September 20, 2011-by Don Nichols

With the days getting shorter and only six weeks remaining in the 2011 ATAG season, the Commissioner has decreased the weekly field to 16  players. Fortunately, no one was shut out this week as an even number of 16 players signed up for the match on the friendly front nine, but things could get tight in the weeks ahead as the darkness closes in.


This week’s “thrill of victory” was experienced by the team of Doug Gooding, William Thornton, David Danzig, and Tim Martin which recorded a season tying front nine score of 13 under, due in large part to the stellar play of Gooding and Thornton, each of whom posted scores of 40. The “agony of defeat” feeling was earned by the DAL team of Doug Healy, Henry Sawyer, Tom Player, and Jeff Kohn which collectively could only manage a score of 5 under over the friendly front.

Final Results: Front Nine

Danzig, Gooding, Thornton, Martin                                   -13

Cass, Buist, McGlynn, Nichols                                             -10

Pearson, Morris, Boatright, Arnold                                       -9

Healy, Sawyer, Player, Kohn                                                  -5

The following players earned individual recognition:

BRAD REESE LOW GROSS AWARD.  Lee Pearson: 37  Ten handicapper Lee Pearson, in his fifth match since re-joining the Club, dominated the Reese-less field by following two back to back bogeys on # 4 and # 5  with one birdie and four pars the rest of the way to end up with the best score of the day at one over par.

LOW NET AWARD.  William Thornton: -4  Thornton ties with Pearson for low net but avoids the chip off due to Pearson leaving early before the results were in. Under the “must be present to win” ATAG policy, Thornton wins by default and pockets the sixteen one dollar bills and deprives the players of the opportunity to watch Thornton attempt to putt through the rough as he did in his last unsuccesful chip off a few weeks back.

PINK LADY.  Jim Boatright: 55  New to the game of golf and new to the Ansley Golf Club, 36 handicapper (max 27 for net scoring) Jim Boatright (recommended by Jon Chasteen)  made his debut on the ATAG Tour by posting the high score of the day of 55 and serving notice that he will be a force to contend with for the Pinkster if given the opportunity to participate in more ATAG matches. The youngster, having what appears to be a decent looking swing, opened with  triple, double, triple and then added a couple more triples and doubles along the way to reach the top the charts but seemingly enjoyed every minute of it and was warmly welcomed on the porch by the players. (especially David Danzig, Tom Player, and Kevin McGlynn who were glad that they could slip into anonymity)

BIRDIE CLUB.  The Birdie Club has had its difficulties this year which proved true again as only four birds were posted on the usually cooperative friendly front, but kudos to Lee Pearson, Marty Arnold, Jeff Kohn, and Doug Gooding for their individual contributions.

COMMISSIONER’S CORNER (Observations Of The Commish)

-It was a beautiful evening, so the players gathered on the ATAG Sky Box on the upper deck of the clubhouse building where they were able to converse across the tables while dining on the chicken wings and consuming their favorite beverages thanks to an attentive Men’s Grill staff that periodically checked in on the players.

Doug Healy, Henry Sawyer, Tom Player, and Jeff Kohn were cited for slow play for backing up the field when there was no one in front of them, and causing the last group to finish in near darkness. Perhaps this was an indication as to why they were DAL, but certainly not an excuse, and accordingly a Letter Of Reprimand has been placed in each of their files.

ATAGer Tom Player (also known as “Thomasangelo”) a reknown sculpter of bronze sculptures on both a national and international scale, was asked about the status of the sculpture of the Commissioner, seemingly in the works for the last three years. Player reluctantly revealed that the project had, in fact,  been abandoned after it turned out to be too difficult and too costly to duplicate the wide stance of the Commish.

Mike Gaddis made a cameo appearance on the porch after attending the House Committee meeting and updated the players on a pending proposal to go before the Board to restore smoking at certain hours in the Men’s Grill, a point of contention that raised the ire of those present who were adamant about not going against what the majority of Ansley members had voted on in a member wide survey last year.

That’s it for this week, scroll down to see the individual scores and check out the Gallery for the photos of this week’s winners.

Final Leaderboard: 9-20-2011 Front Nine

Pearson                                        37

Gooding/Thornton/Kohn          40

Nichols                                         42

Cass/Morris                                 43

Arnold                                          44

Sawyer/Buist                               45

Martin/Healy                               47

Danzig/McGlynn                        49

Player                                            50

Boatright                                       55

About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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