August 2, 2011-By Don Nichols

Despite having postage stamp sized temporary greens which reduced the course length by some 350 yards during the interim “green out” season, loyal ATAGers have continued to show up every Tuesday in their quest to quench their thirst in the pursuit of the Golden Ale Trophy and to continue with the famed ATAG camaraderie.

The first week’s match featured two foursomes who played the front nine from the tips before retreating to the Men’s Grill, which was followed the next week with a match between three teams on the back nine tips who later likewise dominated the mostly deserted Men’s Grill.

This week featured a first for ATAG–playing a match (well, really more like a contest) from the Red Tees, with players limited to only three clubs. Joining in on the fun were the teams of Danny Morris, Tim Martin, Jeff Colbath, and Marty Arnold; Doug Healy, Kieran Quinn, Anthony Morgan, and Don Nichols; and Doug Gooding, Henry Sawyer, Russ Jobson, and recently rejoined Club member Lee Pearson.

Individual scores are not being kept (hence no Low Gross, Low Net, or Pink Lady) but the two best ball (with three on the last hole) format (with no more than a two putt once you reach the temporary green) continued as the means to determine who wins and who sponsors the Golden Ale Trophy. And the 3-Club “duel” turned out to be just that as two teams finished at 16 under with the other at 15 under on the modified 2,216 yard Red Tee course.

Coming out on top by winning the tiebreaker was this week’s randomly assembled Commissioner’s Team of Doug Healy, Anthony Morgan, Kieran Quinn, and Don Nichols who were presented their individual trophies by the stunned 15 under team of Danny Morris, Tim Martin, Jeff Colbath, and Marty Arnold. The DAL sponsors reluctantly ponied up, but filed a protest claiming that losing a match with a score of 15 under “just wasn’t fair.” The Commissioner agreed to consider their protest in the same manner as all other protests.

Lee Pearson was warmly welcomed back to the ATAG Tour and the ten handicapper picked up right where he left off, earning Shot Of The Day honors by holing out from 118 yards on the par four # 4 for an eagle– net 1.

The players gathered on the porch this week and the ATAG experience was once again in full swing, with everyone dining on chicken wings and consuming more than their normal amount of beverages while discussing a myriad of topics. Doug Healy re-told last week’s Joke Of The Year candidate about Saint Peter’s interview with three new entrants into Heaven and Danny Morris followed with a tale that likewise got all the players laughing and which joined Healy’s story as another candidate for Joke Of The Year. Both players were complimented on their style, delivery, and content of material suitable for an adult joke starved audience.

All of the players liked the 3-Club format, which requires some forethought as to club selection and some modified swings and creative putting, and looked forward to repeating the contest next week from the back nine Red Tees, which, fortunately, will conclude the interim “green out” season as the Club has announced that the new Bermuda greens will be open for play later that week.

The Commissioner has made note of those players who, during this temporary green period, have demonstrated that they support ATAG for the fun and the camaraderie and not just for an organized golf outing and noted all such “ATAG Loyalists” will have priority on available spots when the season resumes in full swing.


About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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One Response to 3 CLUB DUEL IN THE SUN!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe that team one filed a protest for slow play, not ” it is not fair”. Team three made it to the porch one hour, that is right people one hour, after team one. Many were wondering if something bad had happened, it was very hot, no joke. But once the initial concerns were found to be unwarranted, a protest was filed for slow play which should have resulted in team three being the sponsors of the golden ale. Unfortunately the commissioner ruled against the complaint and thus has set a precedent that no matter how slow or out of postion your team is you will not incur a penalty. I am sure this will only lead to an even slower pace of play on the ATAG tour, how fun.

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