April 24, 2012- By Don Nichols

Taking on the back nine is difficult enough, but playing the second nine in blustery cross winds proved to be too much for the majority of the 17 player field as evidenced by the abnormally high scores posted in today’s round.

6 Under Wins It! Commissioner’s Team DAL Again!

While the other teams were struggling to get under par, the last team of Mike Gaddis, Lee Pearson, David Danzig, and Anthony Morgan cruised to an easy victory at 6 under par, as the right combination of low, mid, and high handicappers proved to be the perfect wind resistant ingredient for producing the best score of the day.

On the other hand, this week’s Commissioner’s Team of Jeff Colbath, Doug Gooding, Brad Reese, and Don Nichols proved to be the wrong combination as each player failed to bring his “A” game, resulting in a travesty of errors that led to the DAL score of 1 over par. Unlike last week’s team which capitulated on the last hole in a comical ending, this week’s team pretty much sucked from the get go, working its way from an initial 4 over to a final 1 over. The 1 over par finish is the worst of the year and marks the third week in a row that the snakebit Commissioner’s Team has finished DAL. (which proves that these teams are not “stacked” as some have claimed, but are merely a random ill fated selection of players who fail to play to their handicaps.)

Final Results: 4-24-012 Back Nine

Gaddis, Pearson, Danzig, Morgan                             -6

McGlynn, Kohn, Chasteen, Majors                              -2

Schmal, Morris, Healy, Quinn                                      -2

Colbath, Gooding, Reese, Nichols                               +1

The following players earned individual recognition:

BRAD REESE LOW GROSS AWARDDanny Morris and Lee Pearson  42    Not much to brag about since this is the worst low gross score in ATAG history, but nevertheless, was better than anyone else including award namesake Reese who opened with bogey, bogey, double bogey, and ended up with no birdies and only three pars to set his all time worst ATAG score of 43. (it figures he was on the jinxed Commissioner’s Team)

LOW NET WINNER: Danny Morris  -1   Wins in a Chip Off against Marty Arnold who also finished 1 under. The Chip Off, witnessed by all the players who gathered on both the upper and lower decks of the clubhouse, was a total dud that elicted groans of disapproval from the gallery which had anticipated an exiciting demonstation of stellar play from the two best net players of the day. Instead, Arnold, who had not made the cut but was allowed to play for low net in a fivesome, lost the toss and went first, and proceeded to flub his attempt by merely “poking” his chip shot in a manner that caused the ball to go about six feet before coming to a grinding halt just short of reaching the green, leaving an easy opportunity for Morris to merely loft the ball anywhere on the green.  Morris, however, similarly “fat wedged” his attempt that saw the ball also land short of the green before finally grudgingly working its way through the rough to barely roll onto the green. (Morris. who quickly pocketed the 17 bucks,  later claimed it was an intentional  “lag chip“, but eyewitnesses were unanimous in their belief that it was merely a case of “sucked less”. The low net win was Morris’s second of the year and makes him the leading top money winner in the clubhouse as well as number one on the Commissioner’s Sandbagger Watch List.

PINK LADY WINNER.  Jon Chasteen   55       There were a lot of high scores on the day but none could match the “sucked more” score of 55 posted by twenty four handicapper Jon Chasteen who, after opening with an uncharasteric eye popping birdie-“net eagle”, proceeded to sling it to and fro in high handicapper fashion to end up with five triples,  two doubles, and one bogey and claim the top prize.

SHOTS OF THE DAY.  No Shots Of The Day were reported.

BIRDIE CLUB.  The Birdie Club narrowly avoided its first ever shut out, but thanks to Ron Majors and Jon Chasteen, the prestigious club added two more to its cumulative total.

COMMISSIONER’S CORNER (Observations Of The Commish)

-It was another separate table discussions night on the porch that was mixed with non ATAGers so once again the special ATAG experience was lacking and no stories or jokes were told,  and the chilling night temperature caused many players, including this writer, to leave early.

-The Commissioner’s “SL” of players who contribute to its demise continues to grow, making the team subject to the Commissioner’s non random selection of players who have proven in the past to bring their ” A” games to the competition. ( a quick review of the ATAG By Laws reveals that there is no prohibition against the Commissioner exercising this perogative.)

-Good luck to those ATAGers who are playing in this weekend’s Member-Member Tournament!

That’s it for this week. Scroll down to see the scores from today’s match.

4-24-012   Back Nine

Morris / Pearson                     42

Gaddis/Majors/Resse             43

Kohn/Arnold/Schmal             44

Morgan/Nichols                      45

McGlynn                                  47

Healy                                        50

Colbath/Gooding/Danzig      51

Quinn                                        53

Chasteen                                   55

About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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