9-26-17 ATAG- By Doug Healy

Moving the starting time to 4:33 is a sure sign that the season is on its last legs. Being late with the Call for Players is a sure way to engage ATAG’ers in a flurry of emails, each desperate to find out if they had somehow missed “The Call” and been left behind in the march to the finish. No worries. In the end we had 20 respondents and 20 places which had thankfully been reserved early by our pro Tyler thus relieving this writer of the stress that had built up over Sunday and Monday after realizing I had not called the shop by Saturday to request the earlier times.

Team 5: Gaddis, Colbath, Kisgen and Thornton carried the day and the free beers with a score of -9. After collapsing to -1 after 3, they rallied to -9 primarily on the strength of Mike Gaddis’ 42/36 which included a birdie on #4. His birdie was coincidentally the Shot of the Day because he chipped in from off the green. It might have been a putt, but my memory is not that good. Either way, a very good shot.

Team 1: Meagher, Sellner, Morgan and Thornhill finished in second place with -8 after dropping 2 strokes on the final hole. The story here is rare and unprecedented. Craig Sellner shot 46/33 to earn low net and $20, while low handicapper Bill Meagher posted 44/41 to earn his first ever Pink Lady. One or the other of those outcomes on any given day is possible, but both on the same day and the same team, not likely.

Team 2: Martin, Majors, McCormack and Corrigan (there is still only 1 Frank Corrigan) and Team 3: Healy, Morris, Nichols and Kohn both came in at -7 with nothing particularly noteworthy to report.

Team 4: Williamson, Schmal, Wymer and Lewis supplied our winners with free beer coming in DAL at -4. To be honest, I expected more from this group but their hopes were dashed, like Team 1, when they dropped 2 strokes on the final hole.

The Players retired inside to the Men’s Grille which has recently become the norm no doubt due to the renovations and the world class air conditioning. Purists may bemoan the relocation from our traditional perch on the porch, but we will have to see how things evolve. Tom Houle made a cameo appearance.

Commissioner’s Comment: One thing that still remains an ATAG tradition is that when a player on a winning team leaves before the match results are in, or otherwise opts not to partake of his entitled Golden Ale Trophy, that “free beer” goes to the Commissioner if he is in attendance (and now, by rule of “successor in interest”, to the Acting Commissioner if the Commish is not there), so that no one on the losing team goes without having to pony up. Tom Kisgen, although he remained well after the results were announced, dutifully followed ATAG custom by informing the Commish that he was donating his hard earned brewsky and had so notified the sponsoring team whereupon John Wymer obligingly complied.


Bill Meagher: 44/41
Craig Sellner: 46/33
Anthony Morgan: 47/36
Tom Thornhill: 42/36

Tim Martin: 41/34
Ron Majors: 41/37
Ed McCormack: 53/40
Frank Corrigan: 49/37

Doug Healy: 44/37
Danny Morris: 45/36
Don Nichols: 46/35
Jeff Kohn: 43/38

Williamson: 40/38
Schmal: 40/34
Wymer: 49/38
Lewis: 45/37

Gaddis: 42/36
Colbath: 48/36
Kisgen: 52/40
Thornton: 44/36



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9-19-17 ATAG-By Jim Williamson

15 ATAGers gathered on a beautiful, but warm day for Tour Championship like competition. The back nine again offered little mercy, but a couple of the groups battled it well. However, the start times will definitely need to be moved up because darkness invaded the last groups before they could finish. Be prepared for an earlier start time next week.

The winning team of Player, Schmal, Kohn and Williamson (-7) narrowly edged out the team of Thornhill, Green, Corrigan and Thornton (-6) to win the highly coveted prize of ales. The cold, crisp, delicious beverages were provided by the losing team of Martin, Morris, Lewis, and Sellner (-1) which lost to the other (-1) team of Houle, Danzig and Sawyer. Their draw partner, Jeff Kohn, allowed them to win the playoff hole #16 and escape the dreaded last place position.

There were two birdies with Scottie Green’s on # 12 and Tom Player’s on #14. However, when someone asked Tom about his birdie it was like King Arthur holding court at the Round Table. He began describing every stroke, every thought, and every emotion he experienced in achieving this great accomplishment. When he had finished, which took longer than the telling of his renowned “Mother” joke, everyone was in complete awe of such skill.

The Scores:
Mike Schmal was playing out of his ass. Excuse me, I meant to say well, and captured both Low Gross and Low Net honors with a gross 39 & net 34.

Commissioner’s Note:  On the flip side, it appears from the scores posted below that Tom Lewis, with a net 8 over par, slipped past perennial winner Frank Corrigan for the Pink Lady. Also, in the Gallery section David Danzig submitted a live action photo of a turtle on an Ansley scorecard as a reminder to everyone to avoid slow play.


Tim Martin 42/35
Tom Thornhill 40/35
Jim Williamson 44/36
Henry Sawyer 46/37
Jeff Kohn 42/38
Scottie Green 46/38
Tom Player 49/39
William Thornton 48/40
Danny Morris 48/40
Tom Houle 49/40
David Danzig 50/40
Craig Sellner 54/42
Frank Corrigan 54/43
Tom Lewis 52/44



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9-12-17: By Doug Healy

It wasn’t even close. No sooner had the last vestiges of Irma passed through the city when a dedicated cadre of ATAG’ers showed up on our rain soaked course to battle for the golden ale. Truth be told, the lack of electricity, television and food at home was equally responsible for a very respectable turn out of 15 players including our assistant pro Tyler Hays. The clubhouse lights were burning bright and the course was open for business despite the loss of several big trees and significant debris scattered around. Many thanks to our clubhouse, golf and grounds staffs for keeping the facilities open despite what I am sure were trying times for all. The ATAG’ers had the course to themselves as there was not a single other player to be found.

First things first. Commissioner Nichols celebrated his 70th birthday on this exact day which was commemorated by his move to the white tees (see the Photo Gallery) from where he fired a blazing 45/35 besting his handicap by 1 stroke. To top things off, he ended up on the winning team contributing a score or holding serve on 6 of 9 holes, quite an impressive performance for someone who has been threatening to abandon the game entirely.

In other news, it was reported that Kevin McGlynn became a grandfather last week to a healthy future ATAG’er Barnes McGlynn. On a more somber note, Kevin’s son Alex, Ansley member and new father, is unlikely to be able to play another round of golf for at least 10 years.

The winning team of Gooding, Nichols, Majors and Hays posted an impressive
-15 and blew away the field. Gaining 2 strokes on every hole except 1 and 18 and dropping in 4 birdies made them untouchable. In fact if you added up the scores of the other 3 teams, they would still win. Coming in second was the team of Schmal, McGlynn, Kisgen and draw partner Nichols at -6. Again the Commissioner made his presence known by contributing a score on 5 holes. The closest battle of the day was between the team of Healy, Colbath, Thornhill and Morris vs the team of Sawyer, Martin, Jobson and Meagher to avoid last place. What would have been a four hole playoff in favor of Healy, Colbath et al to avoid last place, turned in favor of the Sawyer, Martin team after a last minute, corrective swipe of the indelible pen by Bill Meagher turned their score from a -4 to a -5.

Individual highlights include Tyler’s 33/33 with 3 birdies, Majors shot of the day with a hole out birdie from the bunker on #5, a birdie on #8 by Mike Schmal and 5 extraordinarily long par putts by Tim Martin which turned a 48 into a 43. Low net went to Ron Majors 36/32 and the Pink Lady went to Henry Sawyer 51/40 barely edging out Kevin McGlynn at 50/39.

No notable antics were observed on the porch following the round.

Individual Scores As Follows:

Gooding 41/33, Nichols 45/35, Majors 36/32 Hays 33/33
Schmal 40/34, McGlynn 50/39, Kisgen 50/38
Sawyer 51/40, Martin 43/36, Jobson 48/36, Meagher 42/39
Healy 45/38, Colbath 50/38, Thornhill 40/35, Morris 46/37

COMMISSIONER’S COMMENTS:  Wow, a special day for me indeed. Turning 70 is a milestone birthday and the fact that it occurred on an ATAG Tuesday and that I was on the winning team made it even more special. I appreciate all of the free beers (those given and those promised to come) and all the “happy birthday” wishes from my fellow ATAGers. Some have asked how it feels to now be 70 years old (other than getting to move up one tee box). I am reminded what Satchel Paige said when he was asked what it is like to be old. “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.”   I don’t mind.

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Let us assume it was folks taking early departure for Labor Day travel. Or, maybe players just don’t like 80 degrees and no rain conditions. Whatever the case, the field was only thirteen players when the sun came up on Tuesday.

As participants hit practice balls on the Ansley range, Mike Schmal informed the Acting Commissioner that he would have to withdraw because of injury. Four threesomes made their way to the number 10 tee and play began promptly at 5 PM.

A combination of high rough and the three-man format caused the scores to be higher than usual. The team of Mike Gaddis, Craig Sellner and Jim Williamson were the scoring exception, turning in -7 for the day. That winning score earned a free beer for the individual players. The winning team had beer purchased for them by Danny Morris, Tom Thornhill and Doug Healy. Golf wretchedness followed the last place team around the course. They started with a seven and two sixes for net two over on hole number 10 and managed to never enter the red number zone all day, producing a measly total of 1 over par for the round. The other two teams turned in -1 and even par respectively.

Mike Gaddis continued his recent excellent play winning Low Net with three under 33. Gaddis also tied Ron Majors for Low Gross with 39. Tying for the Pink Lady, a pair of Toms – Houle and Thornhill.

The group of twelve managed no birdies and no one had a shot that stood ou as remarkable enough to be described for shot of the day.
Winning Team – Mike Gaddis, Craig Sellner, Jim Williamson -7
Second Place – Tom Houle, Henry Sawyer, Jeff Colbath -1
Third Place – Ron Majors, Russ Jobson, Tom Kisgen Even
Dragging Up the Rear – Danny Morris, Doug Healy, Tom Thornhill +1

8-29-17 Scores:   Gross/Net

Mike Gaddis 39 33
Jeff Colbath 47 36
Ron Majors 39 36
Danny Morris 44 36
Jim Williamson 44 36
Henry Sawyer 47 37
Russ Jobson 51 39
Tom Kisgen 50 39
Craig Sellner 51 39
Doug Healy 47 40
Tom Houle 50 41
Tom Thornhill 45 41

Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend. The course will be closed for play on Tuesday, September 5. There will be no ATAG match next Tuesday. Look for the Call for Players on Sunday September 10 for play on September 12


ATAG 9-22-17 CELESTIAL HANGOVER!   By Danny Morris

This ATAG Tuesday was just one day removed from the Southeast’s biggest and “bestest” solar eclipse in a century. Most of the golfers appeared blinded by the previous day’s light. Stunned. The Ansley Inward Nine provided the golf setting. (Of note, the next week’s match will also be played on the back nine to accommodate statistics management.)

The Back Nine backdrop was hazardous to the players scoring. The Low Gross score of the day belonged to Mike Schmal with a modest 42. Ansley Assistant Pro Tyler Hays joined one of the threesomes (thanks Tyler for jumping in). Tyler struck the ball 33 times over eight holes but had trouble on the par five 14th and did not post a score there. He did not wish to record a nine-hole score and Mr. Schmal was awarded the Low Gross title.

Low Net was shared by William Thornton, Doug Gooding and Tom Kisgen. Each member of the trio negotiated a higher than usual Low Net – 36. A couple of participant golf bags had been put away and one of the competitors had a conference call so the players eschewed a chip off in favor a split of the prize money. Tom Kisgen was a back to back low net winner. The Commissioner’s Office has Mr. Kisgen on a watch list.

The team of Kisgen, Mike Gaddis and Tom Lewis picked up Doug Gooding as a draw partner. Adding Gooding pulled the original threesome from even par to -8. Those four winners collected free beer from Danny Morris, Frank Corrigan, Mike Schmal and Tim Martin.

The Pink Lady found an unlikely home with low handicapper and good golfer, Jeff Kohn.  Birdies were produced by Tom Lewis and Doug Gooding, both on the Par 5 14th. Lewis gets credit for shot of the day. His birdie on #14 came after his tee shot was blasted into the #15 fairway, he worked his way back to the proper fairway and his approach was close enough for a tap-in. Tyler Hays birdied 18.

Football conversations were heard around the tables as plans were being made and discussions were had by those with tickets, tailgates and favorite teams. A group hanging around the grill late, swapped stories about great games they attended and stupid fraternity pranks in which they participated.

It feels imperative that we acknowledge the excellent condition of the Ansley course. Great growing conditions have made our fairways unbelievably healthy and beautiful. The greens had remnants of a very light coating of sand but the speed was up and the roll seemed perfect. Thanks to Courtney Young and the Grounds Committee for this special place to play golf.

See you next week on the Homeward Nine.

Team Scores
Gaddis, Kisgen, Lewis and Gooding (Draw Partner) -8 Winners
Thornton, Wymer, Kohn, Hays -4
Majors, Thornhill, Gooding, Buist -3
Martin, Corrigan, Morris, Schmal -2 Patrons

8-22-17   Scores: Gross/ Net
Tyler Hays 38 38 *
Doug Gooding 43 36
William Thornton 43 36
Tom Kisgen 47 36
Mike Schmal 42 37
Bill Buist 50 38
Danny Morris 47 39
Frank Corrigan 50 39
Ron Majors 43 40
Tom Thornhill 44 40
John Wymer 51 40
Tom Lewis 49 41
Mike Gaddis 47 41
Tim Martin 49 42
Jeff Kohn 47 43

*Estimated Score

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August 15, 2017-By Danny Morris

The skies didn’t darken, the earth didn’t shake, but after the scores were posted and the cards and dollars were submitted there was a twenty-shot spread between the winning team and the losing team. That’s a big gap.

First the Good. Tom Kisgen and Tom Thornhill – who might have been members of the 90s band the Tom-Tom Club – both played exceptionally well. Special K, Tom Kisgen, was Low Net winner with a better than respectable 5 under 31 net. He collected $20 for his effort. Low Gross was scored by Two Glove Tom Thornhill with a solid 38.

Winning the brew was the team of Craig Sellner, Jim Williamson, Lee Pearson and Danny Morris with 11 under par.

Lee Pearson recorded the afternoon’s only birdie taking just four strokes to finish the par five number 7 hole.

The shot of the day was produced by Bill Meagher when he made par from a location on the number four hole that was so obscure this writer couldn’t quite identify it.

Now the Bad, the Ugly and the downright Unbelievable. The fourth team off the Number One tee on Tuesday included Kevin McGlynn, Tom Player, Ed McCormack and Jeff Colbath. That team originally was to have Mike Gaddis; however, MOG moved down to take McCormack’s place. What happened with this group was the stuff of legend. Anchored by McGlynn’s Pink Lady earning net 43 the foursome somehow managed to go around the Ansley Golf Club’s Friendly Outward Loop in an underwhelming NINE OVER PAR NET. Quick analysis indicates that Mr. Gaddis’ 44 net 38 would have put this squad closer to even par and K. McGlynn did accuse Mike G of waiting in the parking lot until the player swap occurred for Ed Mc. However, and not to put too fine a point on it, but this effort produced a record that might never be broken.

There was a cameo appearance on the first tee by Russ “Chicken Wing” Jobson. The Commissioner was once again MIA. Some regulars like Doug and Doug, Healy and Gooding were absent. Nevertheless, the beer was cold and free flowing, the wings were hot and plentiful and the conversation was easy and meaningful.

Next week the Back Nine awaits and one thing that is sure. The +9 Boys will not reassemble.

Commissioner’s Comment:  This ATAG match was supposed to have been played on the back nine since last week’s scheduled back nine match was cancelled due to inclement weather.  (The Acting Commissioner was so notified of this in an e-mail prior to the start of the match.) This opens the possibility of the entire match being classified as  “unofficial” and the godawful 9 over par DAL team score being thrown out. (I’m just saying) There were also no photos taken of this supposed history making event which calls into question whether it happened or not and opens the door for the 9 over players to file an appeal claiming that it should not be a sanctioned ATAG match. I defer this decision to the four man Commissioner Committee, but if not thrown out, the next two ATAG matches need to be back nine matches in order for the stats to be reconciled

On a side note, the Commissioner is pleased to report that he had his first ever Hole-In-One (after over 5o years of trying)  last week at the Highlands Falls Country Club in Highlands, South Carolina, in a golf outing with some fellow ATAGers.  Apparently the Golf Gods realized he was serious about giving up the game and took the necessary action to keep that from happening.

Final Results: 8-15-17  Front Nine   Gross/Net

Gross Net Team Net
Bill Buist 48 36 -2
Brooks Cowles 50 41
Bill Meagher 42 40
Tom Lewis 49 41

Tom Kisgen 43 31 -10
Tom Houle 48 39
Scotty Greene 46 38
Tim Martin 44 37

Craig Sellner 49 36 -11
Jim Williamson 44 36 Winning
Danny Morris 43 34 Team
Lee Pearson 41 35

Kevin McGlynn 54 43 9
Ed McCormack 53 40 Beer
Tom Player 52 41 Providers
Jeff Colbath 50 38

Mike Schmal 41 35 -8
Tom Thornhill 38 33
Mike Gaddis 44 38
John Wymer 48 37




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8-1-2017-By Ron Majors

Play began this week on the usually friendly Front 9 under sunny skies and moderate temperatures that produced ideal scoring conditions but the field failed to respond. The winning team of Scotty Greene, Doug Gooding, Tom Thornhill, and Mike Schmal came in at a mediocre -8 after a two hole tie breaker with the runner up team of Doug Healy, Jim Williamson, William Thornton, and Ron Majors. The hapless DAL team of Brooks Cowles, Bill Buist, Russ Jobson, and unlucky draw partner Kevin McGlynn recorded a +2 and presented the Golden Ale to the winners.

The winning team, however, fell one hole behind while playing and earned a Letter of Reprimand for each player that will be placed in each of their personnel files. Also of note for the winning team were the “odd couple” performances of Scotty Greene who earned a dance with the Pink Lady for recording a “stellar” 51 gross/43 net and Mike Schmal who fired a 38 gross/32 net to take both Low Gross and Low Net honors along with the $19 purse.

Tom “The Houligan” Houle had a very difficult time deciding whether he was going to play or not. Initially committing to play, he abruptly withdrew shortly thereafter but never the less showed up and played without notice to the Acting Commissioner. A letter has been placed in his personnel file citing his indecisiveness along with a recommendation for counseling.

Team 1: -8 Doug Healy(42/35), Jim Williamson(45/37), William Thornton(47/39), Ron Majors(40/36)
Team 2: -8 Scotty Greene(51/43), Doug Gooding(46/39), Tom Thornhill(40/35), Mike Schmal(38/32)
Team 3: -3 Craig Sellner(48/35), Henry Sawyer(50/39), Lee Pearson(43/37), Tom Houle(47/36)
Team 4: +2 Brooks Cowles(49/40), Bill Buist(51/38), Russ Jobson(51/40), draw partner Kevin McGlynn(52/41)
Team 5:  -1  Don Nichols(54/42), Ed McCormack(54/41), Kevin McGlynn(52/41), Jeff Kohn(44/39)

Mike Schmal 38/32

Mike Schmal – Hole #2 and Hole #4

Scotty Greene 51/43

The “Commish” was in the field and viewed the competition from his slot in Team 5. Unfortunately his score reflected some rust from not playing much this year but he did dodge a date with the Pink Lady.

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Note: This week’s recap is provided by Ron Majors, continuing in his role as one of the four volunteer substitute commissioners dedicated to keeping ATAG going.

7-18-2017-By Ron Majors

Play began a few minutes before the scheduled 5:00PM start under beautiful skies and a friendly temperature producing nearly ideal scoring conditions for this week’s competition on the usually formidable Back 9. The field responded with such enthusiasm and skill that the Pink Lady was left standing at the altar, an event unheard of in this reporter’s memory (more on that later). However, the real story of the evening was the play of Brooks Cowles, a career double digit (currently 20) handicapper, who recorded a personal best score for 9 holes of 39, net 29. Brooks’ record performance propelled him and his teammates Kevin McGlynn, Ed McCormack and Tom Griscom to a net team score of -11 and the golden ale courtesy of the DAL Team 4 of David Danzig, Tom Lewis, Jim Rowley, and Old Tom Player.


Team 1: -6 Ron Majors(42/39), Danny Morris(44/36), Tom Thornhill(42/37), Doug Gooding(41/34)

Team 2: -11 Kevin McGlynn(48/38), Ed McCormack(48/35), Brooks Cowles(39/29), Tom Griscom(47/39)

Team 3: -7 Tim Martin(45/38), Scotty Greene(44/36), Tom Kisgen(48/36), Tom Houle(48/39)

Team 4: -5 David Danzig(52/41), Tom Lewis(45/33), Jim Rowley(48/40), Old Tom Player(48/38)


Brooks Cowles, a career 20 handicapper, fired a sizzling personal best 39/29 to win both honors and collected a golden ale along with $16 for his efforts.


Hole #12: Brooks Cowles

Hole #14: Tom Houle, Ron Majors


The poor thing wasn’t asked to the prom as the quality of the individual play was remarkably stellar as evidenced by the net scores. She is anxiously awaiting the return of last week’s co winners Frank Corrigan and Craig Sellner to regain her dubious place in the spotlight.   (Commissioner’s Note: Substitute Commissioner Majors was understandably benevolent in not singling out a Pink Lady winner this week due to the fact that the highest net score was a respectable net 5 over par. Nevertheless, such net score (by “Double D”), though respectable,  was the highest in the field and thus shall be so recorded in the stats. I know, it’s a tough crowd)


No sighting this week…Commish allegedly out of town.


Brooks Cowles lifted his personal ban on “Reply All” email communications and, in fact, encouraged its use when reporting on his personal best score.

Old Tom Player rattled his team mates when, contemplating his chip onto the #18 green, he stated that he “wanted to come between their balls.” Only Tom Lewis maintained his composure and made his putt for par.

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NOTE: This week’s recap is provided by Substitute ATAG Commissioner Ron Majors, one of the four loyalist Volunteer “Substitute Commissioners” that keep ATAG rolling along without Commissioner Don Nichols who remains on a leave of absence. In an oversubscribed field, Mr. Majors showed his staunch allegiance to ATAG by unselfishly giving up his spot as a player in the field, relegating himself to be the starter and then checking on the players during the course of their rounds, tabulating the match results and announcing the winners and the day’s sponsor, and finally taking the time to provide this chronicle of the day’s match.

July 11, 2017-By Ron Majors

This week’s Call For Players was answered with a frenzied flurry of entries which exceeded ATAG’s normal allocation of 5 tee times. Five would be players were placed on the wait list and promptly expressed their disappointment with the prospect of being left out of this week’s competition. But William Thornton “rose” to the occasion and secured a formerly unachievable 6th tee time setting the stage for an email frenzy never observed in ATAG history. No good deed goes unpunished. Cancellations, requests for specific tee times, questioning of ATAG sanctioning and plain old confusion produced a volume of emails that prompted Brooks “Reply All” Cowles to scold his fellow ATAGers for excessive use of the Reply All button. The pre-round confusion and controversy was finally resolved and the players prepared to take the field.

The record field of 6 foursomes was poised and ready to play the friendly Front 9 when they experienced two consecutive lightning strike delays which delayed the start of play approximately one hour. Even then the skies were threating and radar was not promising. But play began under a dark cloud cover that miraculously didn’t produce any rain and was completed without further difficulty except for the usual assortment of bad decisions, poor shot making and erratic putting.

Team 6, lead by none other than the aforementioned William Thornton, and consisting of team mates Old Tom Player, Anthony Morgan, and Tom Lewis carded a solid -11 to take first place and receive the Golden Ale Trophy from the DAL Team 1 of Tom Kisgen, Frank Corrigan, Jeff Kohn, and Tom Houle who scored a paltry +5. Tom Houle was so devastated by his team’s poor play that he left without the final compilation of the scores (a letter of reprimand was placed in his ATAG personnel file).


Team 1: +5 Tom Kisgen(56/42), Frank Corrigan(56/44), Jeff Kohn(46/40), Tom Houle(51/42)

Team 2: -3 Tim Martin(49/42), Ed McCormack(56/43), Lee Pearson(38/33), Craig Sellner(57/44)

Team 3: -7 Don Nichols (52/40), Bill Meagher(39/36), Danny Morris(46/37), John Wymer(51/40)

Team 4: -4 Scotty Greene(43/35), Doug Gooding(47/40), Doug Healy(45/38), Kieran Quinn(a lot)

Team 5: -8 Russ Jobson(50/38), Jeff Colbath(49/37), David Danzig(45/34), Tom Thornhill(40/34)

Team 6: -11 William Thornton(42/34), Old Tom Player( 48/37), Anthony Morgan(42/37),Tom Lewis(43/35)


Lee Pearson, a 10 handicapper, fired a 38/33 round to win both honors and collected the record $24 purse.


Hole #1: Lee Pearson

Hole #2: Tom Thornhill, William Thornton, Anthony Morgan,

Hole #9: Scotty Greene, John Wymer, Danny Morris


The field welcomed back Don Nichols, aka “the Commish”, to his second consecutive appearance. Is he back for good or was this just an aberration? Only time will tell. Stay tuned. Commissioner’s Comment: Glad to see that ATAG can run smoothly without me, so will continue enjoying my retirement as the official ATAG Commissioner. Why give up a good thing?

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June 27, 2017-By Doug Healy

The headline pretty much says it all. We had a full turnout for what was to become a red letter day in ATAG history. Taking only a few practice chips before striding to the first tee, Commissioner Nichols immediately parred the first hole showing that his self-imposed layoff had little effect on his game – at least on that hole. Too bad his playing partner did not record his net 3 properly and as a result understated their team score by a stroke. No harm done though as a one stroke pick up made no difference in the eventual outcome of the match. Truth be told, there were side bets on the Commissioner’s final 9 hole score covering a wide array of outcomes, but no money changed hands.

No question that the highlight of the night was Bill Meagher who knocked in his 6th career ace on #18 with a 6 iron from 165 yards. The ball flew straight at the pin and with a bounce or two dropped in with teammates shouting and numerous spectators applauding from the porch. This was the selfless act of a man, who after single handedly carrying his team for 8 holes, reached deep to give his all keeping us out of DAL by a mere 2 strokes. You can do the math. This was only the second recorded ATAG hole in one, the other coming from former ATAG’er Bill Benning on #9,  (137 yd wedge)an event he still reminds us of in occasional emails. In a generous show of support, the new men’s grill was overwhelmed with thirsty patrons looking to get in on the traditional free drink. It was later stated that the $250.00 house max on free drinks via the Hole in One Club was reached in less than 30 minutes – an impressive feat when you consider that we have only 2 bartenders. Congrats to Bill.

The winning team of Thornhill, Kohn, Gooding and Danzig posted an outstanding-12 including birdies on 13 by Kohn and 14 by Gooding. Mr. Gooding had a particularly successful round coming in at 40/33. DAL was team 4 including Colbath, Cowles, Schmal, and Greene at -1, a desultory showing even on the difficult back 9. Close review of their scorecard was impossible due to scratchy penmanship and excessive cross-outs.

Team 2 with Martin, Majors, McGlynn and Player put up a respectable -8 picking up 7 strokes between 13 and 16. Ron Majors had a very solid round with 36/32 winning both low gross and low net. Teams 3 with Williamson, Healy, Meagher and Lewis and Team 1 with Gaddis, Morris, Nichols, and Sellner demonstrated the “hollowing out” of the middle class by posting -3 and -2 respectively. Craig Sellner ran away with the Pink Lady shooting 60/47. Shot of the day, which in all likelihood will be shot of the year, goes to Bill Meagher for his hole in one on #18.

The final item this week is a LOUD ATAG THANK YOU to Scotty Greene for once again opening up his house to the group for Steak Night. This year’s event was well attended by 24 members even after a last minute rescheduling due to inclement weather. This year, Master Chefs Craig Sellner and Jeff Colbath grilled the steaks to perfection despite working under the most challenging conditions. Scotty’s monstrous backyard gas grilling station failed to ignite requiring the Chefs to improvise on a couple of Green Eggs including one in next door neighbor Ed McCormack’s yard. You can expect to see their stunning performance on TV later this year. Thanks also to Jim Williamson, Ron Majors, and Kevin McGlynn for their assistance in organizing this popular event.

There will be no ATAG next Tuesday July 4th.

COMMISSIONER’S COMMENT: A great thanks to the warm welcome given me by all the players including Assistant Pro Tyler Hays and ATAG Cart Girl Courtney Phillips who, I might add,  ran to give me a hug when I inadvertently passed by her grumbling about missing a short putt (one of many that day). It was good to see the ATAG spirit alive and well on a special afternoon  (noted cameos by William Thornton and Frank Corrigan) that saw only the second Hole In One in ATAG History (10 years apart almost to the day) and the mood was definitely upbeat on the newly designed and expanded Men’s Grill Porch. The chicken wings were once again plentiful and it did not go without notice that the replenished winged wonders were personally brought out by our own General Manager David Sheppard.

The long layoff from golf apparently had little effect on my game as I picked up right where I left off when I contemplated giving up the game—resuming my mastery of doing whatever it takes on each hole to make the bogey instead of the par, the double bogey instead of the bogey, and the triple instead of the double. (On a positive note, the President of the Atlanta chapter of Bad Golfers Anonymous reached out and told me that they are still holding a space for me, but I had to agree to be committed.)

That being said, it was very relaxing to be around my golf buddies again without the responsibilities that have now been assumed by Doug Healy and the Substitute Commissioners. (sounds like a rock band) I now find myself anxiously awaiting the “newsletter write up” each week to see who did what and hope to play more ATAG rounds this year. Regardless, I  look forward to continuing to monitor ATAG, record the weekly stats and publish the ATAG Reporter.

Team and individual scores as follows:

Team 1 (-2) – Gaddis 46/40, Morris 45/36, Nichols 51/40, Sellner 60/47

Team 2 (-8) – Martin 43/36, Majors 36/32, McGlynn 55/43, Player 50/39

Team 3 (-3) – Williamson 45/37, Healy 50/44, Meagher 37/34, Lewis 48/40

Team 4 (-1) – Colbath 51/40, Cowles 48/39, Schmal 42/36, Greene 42/35

Team 5 (-12) – Thornhill 42/37, Kohn 39/34, Gooding 45/40, Danzig 48/37


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 By: Doug Healy  6-13-17

15 players distinguished themselves in a very fine outing where 4 teams finished between -8 and -13. The winning team of Healy, Danzig, Gaddis and Schmal rode Mr. Danzig the entire way to a -13 finish. Danzig fired a 43 including a birdie on #5 and a long putt on #6 for a net 3. The team was hot from the start gaining ground on every hole including a 3 stroke pick up on #5. After his round, Danzig, perhaps looking skyward and offering thanks, took a great photo of sunset on #9 (see the Gallery). Team 5, with 3 Toms and a Tim, came in DAL at -8 which on most days is good enough to keep you out of the buy zone and perhaps even win. That was not the case on this day after dropping 2 strokes on #7 and 1 more on #8. The first team off including Cowles, Colbath, Corrigan and Buist posted a very respectable -11 and I am sure they were sitting smugly in the clubhouse for quite some time expecting an easy win. Brooks knocked in birdies on #4 and #7 with Colbath adding one on #7 as well leading to a 5 stroke pick up on that hole. Team 3 with McCormack, Williamson and Morris finished at -7 but dug themselves out of a hole with the addition of 4 strokes courtesy of draw partner Mike Gaddis

The highlight of the evening was a 3 way tie for low net at 32 between Brooks Cowles, Danny Morris and David Danzig. Jumping in between groups coming in on #9 for the chip off, the Substitute Commissioner placed the ball generously in spot that seemed likely to create a close finish. Not so. First up was Danzig who promptly skulled the ball back into the fairway and then Danny Morris managed to strike the ball twice before it was 12 inches in the air for a DQ. That left the contest open for Cowles who only had to land the ball on the green from about 7 feet to take the bounty. That was easily accomplished and he quickly grabbed the $15 and set off for home.

Birdies were made by Cowles (2), Colbath and Danzig. The Pink Lady at +3 was delivered to Tom Player, which after review was actually a tie with his playing partner Tom Lewis. Low gross was a tie between Mikes (Schmal and Gaddis) at 41 with Danny Morris just 1 stroke back at 42. There were no other shots of the day reported, and I would be remiss not to recognize Danzig’s long putts on #5 for net birdie and #6 for net eagle.

Individual and team scores as follows:

Team 1 (-11): Cowles 42/32, Colbath 48/36, Corrigan 49/37, Buist 47/36 (Note Buist dropped 3 strokes off his handicap by teeing from the whites not realizing that after he left the box we determined that the right number should have been 2) Sorry about that.

Team 2 (-8): Martin 45/38, Kisgen 49/37, Player 50/39 Lewis 48/39

Team 3 (-11): McCormack 51/38, Williamson 44/36, Morris 42/32

Team 4 (-13): Healy 44/37, Danzig 43/32, Gaddis 41/3

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