April 3, 2012-By Don Nichols

The first Tuesday in April turned out to be a beautiful summer day of early June–sunny, clear blue skies, and 80 degrees-just the right kind of climate to attract a full field of 20 players for the third ATAG match of the 2012 season.


With three groups sitting on the porch tied at 10 under, the last group finally arrived just before dark and reported a score of 13 under to set the bar for the front nine. High handicappers Russ Jobson (22), David Danzig (20), and Tom Player (19), teamed with single digiter Ben Cass (8) for a combined 69 handicap to brother-in-law their way to victory, using their stroke advantage to go from 8 under to 13 under over the last three holes to secure the gratuitous thirst quenching Golden Ale Trophy.

Presenting the trophy to the victors was this week’s DAL team of Doug Gooding (13), Jeff Kohn (13), Richard Batelaan (11), and Mike Gaddis (13) whose combined 50 handicap could only manage a score of 5 under, suggesting some rather poor brother in law play not in keeping with their skill level.

Final Results: 4-3-012 Front Nine

Jobson, Danzig, Player, Cass                      -13

Reese, Healy, Buist, Majors                        -10

Morris, Arnold, Wade, Boatright               -10

Colbath, Morgan, Wymer, Nichols           -10

Kohn, Batelaan, Gooding, Gaddis              -5

The following players earned individual recognition:

BRAD REESE LOW GROSS AWARD:  Danny Morris: 37   The fourteen handicapper edged past the award’s namesake Reese by one shot to top the leaderboard and to match his all time best ATAG score of 37 initially recorded on the back nine on June 5, 2007.

LOW NET WINNER: Danny Morris   -6   Following Danzig’s eye popping 7 under low net last week, Morris’s superior round likewise blew away the field, enabling him to pocket the 21 dollar low net pool and place him right along with Danzig on the 2012 Sandbagger’s Watch List.

PINK LADY WINNER: This started out as a close match between two newcomers, John Wymer (19)and Jim Boatright (26) who made the cut to fill out the field when some of the regular players were out on Spring Break. Wymer, a long time Ansley member playing in his first ATAG match, was unaware that the one who “sucked more” would be recognized with the formal presentation of a pink golf ball, and opened fast with triple, double, double, then relapsed with a couple of back to back pars before finishing strong with double, double to end up with a 49. Boatright, a relatively new Ansley member playing in only his second ATAG match, cleverly avoided old man par and managed to squeeze in two triples along with four doubles to enable him to capture the Pink Lady for the second time in as many tries. The youngster graciously accepted the Pinkster while the grateful Wymer was heard uttering a sigh of relief.

BIRDIE CLUB: The Birdie Club added 7 tweeters to the hopper along with four new members thanks to contributions from Richard Batelaan-with 2-and one each from  PJ Wade and  Brad Reese, along with individual contributions from new members Ben Cass, Danny Morris and Tom Player (with Player making the prestigious club for the first time since 2008).

SHOT OF THE DAY: There were no Shots Of The Day reported, but with 7 birdies I am sure that must be an oversight on the part of the players.

COMMISSIONER’S CORNER (Observations Of The Commish) 

-The players once again retreated to the ATAG Sky Box on the upper level of the Clubhouse where they were again treated to beautiful skies  and magnificent views of the midtown skyline. The crowd on this evening was more subdued as players tended to engage in private table discussions with their playing partners, and no jokes or stories were told.  ATAG barkeep Connor had an assistant this time, so getting drinks up to the top level proved to be no problem for those who were patient. (those who were not patient did gripe about the wait for service, and suggested that the Commissioner petition the Club to install a button on the top floor patio that would buzz down to the Grill whenever anyone was ready for another drink.) The Commissioner referred the matter to Mike Gaddis who is the ATAG rep on the House Committee.

Thomas “Angelo” Player did share with his table mates his experience in creating a sculpture of a white work horse while attending a class in Aiken, South Carolina. The work, when finished, is expected to be on display at one of his art galleries unless, according to Tom, it is confiscated by his daughter who wants to put it on the front lawn of her home in the Brookwood neighborhood.

ATAGer Brad Reese announced that he and his wife Lisa are moving to Amelia Island sometime later this year but the details and the reason for the move have not yet been released. Also, ATAGer Richard Batelaan has informed the Commissioner that his employer will be relocating Batelaan and his family to Dallas, Texas, this summer. We hate to lose these long time veteran ATAGers and hope that they continue on as out-of- state members and occassionally make “special guest” appearances on the ATAG Tour.

-No one came forward to confess to desecrating the #13 green last week (see 3-27-012 ATAG Reporter) and the ATAG forensics team has not been able to solve the crime. Lest the perpetrator thinks he has gotten away with it, the Commissioner has asked CSI-Miami to step in and provide technical assistance including, if necessary, taking DNA samples from all likely suspects.

-The evening came to an abrupt end when the beautiful skies suddenly turned black and then followed up with large rain pellets and lightning flashes, causing most of the players, including this writer, to scramble to their cars before the  imminent downpour. Some of the die hards, however, retreated to the Grill to continue their imbibing, and I’m told that most stayed well past normal ATAG closing time. (this is another “unintended consequence” of turning the former ATAG covered porch into the Grill’s smoking lounge, and suggests that Club management should also look into providing some kind of cover for the upper deck. The Commissioner also referred this matter to House Committee member Mike Gaddis)

That’s it for this week. Check out the photos of the winning team and low net player in the Gallery, see who are the Leaders in the Clubhouse, and scroll down to see the individual scores from today’s match.

Final Leaderboard: 4-3-012: Front Nine

Morris                                                         37

Reese                                                            38

Cass                                                              41

Nichols/Majors/Batelaan/Gaddis             42

Buist/Player/Wade                                     44

Arnold/Jobson/Kohn/Healy/Gooding     45

Morgan                                                         46

Colbath/Danzig                                           47

Wymer                                                          49

Boatright                                                       53

About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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