NOTE: This week’s narrative is provided by Danny Morris, one of the founding members of ATAG and currently one of the four disciples (ok, council members) that are running ATAG in place of the retired Commissioner. With the narrative below, he also appears to be “burnishing” his writing skills towards becoming an aspiring sports writer.

4-17-2018-By Danny Morris

The Atlanta spring was showing off during this week’s ATAG match. Temperatures great, sun glimmering, and winds strong enough to enjoy but not strong enough to dramatically affect a player’s shot.

Twenty players showed up early and went through their various practice routines – range work, chipping and putting. There were a couple of ATAGers who were not a part of this week’s match but who showed up dressed and ready, hoping for a drop out. Alas, there were no openings.

It is Ansley Golf Club Member-Member week. Many of those in the field this week were getting in one more nine-hole round, hoping to fine tune their game for the first Ansley Major of the season.

Scoring Improves
As usual, ATAG served as more than an under-card for the upcoming weekend’s big tournament. The day was made for scoring with excellent fairways and greens and improving roughs. The players took advantage and posted better numbers than previous weeks. Two teams tied for the lead at eleven under par. The team of Kevin McGlynn, Tom Kisgen, Craig Sellner and Scotty Greene were able to defeat the team of Danny Morris, Mike Gaddis, Jim Williamson and Doug Healy by card comparison after reporting a team net 6 on the #1 handicap hole (more on this in a subsequent paragraph). After being declared winners they took advantage of free beer from Frank Corrigan, Ron Majors, Tom Thornhill and Jeff Colbath –this team was six under par. The remaining two sister kissers each recorded -8.

Gaddis and McGlynn were Low Net winners and split the $20. Bill Meagher was in a familiar place atop the low gross stack with a 39.

Another Scoring Miscue
The “winning” team was awarded the Golden Ale after declaring to the table they had made a score of six on the #1 handicap hole. The Gaddis team made seven there. After later reviewing the scorecards, however,  the McGlynn team also made seven on that hole. This would have sent the comparison to the next hardest hole on the front nine. The Gaddis team made five on the #3 handicap hole against a six from the McGlynn team which would have made the Gaddis team the victors. As in previous weeks, the damage was done and the team that drank the free beer is the team that is the Official Winner. A more diligent Acting Commissioner would have caught that error on site.

Birdies and Other Items of Interest
Brooks Cowles, Frank Corrigan each posted a bird and Mike Gaddis had two birdies. Cowles birdie was a score of four on the Par Five fifth hole. His very long shot across the green was reported as the shot of the day.

Tom Thornhill fought off three other challengers with net scores in the 40s to capture the Pink Lady with a net 42.

On a night when every player stayed post-match for at least 30 minutes, there was a cameo by Bill Buist. Also, there was a pre-match cameo by Jeff Kohn.
Of note, earlier in the afternoon Buist and the rest of the Ansley Grounds Committee were reviewing an area between hole 8 and 9. This group stopped and admired and applauded shots made by the group that included Bill Meagher, Mike Schmal, Tim Martin and Brooks Cowles. Some or all of that group hit impressive shots on #9.

ATAG a Major Force
Settindown pro, Richard Hatcher, identifies the Ansley Golf Club Major Tournaments as The Member-Member, The Member-Guest, The Club Championship and The Anderson Cup. This weekend’s major, the M/M includes fourteen ATAG regulars.

Good luck to everyone. The burnishing of one’s skills on the ATAG Tour has proven advantageous in tournament play.

Tee Time Changes Coming
Next week’s match will be off the back side. The Call for Players will happen on Sunday afternoon. The tee times will most likely move later in the afternoon, to somewhere around 5 PM.

NOTE: No photos taken again this week as ATAG Photographer Tim Martin was apparently not reminded to do so.

Score: Gross/ Net
Kevin McGlynn 44 33
Mike Gaddis 40 33
Scotty Greene 43 34
Brooks Cowles 43 34
Craig Sellner 49 35
Doug Healy 44 35
Bill Meagher 39 36
Danny Morris 45 36
Jeff Colbath 48 36
John Wymer 49 36
Mike Schmal 43 37
Ron Majors 42 37
Doug Gooding 45 37
Frank Corrigan 50 38
Anthony Morgan 49 38
Tim Martin 47 39
Tom Kisgen 53 40
Jim Williamson 50 41
David Danzig 52 41
Tom Thornhill 49 4

About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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