos in the Gallery. Next week we take on the onerous back nine.

Final Leaderboard: 6-2-15  Front Nine       Gross/Net

Martin                                               40/33

Majors                                               40/36

Gooding                                             41/33

Schmal                                               41/35

Kohn                                                   42/36

Thornton                                            44/36

Greene                                                44/36

Healy                                                   44/36

Williamson                                         44/36

Nichols                                                 45/35

Morris                                                   46/37

Danzig                                                   48/35

Arnold                                                   48/38

Houle                                                     49/39

Cowles                                                    49/39

Sellner                                                    50/36

Kisgen                                                     50/38

McGlynn                                                50/39

Player                                                      51/41

Corrigan                                                 52/40






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May 19, 2015-By Don Nichols

Well, it finally rained on an ATAG match—but only for one hole before the skies cleared and the umbrellas were put away, much to the delight of the field of  18 who took on the always challenging back nine. As expected, scores were not as good as last week’s match on the friendly front nine where the field averaged net par, but scores did improve over the previous back nine matches this season, with three players coming in under par and the field averaging net 2 over.

Draw Partners Kisgen and Corrigan Affect The Outcome!  The threesome of Doug Healy, Mike Schmal, and Jim Williamson (paired at their request in the last grouping) came in at 7 under while the threesome of Scotty Greene, Kevin McGlynn and Frank Corrigan were at the bottom at 2 under. However, after randomly drawing Tom Kisgen off the Commissioner’s Team (which sat comfortably at 5 under), the Greene et al team surged to 7 under itself. The Healy et al threesome then randomly picked Frank Corrigan as its draw partner whose net birdie on #12 was good enough to increase the team score to the winning score of 8 under. Meanwhile, the Commissioner’s Team of John Wymer, Tom Kisgen, Brooks Cowles and Don Nichols sat dumfounded to learn that its own team member–Tom Kisgen--as the Draw Partner had contributed to its demise by elevating the last place team and replacing them with the Commissioner’s Team as DAL. (somehow, it just don’t seem right)

Medalist:  Mike Schmal    38

Low Net: Mike Schmal  -3  This marks the third time Schmal has won the low net prize money in the seven matches he has played, causing a rumbling amongst the players and an automatic review by the ATAG Handicap Committee.

Pink Lady: A plethora of double bogeys found four players sharing in the “sucked more” moniker–Frank Corrigan, Kevin McGlynn, Jeff Colbath, and Don Nichols–each of whom reported net scores of 6 over par.

Birdie Club: Almost shut out,  but one tweeter was deposited by Mike Schmal who sank a 25 putt from off the green on # 18 (which was the only legitimate Shot Of The Day reported although Tom Kisgen’s tee shot on# 18 was nominated. The misguided ball dove head first into the creek and then shot up and over the front bunker before rolling off the back of the green.)

Final Team Results: 5-19-15 Back Nine

Schmal, Healy, Williamson, Corrigan (Draw)                                                              -8

Greene, McGlynn, Corrigan, Kisgen (Draw)                                                                 -7

Sellner, Thornton, Kohn, Morgan                                                                                   -6

Colbath, McCormick, Gaddis, Majors                                                                            -6

Wymer, Kisgen, Cowles, Nichols                                                                                     -5

Commissioner’s Corner:

-It was a pleasant evening on the porch but it took a long time to determine the outcome due to the need to pick two draw partners, made worse by the delay in receiving the last team’s score card and, to the Commissioner’s further frustration,  one team’s score card was illegible and not completed in accordance with the ATAG format.

Cameos were made by Bill Buist and Danny Morris.

Tom Kisgen has resumed the role of ATAG Humorist, telling two more jokes that were well received by those within ear shot.( most of the other players were too focused on their own private table discussions and missed out ). Danny Morris also delivered some new material much to the delight to those who were nearby the story teller.

-A complaint was filed by the second team about the slow play of the Greene et al threesome, slowing them down all day and made worse by the fact that scorekeeper Greene was seen on the 15th green filling out the score card while they continued to wait to hit their shots.

-The Commissioner was notified by the Club that ATAG scores will now be recorded by the pro shop in accordance with the new Club policy. The Commissioner has complied, and will continue to comply,  by sending each week’s individual scores to the Club for proper recording.

That’s it for this week’s recap. There will be no ATAG match next Tuesday since the Club will be closed after the Memorial Day holiday. Scroll down for the individual scores of today’s match and check out the photos in the Gallery.

Final Leader Board 5-19-15  Back Nine     Gross / Net

Schmal                                                               38/33

Greene                                                               42/35

Gaddis                                                                43/37

Morgan                                                              44/34

Healy                                                                  44/36

Majors                                                                44/40

Williamson                                                        45/37

Thornton                                                            46/39

Kohn                                                                    46/39

Wymer                                                                 48/37

Cowles                                                                  48/38

McCormick                                                          49/36

Nichols                                                                  50/41

Colbath                                                                  50/41

Kisgen                                                                     51/39

McGlynn                                                                 52/41

Sellner                                                                     53/40

Corrigan                                                                  53/41




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May 12, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was another beautiful day on a beautiful golf course that saw 16 ATAGers assemble into four teams to go for the gusto. And, for the first time this year the field was able to match old man par (net, of course) thanks to eight players coming in under par including three at net 4 under, perhaps suggesting that the rust has finally worn off and that scores will continue to improve each week. (we’ll see)

13 Under Sets The Bar!  First to tee off and first to finish was the team of Jeff Colbath, Tom Kisgen, Craig Sellner, and Tim Martin which posted the best score so far this season at 13 under. Last to tee off and last in the standings was the 7 under DAL team of Ron Majors, Bill Buist, Russ Jobson, and Doug Gooding. (Hmm, interesting to note that the winning team had two players at 4 under and the losing team had a Pink Lady co-winner)

Medalist Winner: Tim Martin    39

Low Net Winner:  Tim Martin  -4 .  Martin wins in a three way chip off with Tom Kisgen and Frank Corrigan.  Chipping from the left rough requiring a delicate pitch onto the mound in front of the green, Kisgen went first and lofted a beautiful shot that landed where it needed to before rolling within 3 feet from the hole which was in the far back position.  Martin, wasting no time, went next and damn near chipped it in—the ball coming to rest within a foot. Corrigan followed with a hard punch shot that crossed the green, and the 16 dollar bills were awarded to Martin, his second low net in a row.

Shots Of The Day!   Tim Martin’ s 220 yd approach shot on the par 5 number five hole that landed on the green within 25 feet of the hole. His eagle putt attempt fell short but the following tap in was at least a “net eagle”. Receiving honorable mention was Doug Healy’s putting prowess–a 25 foot putt to make par-“net birdie” on hole # 7 and a 12 foot putt on #9 to make a “real” birdie.

3 Birds In The Hopper!  The Birdie Train keeps chugging along thanks to individual contributions from Doug Healy, Brooks Cowles, and Tim Martin, with Martin joining the ranks for the first time this year.

Team Results 5-12-15 Front Nine

Martin, Colbath, Sellner, Kisgen                                                         -13

Cowles, Player, Greene, Schmal                                                          -11

Healy, Corrigan, Gaddis, Nichols                                                        -11

Majors, Gooding, Jobson, Buist                                                           -7

Commissioner’s Corner:

-A beautiful evening on the porch but players mostly stuck with their individual table discussions which were interrupted when two couples of prospective new members came out of the adjoining ball room cocktail party to check out the view of the pool from the upper deck. Brooks Cowles was quick to point out to them that “this is our diving platform”.

William Thornton, a member of the Membership Committee, also walked out of the party to make an official ATAG cameo appearance.

-The second “new material” joke of the season was told by Tom Kisgen who had to keep it in ear shot of his table due to the presence of the ladies on the porch so he may be called upon to repeat it next week.

Tom Player returned to the ATAG Tour after serving a 5 week suspension for a Game Day Cancellation infraction. He also was a co-winner of the “sucked more” Pink Lady.

Frank Corrigan had his career best ATAG round and was the lead dog for the Commissioner’s Team. “Fearless Frank”, a 26 handicapper and noted Pink Lady competitor, fired a 45 for a net 32 enabling to join in the chip off for the Low Net bounty.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Next week we take on the ornery back nine so it will be interesting to see if the good play from this week will continue. Scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match and check out the photos in the Gallery and the ATAG quotes in the side bar.

Final Leader Board:  5-12-15  Front Nine   Gross / Net

Martin                                                         39 / 32

Schmal                                                        40 / 34

Majors                                                         41 / 35

Gaddis                                                         42 / 34

Cowles                                                         43 / 33

Kisgen                                                         44 / 32

Corrigan                                                      45 / 32

Healy                                                            45 / 37

Greene                                                          45 / 41

Nichols                                                         46 / 35

Jobson                                                          47 / 37

Buist                                                              48 / 36

Colbath                                                         48 / 38

Gooding                                                        50 / 41

Player                                                            51 / 41

Sellner                                                          52 / 39




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May 5, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was Cinco de Mayo day on the ATAG links and another beautiful Spring afternoon. but for many it was “Stinko de Mayo” as evidenced by the number of players who, shall we say, were way over par on the stubborn back nine, with only two ATAGers managing to finish net under par.

9 Under Cruises To An Easy Victory!  First off the tee and first in the standings was the team of Frank Corrigan, Tom Kisgen, Brooks Cowles, and William Thornton which managed to ham and egg its way across the resistant back nine with a net score of 9 under.

Tie Breaker Determines DAL! For the second week in a row it took a two hole card comparison tie breaker to determine which of the two 3 under teams would earn the right to fund this week’s winning purse. That right turned out to be the team of Jeff Kohn, Mike Schmal, Ben Cass, and Mike Gaddis.

Medalist Honors.  Bill Meagher    40

Low Net. Tim Martin   -2

Pink Lady.  Tie between fifteen handicapper William Thornton and eight handicapper Ben Cass at net 6 over par. As the lower handicapper and a first time offender, an incredulous Cass was awarded the Pinkster (his first ever) and was totally aghast to learn that the Pink Lady is now given to the highest net score for the day.

Birdie Club. Only two but enough to keep the Birdie Train rolling thanks to individual contributions from Bill Meagher and Russ Jobson.

Shots Of The Day. The aforementioned birdies by Meagher and Jobson were due in great part by their respective approach shots that ended up just outside the leather which they then followed up by tapping it in.  Jobson launched a 128 yd shot on # 12 and Meagher directed a similar distance shot on # 17.

Final Team Results: 5-5-15  Back Nine

Corrigan, Kisgen, Cowles, Thornton                                                                  -9

Healy, Gooding, Buist, Morris (draw)                                                                -7

Meagher, Morris, Jobson, Nichols                                                                      -4

Houle, Martin, Williamson, Majors                                                                    -3

Gaddis, Schmal, Cass, Kohn                                                                                 -3

Commissioner’s Corner:

-Another great night on the porch. Tom Houle and William Thornton got into the Cinco de Mayo spirit by downing Texas margaritas and later in the evening Doug Healy told the first non-repeat joke of the year to the delight of those who remained.

Frank Corrigan received permission from the Commissioner to be in the first group in order to leave early to attend the Hawks game with his son. Permission was granted since there was not an oversubscribed field and it turned out that Corrigan’s team was the winner, so under ATAG By Laws  the absent Corrigan’s free brewsky was presented to the Commish.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores from today’s match.

5-5-15 Back Nine   Gross / Net

Meagher                                                          40 / 38

Martin                                                              41 / 34

Kohn                                                                 42 / 36

Gaddis                                                               44 / 36

Majors                                                               44 / 39

Schmal                                                               44 / 39

Morris                                                                45 / 36

Williamson                                                        45 / 37

Gooding                                                              45 / 37

Cass                                                                     46 / 42

Cowles                                                                 48 / 38

Kisgen                                                                  47 / 35

Jobson                                                                 47 / 37

Corrigan                                                               49 / 37

Houle                                                                    49 / 39

Nichols                                                                  49 / 40

Healy                                                                      49 / 41

Thornton                                                               49 / 42

Buist                                                                       52 / 40


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April 28, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was another “beautiful day in the neighborhood” as attested to by 16 players who assembled into four teams to take on the usually more lenient  front nine. But with only three players managing to break par (and an average gross score from the field of 10 over par),  the “friendly front” was not so generous this week.

Commissioner’s Team Wins Close One For Its First Golden Ale Trophy!  This week’s Commissioner’s Team of Kevin McGlynn, Doug Gooding, William Thornton, and Don Nichols ended up with the best score of the day at 9 under, despite dropping one shot on the last hole, but it was good enough to slip by the 8 under second place team. The win marked the first victory of the season for the Commish’s team which opened the season with back to back losses followed by second place finishes in the subsequent matches.

Tie Breaker Determines DAL!  Two teams ended up tied for DAL at 5 under, requiring a two hole card comparison playoff before the winner (er, loser ) could be determined. The playoff determined that the last group pairing of Frank Corrigan, Ron Majors, PJ Wade, and Doug Healy would be awarded sponsorship rights.

Medalist Winner.  Ron Majors   41

Low Net Winner: William Thornton–net 2 under (would have been more had he not triple bogeyed and double bogeyed the two par three holes)

Pink Lady Winner:  Tie Between Jeff Kohn and Kevin McGlynn at net 9 over par. Since McGlynn’s net score included an”imputed” score of 7 on the par 3 number 9 (the space on the scorecard wasn’t big enough to accommodate the real score), he received the official recognition as noted by his spurned look captured on camera.

Shot Of The Day:  Doug Gooding.  After a booming drive on # 4, followed with an 80 yard pitching wedge that stopped just inches from the hole for a tap in birdie-“net eagle”.

Birdie Club:  Added five more thanks to two by Doug Gooding (back to back) and one each from PJ Wade, Ron Majors, and Mike Schmal, with Gooding and Schmal making the roster for the first time this year.

Final Team Results: 4-28-15  Front Nine

Gooding, McGlynn, Thornton, Nichols                                                                   -9

Morgan, Colbath, Greene, Schmal                                                                           -8

Morris, Williamson, Kohn, Kisgen                                                                           -5

Wade, Majors, Healy, Corrigan                                                                                 -5 (tie breaker)


-It was a beautiful evening to be outside but unfortunately the Club was hosting a private party that spilled out onto the ATAG upper deck so the players gathered in the Men’s Grill, with many electing to have dinner while watching the Braves game.

Tom Houle and Tim Martin made early cameo appearances and joined in the socializing while Russ Jobson made a later cameo appearance.

-Although still early in the season, ATAG play has been less than stellar in the seven weeks since the opening match. This became quite evident during last week end’s Member-Member Tournament when none of the ATAG teams were able to place in their respective flights. To their credit, though, ATAGers Bill Buist and Tom Player did receive “Day Money” for the first day. (Fifty bucks each which covered the cost of the carts and one cocktail at the dinner party. Oh well, better than nothing)

-The team of Mike Schmal, Jeff Colbath, Scotty Greene, and Anthony Morgan was cited for slow play, failing to keep up with the group in front of them and creating a back log on # 7  where two groups waited for them to putt out with the group on # 8 well over the hill and out of sight. A Letter Of Reprimand has been placed in each player’s file.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Next week we take on the ornery back nine. Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the individual scores in today’s match.

4-28-15 Final Leader Board  Front Nine    Gross / Net

Majors                                                                     41 / 35

Thornton                                                                 42 / 34

Schmal                                                                     42 / 36

Greene                                                                      43 / 36

Wade                                                                         44 / 36

Morgan                                                                      45 / 35

Morris                                                                        45 / 36

Williamson                                                                45 / 37

Gooding                                                                      46 / 37

Nichols                                                                        47 / 37

Healy                                                                            47 / 38

Kisgen                                                                          49 / 37

Kohn                                                                             49 / 43

Colbath                                                                         51 / 41

Corrigan                                                                       52 / 39

McGlynn                                                                       54 / 43


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April 21, 2015-By Don Nichols

Mother Nature once again showed her favoritism for ATAG, following a deluge of rain the prior two days with a sunny, breezy, afternoon that saw 20 players take on the onerous back nine. Once again the “lift, clean, and place” rule was in effect for the soggy course, but that didn’t seem to help much since only two players had net scores under par.

6 Under Is The Winner!   Blustery winds and the wet course made the back nine even more difficult to manage, so 6 under proved to be the best score this field could muster on this day. Once again, the last group to finish ended up in first place and this week it was the pairing of David Danzig, Danzig’s guest Walt Phillips, PJ Wade, and Ron Majors.

1 Over is DAL!   The foursome of Doug Healy, Jeff Kohn, Anthony Morgan, and visitor Andrew Rogers dropped four shots on the last hole to end up Dead Ass Last and assume the obligation of providing the winners with a complimentary brew.  (This was much to the relief of two other teams sitting on the porch with 3 under scores.)

Bill Meagher and Danny Morris Tie For Low Gross with a not so low gross score of 6 over 41.  Morris’ 41 was more rewarding for the 18 handicapper as it enabled Morris to win Low Net at 4 under and pocket the twenty one dollar bills. This marked the second low net victory for Morris who, to be fair, has also been awarded a Pink Lady this year.

Martin Gets His First Pinkster!  Fourteen handicapper Tim Martin, a multiple Low Net winner on the ATAG Tour, won his first Pink Lady in a tiebreaker against Jeff Colbath, each of whom had a net score of 8 over par. (Colbath already has a bucket full of pink golf balls so Martin was tabbed by the Commissioner as the winner)

Shots of the Day!   Frank Corrigan sank a 35 foot putt from off the green on #14 for a birdie-“net eagle”Tim Martin had about a 330 yard tee shot on #15 (thanks in great part to a free ride down the cart path). But it was Tom Houle who made the ATAG record books for two shots worthy of mention–noteworthy in the fact that each misguided missile struck a playing partner on the fly. On # 12, the Commissioner was marking his ball on the green when he heard a shout of “heads up” from Houle who was already out of the hole after going out of bounds on the tee shot. Instinctively, the Commish covered his face with his hand which was then simultaneously struck with a wayward line drive “chip shot” initiated by Mr. Houle. Later, on #17, lying three and approximately 100 yards from the pin, Houle  launched a shot with his pitching wedge that would have sailed over the green had it not struck on the fly an unsuspecting and defenseless Craig Sellner who was at the back of the green. Houle claimed he once again yelled “heads up” but is apparently unaware that golfers are customarily used to hearing “fore” when danger is approaching. A letter has been placed in his file.

Birdie Club Rolls In 3 !   At least the Birdie Train kept rolling, thanks to PJ Wade, visitor Andrew Rogers, and Frank Corrigan, with Corrigan making the prestigious roster for the first time this year.

Final Team Results: 4-21-15 Back Nine

Wade, Danzig, Majors, Phillips                                                                  -6

Morris, Colbath, Corrigan, Cowles                                                             -5

Houle, Sellner, Kisgen, Nichols                                                                   -3

Williamson, Meagher, Martin, McGlynn                                                  -3

Kohn, Rogers, Healy, Morgan                                                                     +1

Commissioner’s Corner:

-It was a beautiful, pleasant evening on the porch that was appreciated by all considering the amount of rain over the last two weeks. The beer was cold and the chicken wings were plentiful and enjoyed by all. Just a typical ATAG night.

John Wymer, nattily dressed in a full business suit, made a cameo appearance on the porch and greeted each team as they finished. William Thornton, somewhat sloppily dressed in blue jeans, made a late cameo appearance.

-Young Ansley member Andrew Rogers was a last minute walk on and enjoyed his first ATAG match. He lost. David Danzig’s guest, Walt Phillips, a last minute sign up, ended up on the winning team. Just goes to show that ATAG tries to be fair with first time visitors.

PJ Wade completed his treatment at BGA and triumphantly returned to post a score of 43, ten shots better than last week’s dismal showing that caused him to be summoned back to the facility. (He also ended up on the winning team after being on the losing side the prior two matches)

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the ATAG quotes in the side bar and the photos in the Gallery and scroll down for the final individual results. And, good luck to those ATAGers who are playing in this week’s Member-Member Tournament!

Final Leader Board 4-21-15  Back Nine    Gross / Net

Morris                                        41 / 32

Meagher                                     41 / 39

Majors                                        42 / 37

Wade                                          43 / 35

Rogers                                        44 / 39

Cowles                                        46 / 36

Williamson                                46 / 38

Kisgen                                         48 / 37

Kohn                                            48 / 42

Nichols                                         49 / 40

Danzig                                          50 / 37

McGlynn                                      50 / 39

Morgan                                         50 / 40

Healy                                             50 / 42

Phillips                                          50 / 42

Martin                                           51 / 44

Houle                                            52 / 42

Corrigan                                        53 / 41

Colbath                                         53 / 44

Sellner                                           54 / 41




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April 14, 2015-By Don Nichols

The weather resembled last week’s match–heavy rain the day before and into the evening, but clear skies and soggy for Tuesday. The conditions, however, did not stop yet another full field of 20 ATAGers to show up for the front nine competition. Although the  “lift, clean, and place” rule was in effect, the heavy air and the wet, no roll, fairways made it difficult for most of the field, resulting in an average gross score of 11 over par and and average net score of 2 over par.

11 Under Taketh!  3 Under Giveth!  The last team to start ended up the best team at the finish with a net score of 11 under, jettisoning the hopeful 9 under Commissioner’s Team to yet another meaningless second place finish. This week the spoils of victory went to the foursome of Bill Buist, Frank Corrigan, Jim Williamson, and Mike Schmal, who were presented their Golden Ale Trophy by the execrable (I think that means “lousy”) 3 under team of Danny Morris, PJ Wade, Kevin McGlynn, and Anthony Morgan.

Schmal Takes It All!  Mike Schmal, a purported 12 handicapper, followed his last week’s round of 38 on the back nine with another 38 on the front nine to take both Medalist honors and the low net bounty of twenty bucks for the second week in a row.  Schmal both opened and finished with a bogey but managed to sandwich par in between. (An investigation is underway by the ATAG Handicap Committee to see if Mr. Schmal has been recording his ATAG scores.)

Houle Repeats!  Eighteen handicapper Tom Houle grabbed his second consecutive Pink Lady with a net score of 9 over par, fashioning three triples on top of two doubles to edge past PJ Wade who lost the tie breaker by having the better low gross score. Houle was so excited about his back to back victories that he invited his son to join him in the Men’s Grill.

Shots Of The Day!   Bill Meagher received Shot Of The Day honors for his approach shot on hole # 5 which hit the pin before settling next to the hole for a tap in birdie-“net eagle”.  A close second was Craig Sellner’s tee shot on # 9 which landed within 4 feet of the hole which he followed with a precarious putt for a birdie-“net eagle”Tom Kisgen was nominated for his bunker shot on # 9 that landed within 2 feet of the hole to save par (“net birdie”) Scotty Greene also had a shot worthy of note (sort of). His approach on # 8 went sideways some 30 yards before ending up in one of the adjoining homes’ back yards.

Birdie Train Advances!  The Birdie Club added four of the wonderful “one-unders” thanks to individual contributions by Bill Meagher, Jeff Kohn, PJ Wade, and Craig Sellner, with Sellner making the prestigious club for the first time this year.

Final Team Results:  4-14-15 Front Nine

Buist, Corrigan, Williamson, Schmal                                                           -11

Martin, Sellner, Kohn, Nichols                                                                        -9

Meagher, Healy, Colbath, Kisgen                                                                    -6

Houle, Jobson, Thornton, Greene                                                                  -4

Morris, Wade, McGlynn, Morgan                                                                   -3


-The players initially gathered on the upper deck but lightning and foreboding skies indicated that it would be prudent to move the post round gathering to the Men’s Grill where tables  and chairs were pulled together for the benefit of both the players and the bar tenders.

-The din of the Grill bar crowd, however, made it difficult to communicate so the ATAG camaraderie was held in check somewhat, with some leaving early, including the Commissioner, while others elected to have dinner and converse with whomever was sitting next to them.

Kevin McGlynn came off the DL for his first ATAG match of the year and ended up with the highest individual gross score and a contributing member of the losing team. (welcome back)

PJ Wade was given a Day Pass from Bad Golfers Anonymous and had an encouraging start with a booming drive on # 1 that led to a birdie-“net eagle”.   He followed that with a triple, four doubles, and two more triples and was immediately summoned back to BGA for further treatment.

Twenty five handicapper Frank Corrigan, who has a garage full of Pink Ladies, has made  noticeable improvement in his game, posting a score of 47, his best score in five years.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Check out the photos in the Gallery and the ATAG quotes in the sidebar and scroll down for the individual scores from today’s match.

Final Leader Board   4-14-15  Front Nine  Gross / Net

Schmal                                                                38/32

Meagher                                                             40/37

Kohn                                                                    42/36

Healy                                                                    43/34

Thornton                                                             43/35

Williamson                                                          44/36

Morris                                                                   44/35

Greene                                                                   46/39

Corrigan                                                                47/34

Martin                                                                    47/41

Buist                                                                        49/37

Nichols                                                                    49/39

Kisgen                                                                      50/39

Jobson                                                                     50/40

Sellner                                                                      51/37

Morgan                                                                     51/41

Colbath                                                                      53/43

Wade                                                                          53/45

Houle                                                                         54/45

McGlynn                                                                    55/44



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April 7, 2015-By Don Nichols

It had rained all day on Monday and the forecast was more of the same for Tuesday, but Mother Nature once again showed her affection for ATAG and granted this week’s full field of ATAG Tour Players a gorgeous Spring afternoon.

The always ornery back nine was out to wreak its havoc, as it did in the last back nine match, but this time the scores were significantly better than the first outing, despite little or no roll on the soggy fairways, helped somewhat by the ability to lift, clean, an place.

9 Under Wins It!  The team of Ron Majors, Mike Schmal, Doug Gooding, and Tom Houle took home the prized Golden Ale Trophy, finishing two ahead of the second place Commissioner’s Team.

2 Under Pays It! The team of Bill Meagher, Russ Jobson, Frank Corrigan, and Steve Bates teed off last and ended up last with a score of 2 under to win the dubious honor of buying the beer for the winners.

Meagher and Schmal Share Medalist Honors!  Five handicapper Bill Meagher and twelve handicapper Mike Schmal shared Medalist honors, each posting a score of 38.

Schmal Wins Low Net! Schmal’s 38–net 32 was good enough for an uncontested award of the 20 one dollar bills.

Houle Grabs The Pinkster! Seventeen handicapper Tom Houle grabbed his first Pink Lady, posting a net 8 over par. Mr. Houle never saw Mr. Par but did manage to visit Mr. Triple three times and Mr. Double twice during his round.

Cowles Has Shot Of The Day (twice)  Nineteen handicapper Brooks Cowles hit a seeing eye pitch shot over the front right side bunker on #11 that improbably landed in the exact spot it would take for it to go in the hole for a birdie-“net eagle”. Cowles then followed with a tee shot on the par 3 #12 that landed just outside the leather but he calmly stroked it in for another birdie-“net eagle”, back to back birdies that set the stage for what looked like a career round for the high handicapper, (didn’t happen-he shot 47)

Birdie Club Admits New Members! The Birdie Club admitted four new members thanks to Brooks Cowles (dual deposit), Steve Bates, Ron Majors, and Doug Healy, the latter two making their birdies on #18 and later preening for the camera.

Final Results: 4-7-15 Back Nine

Schmal, Majors, Houle, Gooding                                                               -9

Sawyer, Cowles, Morgan, Nichols                                                              -7

Sellner, Healy, Morris, Williamson                                                           -5

Gaddis, Kohn, Wymer, Arnold                                                                   -4

Meagher, Jobson, Corrigan, Bates                                                            -2


– A beautiful evening on the porch–many stayed beyond 9 pm, electing to have dinner and enjoy the ambiance.

Tim Martin made a cameo appearance and fulfilled his duties as ATAG photographer.

Scotty Greene was a last minute cancellation (“stuck in traffic in Decatur” ) but fortunately Steve Bates was waiting in the wings to take his spot. Greene later made a cameo appearance and introduced new Ansley member Alan Peterson as a possible new recruit for ATAG considering he is both young, and, a good golfer. (Two things that are sorely missing in ATAG)

PJ Wade reported in from the Bad Golfers Anonymous (he is allowed one phone call a day) to say that his rehab was going well and that he was working on Step 9 and wanted to apologize to all those he had hurt due to his extraordinarily bad play. He noted that he was progressing fast and hoped to be able to reintroduce himself next week.

-The Commissioner reviewed the winning team’s scorecard and noticed they had erred in reporting the correct net score on one of the holes, resulting in a net 9 under score instead of the 10 under they reported. When this infraction was reported to them, the scorekeeper, who shall remain unnamed (ok, it was Ron Majors) apologized and agreed to the “public flogging” for his transgression and asked that the Commissioner “spare his team mates,” acknowledging that the “long arm of ATAG law cannot be evaded.”  This reporting error caused the Commissioner to review all of the scorecards where he uncovered other scoring errors (mostly incorrect addition), so if your individual score shown below is different than what you thought it was, you can blame your score keeper.

That’s it for this week. Check out the photos in the Gallery and ATAG quotes in the side bar and scroll down for the individual scores of today’s match.

Final Leader Board   4-7-2015 Back Nine   Gross/Net

Schmal                                                  38/32

Meagher                                               38/36

Majors                                                   40/35

Kohn                                                      42/36

Gooding                                                 43/34

Morris                                                    43/34

Nichols                                                   44/35

Gaddis                                                    44/37

Bates                                                       45/41

Healy                                                       47/38

Cowles                                                     47/38

Wymer                                                     49/38

Arnold                                                      49/40

Jobson                                                      50/40

Williamson                                              50/42

Corrigan                                                   51/39

Sawyer                                                      52/42

Morgan                                                     52/43

Houle                                                         53/44

Sellner                                                       54/41

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March 31, 2015-By Don Nichols

It was the last day of March, a little breezy with grey clouds forming as a precursor to an approaching storm, but Mother Nature decided to hold off for a while and give a full house of 20 ATAGers a chance to redeem themselves after last week’s pitiful showing.

And so they did, a cleansing of sort, with two teams coming in at 11 under, one at 1o under, one at 9 under and the winning score of 13 under–that by the team of Mike Gaddis, Frank Corrigan, Russ Jobson, and David Danzig. Having to pony up (to their surprise) was the 9 under team of Danny Morris, Bill Meagher, Tom Houle, and Jeff Kohn. (matches the highest losing score in ATAG  history)

Pearson Rebounds!  Sellner Shocks!  Morris First To Worse!

Ten handicapper Lee Pearson followed last week’s score of 49 with a 37 over the friendly front nine links, earning medalist honors and a tie for Low Net with 27 handicapper Craig Sellner who followed his last round score of 57 with a stunning 46 (net 4 under).  Sellner then shocked the onlookers by winning the chip off against the more skilled Pearson who essentially flubbed his attempt. (later claiming he did it intentionally to let Sellner have the glory.)  (He must have forgotten about the 20 one dollar bills in play which Sellner was proud to wave in front of the camera.) They say the Golf Gods “giveth and then taketh” and that appeared to be the case for eighteen handicapper Danny Morris who last week flashed the cash as the Low Net winner only to be this week’s recipient of the Pink Lady with net score of 5 over par.

Birdie Train Rolls Again!  After being shut out last week, this week’s field dropped in five tweeters into the club’s coffers–thanks to two birds by Lee Pearson, and one each by Anthony Morgan, Russ Jobson, and Don Nichols.

Final Team Results: 3-31-15 Front Nine

Gaddis, Jobson, Danzig, Corrigan                                                           -13

Healy, Pearson, Schmal, Nichols                                                             -11

Gooding, Williamson, Martin, Cowles                                                    -11

Sellner, Thornton, Colbath, Morgan                                                       -10

Morris, Meagher, Houle, Kohn                                                                  -9


-The rain never came so the players climbed to the upper deck for the post round gathering which provided an excellent view of the less than excellent Low Net chip off between Sellner and Pearson.

Cameo appearances were made by Al Roberds and Kevin McGlynn.(with McGlynn pre-announcing his appearance). McGlynn, who is still on the DL, boasted that he was now shunning his plethora of pain pills, and expects to be back on the links in three weeks. On hearing this, an alert Brooks Cowles suggested McGlynn bring his supply of drugs to the next post round gathering so that all could share.

-Later in the evening, Danny Morris told the first joke of the year which was politely received by one of the two remaining tables while the other one continued with their own private discussion

Tom Player was a Game Day Cancellation, an egregious offense, and even more egregious considering he was slated to play on the Commissioner’s Team. Fortunately, Lee Pearson came off the stand by list, fired a 37 with two birdies, and led the Commish’s team to a second place finish. Mr. Player, who claimed a “non-medical” emergency, (which can only be interpreted that a better opportunity presented itself), will be dealt with in accordance with ATAG By Laws.

Doug Gooding bought a round for the entire field to celebrate his daughters recent acceptance by the Naval Academy. (Figured he could afford a $100 beer tab since she was getting a free ride for college, including a salary)

PJ Wade sent a surreptitious message to the Commissioner saying that he had voluntarily admitted himself into Bad Golfers Anonymous, and that after the first day, was told by his BGA handlers that he can expect to remain there for at least two weeks before being considered for release.

Former ATAGer Bill Benning reached out to say hello to the ATAG players and continues to follow the antics of his former ATAG fraternity members. Benning, who has the only Hole in One in ATAG history, has remarried and now lives in Birmingham, Alabama, but says he “doesn’t have much time to play golf these days.  ”  That brings to mind……..whatever happened to former ATAGers Andy Tyber, Richard Batelaan, and Brad Reese?

-There were a few barbs thrown between the Commissioner and one of the ATAG Compensation Committee members when the Commissioner casually said that he had been approached by another prestigious private club to establish a Tuesday afternoon golf group and that the compensation package was “extremely attractive”.  He would not name the club or discuss the offer but it would be named CTAG. The conversation was halted by some of the more level headed ATAGers before it became a heated discussion on what has become a sensitive subject.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Hopefully next week the back nine will receive its payback as well. Check out the quotes in the side bar and the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual gross scores from today’s match.

Final Leaderboard:  3-31-2015  Front Nine

Pearson                                                       37

Gooding                                                      42

Meagher                                                      42

Kohn                                                            42

Martin                                                          43

Schmal                                                          43

Jobson                                                           44

Gaddis                                                            44

Cowles                                                            45

Sellner                                                             46

Nichols                                                            46

Healy                                                                46

Williamson                                                      46

Thornton                                                          47

Houle                                                                 47

Colbath                                                              49

Danzig                                                                50

Morgan                                                              50

Morris                                                                 50

Corrigan                                                             51



























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March 24, 2015-By Don Nichols

Well, it was a good golf day70 degrees, sunny, gentle breeze-but it was a day of  embarrassingly bad golf from this field of  20 ATAGers, many of whom seemed to be auditioning for a spot in the Atlanta chapter of Bad Golfers Anonymous (BGA).

The rust from the long layoff had evidently hardened into a crust,  as golf balls were observed flying in all directions other than the target during what turned out to be a laborious nine hole back nine match that resulted in pitifully low team scores.

Under and Over. Here’s how bad a day it wasThe -3 score by the team of Doug Gooding, William Thornton, Lee Pearson, and David Danzig was the best score of the day (ties for worst winning score in ATAG history), and barely beat two other teams at 2 under, and one other team at even par. But really sucking was this week’s Commissioner’s Team of Mike Gaddis, Bill Buist, PJ Wade, and Don Nichols which finished at 3 over par (one shy of last year’s worst score) to earn sponsorship rights for the second week in a row.

Low Gross and Low Net Not So Low!  Fifteen handicapper William Thornton had the best low score of the day with an unmatched  +7 score of 43, while eighteen handicapper Danny Morris took home the Low Net cash with a low net of only 1 under.

Pink Lady. Marty Arnold’s net score of 11 over par left perennial winners Frank Corrigan and David Danzig in the dust after posting five doubles on top of three triples. Arnold appears to be picking up where he left off after winning the most Pinksters last year.

Birdie Club. Forget it–total shut out  (Did I say it was bad golf?)

Shot Of The Day. Forget it. More like Shots To Forget. (Did I say it was bad golf?)

Final Team Results: 3-24-15   Back Nine

Gooding, Thornton, Pearson, Danzig                                    -3

Healy, Morris, Player, Wymer                                                 -2

Majors, Williamson, Corrigan, Arnold                                  -2

Cowles, Jobson, Martin, Kisgen                                             even

Gaddis, Wade, Buist, Nichols                                                   + 3


-It was a beautiful evening so the players gathered on the ATAG upper deck to discuss their lousy rounds and await the final results while consuming beer and chicken wings. Players made fun of their poor play (average score of 49-that’s 13 over par) , prompting one ATAGer to remark that ” the course was just not set up for his game.”

Jeff Colbath made a cameo appearance–both before and after the match. His reply to the Call For Players was apparently stuck in his e-mail “Sent” box but never made it to the E-Mail “In” box of the Commissioner, but he showed up on the tee just in case someone was a no show. (There were not any “no shows” but to his credit he returned two hours later to join in the socializing.)

-The Commissioner was less than pleased that his team finished DAL for the second week in a row, starting out the season in a deficit after winning it all last year. He was heard to grumble, however, that it was unlikely that his future “randomly selected” picks would include any of the players on the first two teams.

Russ Jobson was observed holding an ice pack on his arm after earlier straining his arm while lifting weights, and hopefully will not be joining Kevin McGlynn on the DL. The Commissioner recommended that, going forward, he should limit his weight lifting to that of the weight of an 8 ounce glass of beer (several reps).

That’s it for the second week of ATAG. Hopefully next week there will be improvement. Check out the ATAG Quotes in the side bar and the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see today’s individual scores.

Final Leader Board    3-24-15  Back Nine

Thornton                                                43

Morris                                                     44

Martin                                                     44

Majors                                                     44

Gooding                                                  45

Williamson                                             45

Nichols                                                    46

Healy                                                       47

Cowles                                                     48

Pearson                                                    49

Wymer                                                     50

Gaddis                                                      50

Kisgen                                                       50

Corrigan                                                   50

Player                                                        51

Wade                                                         52

Buist                                                          53

Jobson                                                      54

Danzig                                                       55

Arnold                                                       56

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