July 15, 2014-By Acting Commissioner Danny Morris (the Commissioner was called away on business but Core ATAGer Danny Morris assumed the responsibilities. Below is his chronicle of the day’s match.)

Depending on your choice of weather services the rain forecast during the late afternoon hour was between 60% and 90%. Stormy cloud formations were visible, but the Ansley 9 Hole expanse remained dry with moderate temperature and a light breeze.
The scores reflected the excellent weather. Two players, Tim Martin and Tom Kisgen, tied for low net each with a score of net 30. Ten of the sixteen players were at net part or better. Martin won a chip off and pocketed $16. Many of the participants enjoying post round refreshments on the ATAG deck were not surprised that Mr. Martin was able to capture the title. Most expressed concerns that Martin’s mid-teen handicap was not in proper synchronization with his continuing high 30’s/low 40’s scoring. Mr. Martin expressed concern that it was nobody’s business when or if he entered handicaps into the GHIN system. The conflict was left unresolved.

The scores reflected the excellent weather. Two players, Tim Martin and Tom Kisgen, tied for low net each with a score of net 30. Ten of the sixteen players were at net part or better. Martin won a chip off and pocketed $16. Many of the participants enjoying post round refreshments on the ATAG deck were not surprised that Mr. Martin was able to capture the title. Most expressed concerns that Martin’s mid-teen handicap was not in proper synchronization with his continuing high 30’s/low 40’s scoring. Mr. Martin expressed concern that it was nobody’s business when or if he entered handicaps into the GHIN system. The conflict was left unresolved.

Bill Meagher reigned as low gross leader with raw score of 36. Comments regarding Mr. Meagher were only positive as he continues his fine play.

Jeff Colbath was awarded the Pink Lady with a net 39. His son Greg actually netted a 46 but it was felt the award belonged to an ATAGer. Jeff was noticeably agitated that his “reasonable” score would generate the Pinkster. After due consideration the decision was made to offer a Family Pack Pinky to the Colbaths.

Much the same as the individual scores, the team scores were also low. The team of Healy, Player, Morris and Majors strutted in believing their -10 would give them a chance at victory only to be met by two other groups tied at -11. The last team to arrive on the porch was the best. Gaddis, Meagher. Jobson and McGlynn posted -12 to capture a beer from the providers.

There were no shots of the day reported so I will take the liberty of describing the way Tom Player played the par 5 seventh hole. After sculpting a prodigious drive well past the right side bunkers… maybe 275-280 total yards, Tom chiseled a fairway wood to just off the fringe within 15 feet or so of the front of the green, now an eagle was in view with a birdie as a back-up plan. Eschewing the putter (in retrospect that might have been a better choice) the artist hammered a chipper far past the hole. His comebacker was then bludgeoned well by the target. Because the team didn’t need Tom’s score and because he was not in the running for either low net or pink lady but most importantly because we did not want to see a four putt, Mr. Player received a grant from his benefactor teammates and recorded a five.

Once again the conversation drifted toward recipes and restaurants…far from the heady days of youth.

Individual Scores: 7-15-14 Front Nine

Gross /Net
Martin 38/ 30    Low Net Winner in Chip-off
Kisgen 41/30
Sellner 47/ 33
Morris 42/ 33
Meagher 36/ 33 Low Gross
Healy 43/ 34
McGlynn 46/ 35
Majors 41/ 36
Gaddis 44/ 36
Jobson 46/36
Gooding 45/ 37
Player 47/ 37
McCormick 52/37
Morgan 48/ 38
Colbath, Jeff 49/ 39 Pinky (ATAG Version)
Colbath, Greg 59/ 46 Pinky (Guest)



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Two Late Cancellations Drops Field To 14!

Punched Greens Not An Issue!

July 8, 2014-By Don Nichols

After two late cancellations, it was a field of 14 that took on the bugbear back nine, resulting in the need for the last two groups to rely on a draw partner. The last two back nine matches were rain outs, but this day was sunny and dry, the fairways were hard and provided extended roll, and even the putts rolled nicely despite the recently punched/ sanded greens.

12 Under Sets The Bar For The Back Nine!  The team of Tim Martin, Tom Kisgen, Brooks Cowles, and Kieran Quinn set the bar for the back nine with a score of 12 under, edging past two other teams at 10 under. All of the team scores were the best this year for the back nine, possibly due to the great course conditions as well as the fact that players are beginning to get into mid season form.

Commissioner’s Team DAL!  This week’s Commissioner’s Team of Al Roberds, Jeff Colbath, Don Nichols, and draw partner Kieran Quinn came up on the short end of the stick with a score of 9 under. (Once again attesting to the improved play as a 9 under score on the back nine normally gives you a W, or at least not DAL)

Martin Wins Low Gross!   Fifteen handicapper (now playing to a 6 based on his last 5 scores) Tim Martin posted yet another score of 40 to win medalist honors and a tie for Low Net.

Sawyer Wins Low Net In Chip Off!   Eighteen handicapper (now playing to a 5 based on his last 3 scores) Henry Sawyer posted a score of 42, giving him a net 3 under and putting him in a chip off with Tim Martin for the $14 Low Net purse. Even though the Commissioner  placed the ball in a more lenient position just off the green with a clear shot at the flag, the chip off was anti climatic as Martin went first and flubbed his attempt, enabling Sawyer to calmly step up and chip the ball onto the green without any need to get it close to the hole.

Quinn Takes Home The Pinkster!   Twenty four handicapper Kieran Quinn returned to the ATAG Tour for the first time this year, and promptly claimed the Pink Lady with a net score of 8 over par. Opening with back to back triples and later adding a quad and four doubles was all it took for the white haired Quinn, now sporting a matching white scuffy Earnest Hemingway beard, to pocket his first Pinkster this year.

Birdie Club Admits Another New Member!   The Birdie Train continued to roll, thanks to contributions from William Thornton ( second week in a row) and Jeff Colbath, who rolled in a 15 footer for birdie on #18 , enabling him to punch his ticket for admittance into the prestigious club for the first time this year.

Final Results: 7-8-14  Back Nine

Martin (40), Cowles (45), Kisgen (47), Quinn (56)                                             -12

Sellner (52), Thornton (45), Williamson (44), Sawyer (42)                            -10

Morgan (45), McCormick (54), Buist (48), Thornton (draw)                          -10

Roberds (51), Colbath (45), Nichols (45), Quinn (draw)                                     -9

Commissioner’s Corner:

-The tables were drawn together and players enjoyed the outdoor ambiance while waiting for the outcome of the match, which took a little longer than usual since draw partners were required for the last two teams.  As fate would have it, Kieran Quinn ended up on both the winning and losing team and had to buy himself a beer.

-Draw partners were required because Doug Healy and Frank Corrigan were late cancellations, each citing an injury. Healy redeemed himself by showing up on the porch and joining in the socializing, but Corrigan did not make such a gesture. A Letter has been placed in Mr. Corrigan’s file.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Next week we return to the Friendly Front Nine.  See you then!

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July 1, 2014-By Don Nichols

It was a “heated match” all right–92 degrees on the first day of July–but that didn’t stop 16 ATAGers from battling it out on the Front Nine for the coveted Golden Ale Trophy.

Commissioner’s Team Victorious! This week’s randomly assembled Commissioner’s Team of Henry Sawyer, Tom Kisgen, Brooks Cowles, and Don Nichols topped the field with a score of 15 under, enabling the victors to down the complimentary cold one. The pairing represented the highest total handicap team in the day’s field (the “A” player was an 18) but the high cappers managed to stay out of trouble and teamed up to keep the red numbers growing on each hole.

Coming in last, literally and figuratively, was the fourth group team of Mike Gaddis, Mike Schmal, Marty Arnold, and Tom Houle which finished 3 under to earn the right to be the sponsor of the match.

Sawyer and Martin Tie For Low Gross!   Eighteen handicapper Henry Sawyer and 15 handicapper Tim Martin each posted a score of 40 over the front nine links for Low Gross honors.

Sawyer Wins Low Net!  Henry Sawyer’s gross score of 40 gave him a net score of 5 under, enabling him to slip by Tim Martin’s net of 4 under and pocket the 16 one dollar bills. Sawyer also finished at 5 under net in the last match but ended up losing to Danny Morris in a chip off.  Eighteen handicapper Sawyer’s back to back scores of 40 were reported to the ATAG Handicap Committee.

It was a tight battle for the high net Pink Lady, but ended up a draw between Marty Arnold, Tom Houle, and Doug Gooding, each of whom posted a net 5 over.

Birdie Club Admits New Member! The Birdie Club was pleased to admit William Thornton to this year’s roster, thanks to his birdie on # 9, while Bill Meagher added one more to his total, keeping himself at the top of the leader board for the prestigious club.

Nichols Has Shot Of The Day (sort of)  Nichols’ tee shot on # 2  was straight down the middle but didn’t quite clear the creek, hitting the far side wall and kicking backwards some 20 yards to land near the bell. He then followed with a precise 6″ high worm burning, seeing eye nine wood shot that soared mightily down the center of the wooden bridge before nicking the end rail and caroming into the middle of the fairway.

Final Results: 7-1-14 Front Nine

Sawyer (40), Cowles (44), Kisgen (45), Nichols (44)                                            -15

Colbath (44), Martin (40), Thornton (41), Kohn (41)                                           -13

Meagher (42), Healy (45), Gooding (49), Wymer (51)                                           -6

Gaddis (44), Schmal (41), Arnold (50), Houle (51)                                                 -3


-Though still a little warm outside, the players gathered on the upper deck to chow down on the chicken wings and consume one or more libations while discussing their rounds.

-While on the porch, one of the ladies attending a bachelorette party in the adjoining ball room stepped out onto the porch to greet the players and offered to share some of the hor  d’oeuvres of the party before quickly returning to the private gathering. This offer apparently emboldened some of the players to go into the ball room to check out the action and partake in the free food sampling. As a counter measure to this rather bold move, the ladies had a waiter bring out a platter of food which essentially halted the intrusion by the enamored, but clueless, players.

-Both David Danzig and Bill Buist responded to the Call For Players by saying that they would rather watch the American team in the World Cup soccer game than play in the ATAG match. No criticism there–patriotism is a virtue, but a footnote was put into the file as a reminder when decisions have to be made as to who should make the cut in an oversubscribed field.

That’s it for this week. Next week it is a back nine match, the last two of which could not be completed due to rain. See you then!


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June 24, 2014-By Don Nichols

The forecast was rain, but it had not rained all day and the skies were clear when all five teams started the back nine match. But, ninety minutes later, the skies blackened, the horn sounded, and everyone on the course scurried to the clubhouse to beat the ensuing deluge of rain, wind, and lightning.

Since only one team finished, the Commissioner announced that the match was officially cancelled but, fortunately, that opened the door for  the long awaited ATAG Steak Night to begin earlier than scheduled.

Since the match was cancelled, there was no official recognition of birdies or shots of the day despite the protest from those who accomplished same. But there was one eyewitness report of what would have been the Shot of the Day by Ron Majors. As one of his playing partners reports, “Majors was on #16 from 200 yards back, right of the path, and no green in sight, when he lofts a three wood onto the green where the ball rolled slightly off the back. Only problem was the first foursome was still standing over their putts when the ball hit 15 feet from the group and rolled out between them.”

Steak Night, which was held at the Ansley Park home of one of the long time ATAGers and attended by almost the entire roster of ATAG Tour players, was a huge success thanks to efforts of the party’s host and a supporting crew of ATAG volunteers.

Fortunately, the rain stopped and the skies cleared just before the chefs went outside to start up the grill. It was a fun night (and one that lasted long into the evening) that served to exemplify the famed ATAG camaraderie that continues to grow each and every year.

See the photos in the Gallery for the rest of the story.




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June 17, 2014-By Don Nichols

After last week’s full boat of 20 players ended up sinking (after a sudden thunderstorm caused everyone to retreat to the Men’s Grill) this week’s full boat (with two on the wait list) cruised along on a hot and steamy Tuesday afternoon following an early afternoon pop up shower.

Commish’s Team Matches The Bar For The  Front Nine!   This week’s Commissioner’s Team of Mike Gaddis, Doug Healy, Jim Williamson, and Don Nichols finished atop the field with a score of 15 under, matching the best front nine score. After losing two shots on # 8, the foursome rebounded by picking up three shots on the last hole, thanks to a timely birdie by Jim Williamson, one of three birdies posted by the victorious foursome.

Presenting the Golden Ale to the victors was the sponsoring team of Doug Gooding, Ron Majors, Lee Pearson, and Jeff Colbath who finished DAL at 5 under.

Morris and Sawyer tie for Low Gross and duel for Low Net in a Chip Off! Danny Morris and Henry Sawyer posted the best score of the day, each shooting a 40 for a net 5 under which set the stage for a chip off to determine who would collect the 20 one dollar bills. As he has been known to do, the Commissioner selected a difficult lie  that called for a delicate chip over a grassy mound to a tight pin position. Morris went first, but his delicate chip stayed on top of the mound, never reaching the green.  Sawyer, needing only to get his chip onto the green to win, did manage to land his approach onto the green–only to watch it roll some 40 feet past the pin before it settled off the green. After stepping off the distance, the Commissioner announced that Morris’s chip was the “best of the worst” in this chip off, an announcement that was greeted by a chorus of polite boo’s by the players who had been watching the action from the porch.

McGlynn Takes Home The Pink Lady!  Kevin McGlynn had a bad day and captured his first Pink Lady of the year, matching three triples with three doubles for the highest net score of the day at 8 over. He had no comment.

Birdie Club Posts  6 Birds and Admits Two New Members!  The Birdie Club rebounded from a weak showing in the last match (only two birdies) by depositing six of the elusive tweeters into the Club’s coffers, and admitting Henry Sawyer and Doug Gooding into the elite club for the first time this year. Contributing one bird each were Mike Gaddis, Jim Williamson Don Nichols, Mike Schmal, Doug Gooding, and Henry Sawyer.

Sawyer Has Shot Of The Day!  Henry Sawyer had the Shot Of The Day after holing out of the bunker on # 1 for a birdie-“net eagle.”

Final Results: 6-17-14  Front Nine

Gaddis (41), Williamson (41), Healy (46), Nichols (44)                     -15

Morris (40), Martin (43), McGlynn (53), Sellner (46)                        -12

Arnold (47), Sawyer (40), Morgan (46), Player (48)                           -11

Schmal (42), Jobson (45), Kohn (43), Corrigan (52)                           -8

Majors (41), Pearson (44), Gooding (47), Colbath (48)                       -5


-Another great night on the porch, plenty of chicken wings and cold beer as players gathered around the pulled together tables. Don Nichols opened the joke telling but stumbled in his delivery, forgetting part of the joke. Danny Morris, flushed with his low net victory,  then followed with a well delivered joke that seemingly made everyone forget Nichols’ miscue.

-Scotty Greene made a cameo appearance on the porch and joined in the socializing, and Jeff Colbath announced that the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Association was holding its fund raising tournament in September at the Horseshoe Bend County Club in Roswell. The event sold out last year before ATAGers had a chance to sign up, so this year everyone is getting advance notice and several ATAGers indicated they were going to participate.

-The Commissioner reminded every one that next Tuesday’s post match gathering would be held off campus, so to speak, as ATAG resumes its annual Steak Night tradition, with early than usual tee times.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Unfortunately, no photos were taken.  Next week we take on the stubborn back nine. See you then!

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June 4, 2014-By Don Nichols

It was another great sunny and blue sky afternoon for ATAG as four teams gathered on the first tee, with one team having to rely on a draw partner after a cancellation right at the 5:00 pm tee time. (Turned out the threesome did not need any help.)

RUSS JOBSON STUNS THE FIELD!  Twenty two handicapper Russ Jobson had his best ATAG round since 2012, firing a 41 with two birdies to win Low Net at 6 under. (Much to the disappointment of Doug Healy who sat confidently on the porch with a score of 5 under until Jobson’s team climbed the stairs. Jobson also grabbed Shot of the Day honors when his approach shot on # 1 hit the flag stick, leaving him only a short putt for his first birdie of the day.

PEARSON IS MEDALIST WINNER ONCE AGAIN!   Ten handicapper Lee Pearson posted the best gross score of 38, the fourth week in a row for medalist honors.

15 UNDER TAKES HOME THE GOLD!  The team of Lee Pearson, Russ Jobson, Anthony Morgan, and draw partner William Thornton received the free brewsky with a score of 15 under which sets the bar for the front nine. The trio actually trumped the field with a score of 13 under but a draw partner was still needed to see who would be the benefactor of a free beer compliments of the DAL team of Bill Meagher, Tim Martin, Tom Houle, and John Wymer which started first, but finished last with a net score of 8 under.

JOBSON SAVES THE BIRDIE CLUB!    Russ Jobson’s two birdies were the only ones of the day, and marked a dramatic first time admittance into the prestigious club which now boast 17 members.

GOODING NOT SO GOOD!  Doug Gooding reluctantly but graciously accepted the Pink Lady after posting a score of 49–the highest in the field–for a net 4 over par. (If there is any consolation, net 4 over is the lowest over par score so far this year.)

Final Results: 6-4-2014  Front Nine

Pearson (38), Jobson (41) , Morgan (48), Thornton(draw)                                                 -15

Arnold (47), Gooding (49), Williamson (44), Healy (40)                                                      -12

Thornton (46), Greene (42), Kohn (44), Nichols (43)                                                            -10

Meagher (40), Martin (45), Houle (45), Wymer (48)                                                           -8  


-A beautiful evening on the porch with a dramatic, gorgeous, sun set skyline captured on camera and portrayed in the Gallery section.

-The prearranged side by side tables once again set the stage for a group discussion, the topics of which were many—including the U.S. Open qualifier at Settindown the day before and the hardest ranked holes on the course, the new Top Golf multi-level driving range development in Alpharetta which makes golf a social media event for the entire family, and the once well known bars and restaurants of Atlanta that are no more.

-It was William Thornton’s 46th birthday and the players surprised him with a birthday cake and a slightly off key rendition of Happy Birthday. In a serendipity moment, Thornton also was selected as the draw partner for the winning threesome.

-It was also determined that Anthony Morgan, at age 33, is the youngest player on the ATAG Tour, giving hope that ATAG may yet continue after all of us old guys have passed on. The Commissioner even suggested that Morgan should be the first in line for  Commissioner In Training for the next generation of players.

David Danzig sent an e-mail cancellation at 5:01 pm, citing sudden and unforeseen family responsibilities, but depriving stand by Jeff Colbath of a spot in the field. The cancellation had a valid reason, but, of course, is not an excuse so a Letter of Reprimand has been placed in Danzig’s file.

Bill Meagher and Lee Pearson, each of whom played 18 holes earlier in the day, left shortly after the match results were announced and did not stay to participate in the socializing and their quick departure was commented on by several of the players. The Commissioner did not issue a formal reprimand but did note that such actions often determines who does or does not make the cut when the field is oversubscribed.

That’s it for this week’s recap. Next week we take on the more arduous back nine.  See you then!

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May 20, 2014-By Don Nichols

“This is definitely the #1 best day of the year for ATAG–very pleasant, no humidity” remarked core ATAGer Jim Williamson as he sat on the porch admiring the sunset. And that it was–the best day of the year –sunny, crystal blue skies and a gentle breeze that saw 16 ATAGers go after the coveted Golden Ale Trophy.

It was definitely the best day of the year for ten handicapper Lee Pearson who fired a one under 35, the first time someone has broken par since 2011 when Jim Bernhardt, Mike Schmal, and Rick Eaton posted the same score.  (The all time record still stands at 33, posted by former ATAGer Brad Reese in the same year.)  Pearson’s net 6 under, by virtue of one bogey offset by two birdies, also enabled him to pocket the 16 dollar low net purse, much to the disappointment of Anthony Morgan who came to the porch thinking for sure his net 5 under score would win it.

It was definitely not the best day of the year for core ATAGer Danny Morris who captured Pink Lady honors with a net score of 8 over par. Morris, a former winner of Sandbagger of the Year as well as winner of low net several times, was a little off his game, so to speak, scowling and double bogeying his way around the cruel back nine links.

Taking home the Golden Ale Trophy was this week’s Commissioner’s Team of Lee Pearson, Tom Houle, Don Nichols, and Danny Morris who posted a net score of 7 under for a one shot victory (well, it was actually pretty much Lee Pearson with a little help from his playing partners). Serving as this week’s sponsor was the team of Craig Sellner, Kevin McGlynn, William Thornton, and Ron Majors who finished DAL at 4 under.

Shot of the Day goes to Lee Pearson for his birdie putt from off the green on #11 utilizing a most unusual approach. Nichols had chipped his third shot to within two inches of the hole but, at the request of Pearson,  elected to leave the ball there rather than marking it or tapping it in. Pearson, demonstrating excellent billiards skills, then took dead aim with his putter for Nichols’ ball and managed to hit the stationery target which went one way while Pearson’s ball obligingly ricocheted into the hole for a birdie-“net eagle”. Nichols, in accordance with the rules, then replaced his ball and tapped it in for par-“net birdie”.

And, speaking of birdies, the Birdie Club added five birdies to its coffers this week–two from Lee Pearson, and one each from Ron Majors, Anthony Morgan, and Frank Corrigan, with Morgan and Corrigan admitted to the prestigious club for the first time this season.

Final Results: 5-20-14 Back Nine

Pearson (35), Houle (51), Morris (53), Nichols (48)                             -7

Morgan (41), Kohn (45), Buist (50), Kisgen (52)                                   -6

Colbath (51), Martin (40), Williamson (49), Corrigan (50)               -5

Sellner (55), McGlynn (49), Thornton (48), Majors (39)                   -4


-It was a great night on the porch as chairs and tables were prearranged by the first group to be side by side to enable story telling and group discussions instead of the separate private table discussions. The prearrangement by the first group to finish was a  suggestion left by one ATAGer  in the Commissioner’s Suggestion Box–a suggestion the Commissioner deemed to be good enough to be an ATAG policy going forward. (First to the chicken wings now comes with a price)

-The fact that there was a Commissioner’s Suggestion Box came as a surprise to the players, but it has always been there. All one need do is send their suggestion to the Commissioner’s e-mail address and complete confidentiality is assured. Another suggestion that the Commissioner brought to the table was a proposal that anyone who cancels within 2 hours of their tee time be fined $10 with such fine applied to the cost of the end of the year awards banquet. This, of course, created a stir, as so far there has never been any kind of monetary punishment for infractions. Some were in favor and others were not. (predictably those who have been guilty of late cancellation). The Commissioner agreed to table the matter for future discussion and to review the ATAG Bylaws to see if an amendment would be required to impose such monetary punishment.

The table arrangement set the stage for Jeff Kohn to entertain the group with one zinger joke after another, eliciting laughter that has not been heard for quite a while and restoring the ATAG ambiance of old.

That’s it for this week’s match recap. There will be no ATAG next Tuesday since the Club will be closed after the Memorial Day holiday. Look for the Call For Players on Monday, June 3, 2014. See you then!


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Williamson Subs For Ailing Commish!

5-13-14-By Jim Williamson (The Commish was unable to get off his sick bed for the second week in a row, but core ATAGer Jim Williamson agreed to take charge. Below is his account of the results of the match)

The May 13th ATAG start was a little chaotic. None of the teams ended up as the Commissioner had paired them due to last minute cancellations and tardiness. However, the round was successfully completed and the winning team (see below) received their cool liquid trophy and all the usual praise from the other teams.

Final Results: 5-13-14 Front Nine

Winning Team: -11    Jeff Kohn (43), John Wymer (45), Tom Player (44), Ron Majors (41)

DAL:   -2          Bill Buist (48), Steve Bates (45),  Jim Williamson (46),  T. Kisgen-Draw (52)

Other Teams Skating Through:

Doug Gooding (44), Tom Houle (46), Brooks Cowles (45),  Tom Kisgen (52)                     -10

Mike Gaddis (46), Lee Pearson (40), William Thornton (42), Russ Jobson (47)                 -6

Low Gross:  Lee Pearson (40)

Low Net: Brooks Cowles (chip off over Tom Player)          -3

Pink Lady: Tie Between Tom Kisgen and Steve Bates.      +5 Net   (However, Bates may have been suffering from whiplash because of the earlier chaos of the day. He was informed he was in, then out, and then back in.

Shot of the Day:  Brooks Cowles landed approximately 2 feet from the pin from a difficult ball placement for the chip off to win low net.

Birdie Club: The Birdie Club was shut out.


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Dateline: Ansley Golf Club  5-6-14; By Substitute Commissioner Doug Healy (the Commish was a little under the weather and could not attend this week’s match. Below is Mr. Healy’s recap):

Great weather and a decent turnout of 17 early season ATAGers set the stage for the 8th match of the year. Commissioner Nichols was notably absent and Substitute Commissioner Healy temporarily ascended to the throne. The seat was still warm as Healy expertly herded the players into their respective teams after a few last minute changes in the line-up. The results are as follows:

Team 1:     Williamson (49), Colbath (51), Martin (49), Kisgen (46) finished DAL at -2

Team 2:     Morris (47), Greene (46), Jobson (50), Majors (42) finished next to DAL at -4

Team 3:     Healy (43), McGlynn (47), Wade (43) and draw partner finished second at -8

Team 4:     Pearson (36), Buist (48), Gaddis (45) and draw partner finished first at -9

Team 5:     Kohn (43), Meagher (38), Danzig (57) and draw partner finished third at -6

The scoring table was in a state of confusion with three teams needing draw partners, cash coming in for low net, the hurried assembly of our gift to Eddie and a cold chicken sandwich waiting to be eaten. Danny Morris escalated the tension by repeatedly threatening to call Commissioner Nichols back into action.

After a short delay, the scores were announced and as usual the winning team enjoyed their bounty of free beer. Other notables include low net winner Lee Pearson at a net 31 and Pink Lady David Danzig at net 45. Two nominees for shot of the day were PJ Wade who smashed a 335 yard drive on number 15 (still needed to make a 7 footer for par), and Jeff Kohn who, after landing his second shot on 14 into the bunker on 4, improbably made the 130 yard up and down for a birdie.

While everyone was enjoying the excellent weather and conversation on the ATAG skybox, our Assistant Pro Eddie Godefroid made a cameo appearance to a standing ovation by the group. As we had recently learned, Eddie has decided to return to school at St Louis University and pursue a degree in theology. A finer young man we could not imagine. It was a pleasure for us to present Eddie with a small token of our appreciation for his service to the Club and our group of reprobates in particular. Everyone wishes Eddie the best in his new pursuits.

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April 29, 2014-By Don Nichols

It was another beautiful Tuesday afternoon that saw 15 players take on the friendly front nine after one participant was a late cancellation.

TIE BREAKER DETERMINES WINNER IN CLOSE MATCH!   Two teams came in with the best score of 11 under, and it took three playoff holes to determine the winner—which was the team of Doug Gooding, David Danzig, Tom Houle, and draw partner Tom Kisgen (who happened to be on the other 11 under team.  Kisgen turned out to be a popular draw partner, bringing the threesome’s score up from 4 under to 11 under.)

COMMISH’S TEAM TAKES FIRST LOSS!  The Commissioner’s Team of PJ Wade, John Wymer, Anthony Morgan, and Don Nichols surprisingly found themselves at the bottom of the heap with a not too shabby score of 8 under–usually good enough to skate through.

TIM MARTIN HAS BEST GROSS SCORE!  Tim Martin’s score of 42 was the best of the bunch in a Meagher-less field.

RUSS JOBSON WINS LOW NET IN 3-WAY CHIP OFFTom Houle, Don Nichols, and Russ Jobson ended up at 3 under, setting up a dramatic three way  chip off –orchestrated by Doug Healy who placed the ball in the rough requiring a delicate chip just over the rough to a slippery back pin location. Nichols drew first and managed to bounce it in the rough and onto the green where it rolled some 15 feet past the pin.  Houle went next and daringly lofted  a pitch shot that landed gently on the green and cozied up to within 18 inches of the hole–clearly appearing to be the winner.  But an undaunted Russ Jobson followed with a likewise daring lob shot that landed just on the edge of the green and slid down towards the hole before passing just inside Houle’s ball to earn the 15 one dollar bills.

DON NICHOLS HAS SHOT OF THE DAY!   The 22 handicapper chipped in from about 25 feet on #4 for a birdie-net 1 on the double popping hole.

BIRDIE CLUB AVOIDS SHUT OUT!  Only one bird on this day, compliments of the Nichols chip in on #4, who joined the club for the first time this year.

PJ WADE EARNS FIRST EVER PINK LADY!  Fourteen handicapper PJ Wade earned his first Pink Lady after firing a 49 for a net 6 over par.  Opening with back to back triples, the usually reliable Wade never found par and added a couple of doubles on his way to his highest ATAG score.

Final Results: 4-29-14 Front Nine

Houle (43), Gooding (44), Danzig (51), Kisgen (draw)                                        -11 tie breaker

Healy (49) Arnold (48), Kisgen (47), Martin (42)                                                 -11

Jobson (44) Williamson (46), Schmal (45), Roberds (53)                                   -10

Wade (49), Morgan (48), Wymer (51), Nichols (44)                                               -8


-It was a beautiful evening, so the players gathered on the porch and many stayed well into the evening talking about a myriad of things. One topic revolved around the number of idiotic reality tv shows on the air today, prompting Doug Healy to suggest that ATAG would be a good candidate for its own reality show since we already have the cast of characters.

-Brooks Cowles was a late cancellation, citing a business conflict which is a valid reason–but not an excuse. A Letter of Reprimand has been placed in his file.

-On a side note, several ATAGers did well in last weekend’s Member- Member Tournament, especially 7th Flight winners Doug Healy and Jim Williamson who took home a bunch of cash as well as the crystal trophy.  ATAGers Bill Buist and John Wymer placed third in the 8th Flight and Marty Arnold and Mike Schmal likewise placed third in the 6th Flight.

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