June 14, 2011-As told by Acting Commissioner Doug Healy

For the second week in a row, the Commissioner delegated his dutes to an Acting Commissioner–this week ATAGer Doug Healy–offering no explanation other than a terse “will not be able to make it.”

But that didn’t stop 16 ATAGers from taking on the more difficult Back Nine and also didn’t stop this week’s randomly assembled Commissioner’s Team headed by Acting Commish Healy and partners Mike Gaddis, Tim Martin, and Kevin McGlynn from taking home the second consecutive Golden Ale Trophy in the Commissioner’s absence, posting a score of 10 under and suggesting once again that there just may be something mystical about the Commissioner’s Team which seems to figure in the outcome of every match (good or bad, but mostly good). Stepping up to be the day’s sponsor turned out to be the ill advised pairing of Richard Batelaan, Craig Labay, Tom Lewis, and William Thornton who limped in at 2 under to finish DEAD ASS LAST.

Final Results: Back Nine

Doug Healy, Mike Gaddis, Tim Martin, Kevin McGlynn            -10

Henry Sawyer, Marty Arnold, Jeff Colbath, Frank Corrigan        -7

Russ Jobson, David Danzig, Bill Buist, Danny Morris                    -4

Richard Batelaan, Craig Labay, Tom Lewis, William Thornton    -2

Individual recognition was earned by the following players”

BRAD REESE LOW GROSS AWARD. Richard Batelaan  36  Plays flawless even par golf, and, like Rick Eaton last week, has his best ATAG round of the year but still has to buy a beer (hey, it’s a team match and you don’t pick your partners). Nevertheless, he was the best golfer of the day in a Reese-less field.

LOW NET:  Mike Gaddis  -4    The 12 handicapper also had his best ATAG round of the year but is able to pocket 16 bucks for his second Low Net this season, making him a frontrunner along with Don Nichols for Sandbagger Of The Year.

PINK LADY WINNER: Russ Jobson  53  Earns the “sucked more” title by finishing triple-triple to outgun Frank Corrigan and Tom Lewis who stumbled in double, triple, double, double respectiveley for matching scores of 51.

BIRDIE CLUB: Only 6 birdies recorded which is about average for the stingy Back Nine. This week’s contributors were Birdie Club members Mike Gaddis, Tim Martin, William Thornton, Marty Arnold, Henry Sawyer, and Jeff Colbath.


-The Acting Commish reported that he was not sure if it was the heat, the crowd on the porch, or the lack of adult supervision, but the players gathered inside the Grill instead of the traditional porch setting to settle the bet and raise their glasses, denying the opportunity to tell jokes and share stories. Photos were taken inside the Grill despite vociferous concerns that the real Commissioner would never allow them to be published. (the Commissioner, though disappointed that the players elected to shun the ATAG tradition of meeting on the porch or the new ATAG Sky Box, did agree to allow the photos to be published in the Gallery.)

-Suspicions did arise as to why the Commissioner was absent for the second week in a row, with some noting that his absence happened, by chance mind you,  to coincide with 500 Ansley logo golf shirts that went missing from the Pro Shop.

That’s it for this week. (this Acting Commish, like last week’s substitute, was not as observant as The Commish). Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores from today’s match.

Final Leaderboard Standings: Back Nine

Batelaan                             36

Gaddis                                38

Labay                                  40

Martin                                 41

Healy                                   43

Thornton                             44

Buist/McGlynn/Colbath    45

Morris                                  46

Sawyer/Arnold                   47

Danzig                                  49

Corrigan/Lewis                   51

Jobson                                   53

About The Commish

Long time member of the Ansley Golf Club--a career 16 to 18 handicapper whose quest is to become better but never seems to be able to on a consistent basis.
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  1. Tiger McIlroy says:

    Methinks the real Commish needs to return soon. He’s only working a half year as it is with the greens being busted up and all starting in a few weeks.
    What’s he been doing any ol’ way. Rumor has it his wife is making him do stuff like go to parties and such. That’s no way for a Commisioner to act. These substitute writers are good enough but what we really need is leadership. ATAGers are an undisiplined lot at best. The presence of a strong leader will keep them straight. I mean it looks like from the pictures last week these golfers were inside enjoying the air conditioning….won’t happen that way when the Commish is around. The Grand Council should cut his pay and get his attention.

  2. Scotty says:

    You Guys Are Good.

  3. The Commish says:

    NOTE: The ACTING COMMISH erroneously reported some of the scores as net scores so the Leadeboard standings in this week’s match are not correct. The correct scores will be recorded in the ATAG statistics so there is no need to file a protest and/or grievance with the Commissioner.
    -The Commish

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