September 27, 2011-By Danny Morris (Note: The Commissioner was a last minute cancellation when he determined it was in his and the group’s best interest if he headed home for the sick bed. Fortunately that made the field an even number of 16 players and eliminated the need for a fivesome. The chronicle of today’s match provided below is  by Danny Morris with a few editorial comments from the Commissioner.


The team of Rick Eaton, Jeff Colbath, Mike Schmal, and Tim Martin (who moved up from the fivesome to take the Commish’s place) ended up the winner with a score of 8 under, squeaking by the second and third place teams which finished 7 under and 6 under respectively. (Commissiner’s comment: Hmm, does this qualify as a “win” in the column for what would have been the Commissioner’s Team?)  This week’s “agony of defeat” was felt by the team of Mike Gaddis, Russ Jobson, Marty Arnold, and Craig Sellner which apparently couldn’t get it together, limping in with a best ball net score of 2 under and resigning themselves to taking drink orders from the victors.

Final Results: Back Nine

Eaton, Martin, Colbath, Schmal                                     -8

Thornton, Williamson, Sawyer, McGlynn                   -7

Healy, Morris, Majors, Reese                                          -6

Gaddis, Jobson, Sellner, Arnold                                     -2

The following players earned individual recognition:

BRAD REESE LOW GROSS AWARD:  Brad Reese: 37  Reese finally regains his touch and climbs atop the Leaderboard with the best score of the day. This marks the 6th time out of the 16 matches he has played that he has posted the best score. Although this is below his past season’s average, it is still more than anyone else so no danger of changing the name of this award until a new sheriff comes to town.

LOW NET WINNER: William Thornton: -3  The second Low Net of the year (and two in a row) for the 16 handicapper. (Commissioner’s Comment:  He would have had three low nets if not for the failed chip off a few weeks back. Thornton, who still holds the record for the highest score ever–a 64 in 2007– told the Commish last week that he was never going back to the dark side.)

PINK LADY: Russ Jobson  52   His second of the year. (Commissioner’s comment: as the readers of this blog know, after posting his first low net in the last match he played a month ago, Jobson left before the results were announced and this transgression was made public in this forum which implied that all Jobson had to do to get his money was to simply make a formal request  from the Commissioner while the Commish was deliberating how to handle the matter. After several weeks of no word from Jobson, it became clear that Jobson  was not a subscriber and therefore was not in the link of communication regarding the results of ATAG match play. Thus the Commmissoner decreed the funds would be forfeited and applied to the cost of the year end party.    Oddly, after recently hearing about it in a cocktail converstion, Jobson answered this week’s Call For Players from the Commissioner by saying he was “going to try and win the money back that you stole from me.” Alas, the Pink Lady was his reward.)

BIRDIE CLUB:  5 birds flew into the coop out of the Back Nine field of 16, compliments of Ron Majors-with 2-and single tweeters from Rick Eaton, Brad Reese, and Kevin McGlynn.


-Perfect weather night. All 16 guys stayed around for great conversation and a few beers and some chicken. No jokes told.

-No reported shots of the day. However, Super High Handicapper Craig Sellner has a new found distance with his driver. Supposedly the story is that he played in a fund raiser and there was a golf pro involved who gave a group lesson and then a “tip” to each individual. For Sellner he offered that Craig should channel the Bobby Knight “chair throwing incident” as a part of his follow through. According to his ATAG group, on the long par four #16 he blasted his drive over the bunker and easily reached the green with shot two. To add to the legend, according to Healy, he killed a drive on # 1 last Thursday that ended up even with the last tree and was well inside 100. (Commissioner’s comment: What about the other tee shots?)

-Deborah the Cart Girl was everywhere. She made so many loops it seemed she was riding along with us. (Commissioner’s Comment: Isn’t that what she always does? That’s why she is an ATAG favorite.)

-On a serious note, Doug Healy issued a sharp whistle to break into the clamor of the individual conversations in order to tell everyone on the porch that our buddy and able cart guy Andrew has been in the hospital to try to balance his newly discovered diabetes. He had vision and balance problems recently and found out that he has the disease. Doug will continue to check on things and let us know.

That’s it for this week. Scroll down for the individual scores and check out the Gallery for some surprise photos.

Final Leaderboard: 9-27-011 Back Nine

Reese                                            37

Eaton                                            40

Thornton                                      41

Schmal/Majors                             42

Colbath/Gaddis                           44

McGlynn                                       47

Williamson/Martin/Arnold        49

Sellner                                            50

Jobson                                             52

About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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