April 22, 2014-By Don Nichols

A continuous light rain Tuesday afternoon suggested that, for the second week in a row, the ATAG match would be cancelled. (Last week was cancelled due to strong winds and dropping temperature from another one of those one day lingering winter”fronts”). This time, though, shortly before the first tee time, the rain stopped, the skies cleared, and the sixth match of the season was underway much to the delight of another full field of 20 players.

TIE BREAKER DETERMINES WINNER! Three teams turned in scorecards reading 9 under, resulting in the need to implement the tie breaker system that awards the Golden Ale to  the best low net on the lowest handicap hole. (in this case, hole #16). That hole was won by the team of Jeff Kohn, Jeff Colbath, Anthony Morgan, and visitor Doc Hollingsworth (who was a last minute walk on to replace a last minute cancellation). Turns out the 18 handicapper Doc (a new Ansley member who is really a pastor), played a great part in the victory with his birdie-”net eagle” on the hardest hole on the back nine.

SAD SACK FOURSOME PONIES UP!  The disadvantaged foursome of high handicappers Frank Corrigan, Craig Sellner, Bill Buist, and Brooks Cowles, an unintended pairing  that was doomed from the start, resulted in a near record high score of 4 over. No tie breaker required there, as the day’s sponsor was known immediately after they turned in their score card.

MEAGHER TAKES LOW GROSS AGAIN!  Six handicapper Bill Meagher again bested the field with a score of 39, taking Best Gross for his third time out of the five matches he has played. After stumbling with some early bogeys, he turned it around with a birdie on #16 that followed a 180 yard approach shot over the water to within 4 feet of the pin, then saved par on the last two holes.

GADDIS TAKES LOW NET AGAIN! Fifteen handicapper Mike Gaddis won Low Net for the second time this year which puts him in the lead for Top Money Winner (also known as Sandbagger Of The Year).  Gaddis fired a 40 on the back nine links for a net score of 3 under which was good enough to pocket the 20 one dollar bills. In announcing the results of the Low Net, the Commissioner erred in saying that there would be a chip off between Gaddis and Meagher, forgetting that Meagher only got 3 shots and not his full 6 handicap. The Commish’s mistake was quickly corrected, but not before Bill Meagher had quickly descended the stairs to get his pitching wedge out of his bag in storage and to show up for the sudden death chip off–only to find no one there. He was a good sport about it, but did not return to the porch.

Corrigan Pockets Pink Lady With Blistering Round! (literally)  Twenty six handicapper Frank Corrigan once again raised the bar for less than stellar golf, triple bogeying his way around the 9 hole back side links for a blistering score of 61 and a net 13 over par to capture yet another Pink Lady to add to his collection.

Birdie Club Adds 4 More!    The Birdie Club added four more of the “one-unders” thanks to the collective efforts of Bill Meagher, Tim Martin, Mike Schmal, and walk- on Doc Hollingsworth.

Final Results: 4-22-2014 Back Nine

Houle (51)  Thornton (45)  Arnold (47)  Majors (41)                      -3

Corrigan (61)  Sellner (55)  Cowles (55)  Buist (49)                       +4

Meagher (39)  Schmal (43)  Martin (44)  Nichols (51)                   -9

Williamson (44)  Healy (47)  Morris (44)  Gaddis (40)                  -9

Kohn (44)  Hollingsworth (47)  Morgan (43)  Colbath (50)           -9


-The players gathered on the unoccupied smoker’s porch to discuss their rounds and have a few beers but were deprived of the much sought after chicken wings which earlier in the day had  been scarfed up, and the usual replenishment was missing. (as was ATAG bar keep Connor who has been reassigned to Tuesday mornings.)  Some players were heard griping and suggested to the Commissioner that he may want to move ATAG to another club that is more accommodating. The Commish said he would look into it but pointed out that it could be an expensive proposition.

-Doug Gooding was a last minute cancellation, betting that the rain would cause a cancellation and thus making other plans. He was wrong and a Letter of Reprimand was placed in his file.

-There was a surprise celebrity who showed up on the porch—famed guitarist Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.  ATAG photographer Tim Martin was quick to recognize the celeb and snapped a photo which can be seen in the Gallery.

- There was a brief discussion about the new Georgia gun law that allows concealed guns to be allowed in bars and churches, which opened the door for the Commissioner to announce that, since golf courses, like churches,  are considered sacred ground,  he was ordering custom made ATAG logo Walther PK 380′s for each player. The Walther PK 380 is lightweight, has a slim design, and fits nicely in a golf bag and you never know when you may need protection. (However, those who cannot handle the frustrations of a bad golf round are not encouraged to conceal one in their bag.)

That’s it for this week’s recap. Next week, weather permitting as the forecast is not good, we return to the friendly front nine. See you then!





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April 8, 2014-By Don Nichols

Following last week’s full slate, this week saw another full field of 20 players that gathered on the friendly front nine on a breezy but pleasant Tuesday afternoon that followed a day of heavy rain. The Commissioner once again invoked the “lift, clean, and replace anywhere except the hazards” rule, but the course was remarkably in good shape with little or no standing water. (Something that would have been unheard of years ago)


The foursome of Jim Williamson, Doug Gooding, Bill Meagher, and Ron Majors got the complimentary golden ale by posting a score of 10 under to slip by the Commissioner’s “21 Club” (all four players with 21 handicaps) which was right behind them at 9 under. The winners leaped to the lead on # 7, doubling their score from 4 under to 8 under, then picked up two more on # 8 before salvaging par on # 9 to top the leaderboard.

The right to be the day’s sponsor was decided by the tie breaker system which resulted in the last group to tee off ending up in the “buy zone” with a net score of 4 under. Losing the tie breaker hole # 6 and seeing their Club bill dinged ($5.13 incl tax) was the team of Lee Pearson, Tom Kisgen, Frank Corrigan, and Al Roberds. Also crying in their beer, so to speak, was the team of Mike Gaddis, PJ Wade, Tim Martin, and Bill Buist which approached # 9  at what would have been a tie for the winning score at 10 under– but the ill fated foursome choked on the pressure cooker three balls counting finishing hole and dropped four shots.

Bill Meagher posted the best score of the day with a 37, matching his score on Opening Day. The five handicapper (and only single digiter in the field) opened with back to back bogeys and added one more later, but pulled it together with birdies on the two par 5′s to end up at one over and all alone at the top of the leaderboard.

Ron Majors and Commissioner Don Nichols each finished at a net 3 under but Majors won the sudden death  “chip off”.  The more highly skilled Majors offered to skip the chip off and split the bounty, but the Commissioner insisted that the good weather and remaining day light called for a resumption of the ATAG tradition of one winner. (and so, basically, the Commish took one for the team. You would have thought that Mr. Majors, flushed with cash, would have at least offered to buy the Commish a beer. Just saying.)

Frank Corrigan, last year’s Pink Lady Champion, grabbed his first Pinkster of the year in only his third try, finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard with a net score of 9 over. The 25 handicapper, had one of his miserable days, doubling and tripling his way around the  front links, with a strong triple, triple, triple finish to ink his name right behind Jeff Colbath on the season’s Leaders in the Clubhouse.

Shot of the Day went to Jim Williamson, known for his prowess with the wedge, who chipped in from 70 feet out on # 7 for a birdie-”net eagle”.  It was the second week in a row that Mr. Williamson was noted for Shot Of The Day. Honorable mention  was given to the Commissioner who managed to save bogey-”net par”  on # 8 after seemingly having an unplayable lie in the holly bushes behind the green. Acting as if he had practiced what amounted to a trick shot a million times, the Commish gripped down low on his sand wedge, planted his face into the bushes away from the hole, spread his feet apart, and hit the ball backwards between his legs. The scarred but functional Pro V 1 proceeded to cooperatively bounce gingerly onto the green and then roll down to within two feet of the pin,  much to the amazement of his appreciative playing partners.

The Birdie Club doubled its production from the prior week, recording 6 of the elusive “one unders“. Bill Meagher was credited with a generous donation of two tweeters to go along with single contributions by Ron Majors, Jim Williamson, Kevin McGlynn, and Bill Buist. It was Buist’s first entry into the Birdie Club since the 2012 season.

Final Results/Scores: 4-8-2014 Front Nine

Williamson (45), Gooding (48) , Meagher (37), Majors (39)                   -10

Wymer (50), McGlynn (51), Jobson (48), Nichols (44)                              -9

Gaddis (50), Wade (43), Martin (44), Buist (46)                                           -6

Colbath (52), Healy (45), Arnold (50), Morris (45)                                      -4

Roberds (50), Pearson (45), Corrigan (58), Kisgen (48)                            -4 


-The players initially gathered on the upper deck to enjoy the “coolish” weather and wait for the match results and then re-convened to the Grill to consume additional beers and chicken wings.

-Bill Meagher once again lamented the fact that the winner of Low Gross gets nothing but a photo op while the low net winner pockets the cash. His complaint was met with deaf ears by the predominately high handicap ATAG Tour players. The Commissioner noted that, as the only single digit handicapper on the ATAG Tour, Mr. Meagher should win the Low Gross in every match he plays ,and thus a recurring photo on the Gallery page of this blog  should be enough validation for his ego.

-There was much discussion of the change in the format of the upcoming Member-Member Tournament from the traditional two man best ball to an alternate shot/shamble format. Players were surprised and disappointed in the change and were unanimously opposed to the new format which is a clear disadvantage to the high handicappers who, despite getting strokes,  are known to zing one or two out of bounds (or worse) in any given round, and the fact that they may be stroking on said hole does not mitigate the disaster.

-The Commissioner missed last week’s match as he was attending the annual Commissioner’s Conference in La Jolla, California, where all the commissioners were treated to an 18 hole round on the Torrey Pines South Course, site of the 2008 U.S. Open, and the future 2021 Open.  And, at the subsequent Awards Banquet that evening, the Commissioner was also pleased to graciously receive, on behalf of ATAG,  an award from the U.S.G.A for having the”Best Golf group In America That Plays A Competitive 9 Holes Of Golf After Work On A Tuesday During Daylight Savings Time.” Players should be proud of this recognition considering the number of golf groups throughout the country that were in contention.

That’s it for the recap of this week’s match. Scroll down to see the results of last week’s match which was chronicled by Acting Commissioner Danny Morris.

Recap of 4-1-2014 Match-By Danny Morris

It was an absolutely perfect Atlanta spring weather afternoon. Temp at 78 degrees. Light breeze. The match was set for 20 players. All were on time and ready to play. We teed off under the leadership of Eddie at exactly 4:51. The lead group of Martin, Houle, Jobson, and Cowles were chomping at the bit to get going and they set a pace that was impossible to match. That group finished significantly ahead of Group 2 however; their score didn’t match their speed, they were -1 as a team.

Wings and beer awaited the whole bunch and there were independent, lively conversations at the four or five tables spread around the ATAG upper deck. The team of Anthony Morgan, David Danzig, Tom Player, and William Thornton bought beers for Bill Meagher, Danny Morris, Jim Williamson, and Mike Gaddis.

Low Net-Danny Morris (34)= $20;  Low Gross-Ron Majors (41),  Pink Lady-Marty Arnold (44)

Shot of the Day- On hole 13, after two long shots, Jim Williamson ended up in the bunker next to the #4 green. From about 140 yards, Jim picked it clean out of the bunker and stuck it on the green about 20 feet away and just missed the birdie, settling for wonderful fairway “sandy par”.

Interesting fact–The team of Corrigan, Arnold, Kohn, and Kisgen gave back four shots on the last hole. It wouldn’t have changed their position on the leader board but it would have made them all happier.

Birdie Club-Morris, Martin, and Majors

There was intense movie discussion with several conflicting reviews of Wolf of Wall Street offered up by several folks. Word is, the F-word is uttered 507 times in this movie. I saw the movie and I think that might be a little light. Probably closer to 750.  Overall, a generally lovely day of golf. No explanation of the mediocre scoring–it wasn’t the course or the weather.

Final Results/Scores: 4-1-2014 Back Nine

Meagher (42), Morris (43), Williamson (45) , Gaddis (43)                       -9

Wymer (48), Healy (45) , Majors (41), Colbath (52)                                    -7

Corrigan (48), Arnold (53), Kohn (44), Kisgen (48)                                    -2

Cowles (49) Jobson (50) , Houle (52), Martin (45)                                       -1

Morgan (51), Danzig (54), Thornton (49), Player (45)                                +2


















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March 25, 2014-By Don Nichols

It was supposed to be 54 degrees and a little windy, but by tee time the temperature had dropped below 50 and was joined by a ferocious blast of cold arctic air and gale force winds that whipsawed the players as they struggled to finish their rounds. This, the first  “official” Spring match of 2014, was played under the toughest conditions on record for an official ATAG match, and the scores reflected it.

The winning team at 5 under was the foursome of Tom Houle, Danny Morris, Ron Majors, and John Wymer who picked up four shots over the last 4 holes despite the tough weather conditions. The Commissioner’s Team was also at 5 under--until they played the last hole and dropped 3 shots to end up in the penultimate place in the field.

This week’s sponsor of the Golden Ale Trophy was the team of Mike Gaddis, Doug Gooding, Lee Pearson, and Russ Jobson who dropped two shots on the last two holes to edge past the Commissioner’s Team and end up DAL with a score of 1 under.

Mike Gaddis won honorary Low Gross with a score of 42  and also took home the loot for the Low Net at 2 under. Mr. Gaddis seemingly ignored the conditions and played steady bogey/par golf while avoiding the double bogey, the only one in the field who managed to do so. (Mr. Gaddis was also fortuitously picked as the random draw partner for the threesome of Kevin McGlynn, Jeff Colbath, and Brooks Cowles who by their lonesome were 3 over until Mr. Gaddis’s scores led them out of the cellar to end up at 3 under.)

Jeff Colbath won the Pink Lady for the second consecutive week, edging past a flailing Anthony Morgan to end up with a record net 10 over par.  Mr. Colbath declined a photograph or to speak to this reporter after the round, but a review of his scorecard revealed a dazzling display of unusually high scores for the 19 handicapper –opening with three triples, followed by one gasping bogey, and then doubling out for the record net Pinkster score.

How bad was the golf today? The Birdie Club was totally shut out but if there is a Double Bogey Club, it now has initially admitted 14 members with 40 deposits to their credit. (not to mention the 15 triples recorded by the field of 15.)

Final Results: 3-25-2014 Front Nine

Houle (45), Morris (47), Majors (44), Wymer (51)                                -5

McGlynn (48), Cowles (51), Colbath (56), Gaddis-Draw                      -3

Healy (49), Martin (50), Nichols (49), Morgan (53)                             -2

Gaddis (42), Jobson (53), Pearson (44), Gooding (49)                         -1


-It may not have been a polar vortex or an Alberta Clipper, but it was downright cold, and wind burns were evident across the players faces, so there was no hesitation to head to the warm confines of the Men’s Grill as each player finished their rounds. Once again, it was a loud bar room scene that essentially ruled out telling jokes or stories.

-Many were wondering out loud why the Commissioner did not cancel the match, knowing that he was adverse to playing in cold weather. (The Commissioner wondered that as well, but confessed that he did not want to have to take the grief from the diehards that play on the ATAG Tour and that he was still working on his winter handicap)

-The team of Mike Gaddis, Russ Jobson, Doug Gooding, and Lee Pearson were cited for slow play, falling three holes behind the group in front of them and, as the last pairing, delaying the outcome of the match. A Letter of Reprimand has been placed in each of their files.

-During the off season, six ATAGers–Danny Morris, Kevin McGlynn, Craig Sellner, Frank Corrigan, and Ron Majors — participated in a “Pilates for Golfers” class and received a Certificate of Achievement from their instructor. However, there has been no noticeable improvement in their game, so the Commissioner ordered the “Pilotos” to attend a remedial course scheduled for next May

-The Commissioner announced that he would miss next week’s back nine match as he will be attending the annual Commissioner’s Conference in La Jolla, California. Core ATAGer Danny Morris agreed to be the Acting Commissioner and to send out the Call For Players, arrange for the pairings, and keep the stats.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully, next week the weather will be more conducive to golf versus skiing on the slopes. See you when I get back!



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March 18, 2014-By Don Nichols

Well, it turns out that last week’s opening day–a beautiful, sunny 75 degree day– was merely a head fake by Mother Nature, as this week’s field was greeted with a dreary, wet,  49 degree afternoon that made the ornery back nine even more difficult than usual.

And, despite being able to roll the ball everywhere ( except,of course, the hazards), the thin, wet, and essentially “grass-less” lies made it difficult for most everyone as evidenced by the higher scores (average gross score of 12 over par) and only one birdie compared to the 8 that were recorded last week.

9 Under Wins It!    One team did not seem too bothered by the conditions, however, posting a net score of 9 under which is a good back nine score even in good conditions. Seen sucking down the complimentary suds were Danny Morris, Craig Sellner, Mike Schmal, and Kevin McGlynn who raced to a fast lead of 7 under over the first four holes before settling down to the winning score of 9 under, despite dropping one shot on the last hole.

This week’s sponsor of the Golden Ale Trophy was the embattled team of Doug Healy, Tom Houle, Russ Jobson, and Tom Kisgen which struggled to get in the red, finally did so, then bogeyed the last two holes to finish at 1 over par to claim the Dead Ass Last award.Their paltry performance was much to the relief of two other slacker teams which were not too far behind with scores of even par and 2 under. (proving, once again, that no matter how bad you suck, there is always someone who sucks more)

Mike Schmal posted the best low gross of the day with a score of 41–one of the few times during an ATAG round that the best gross score did not start with a 3.    Nevertheless, the twelve handicapper dealt with the elements, opened with the only birdie of the day, avoided the double bogey man, and played basic par/bogey golf.

Danny Morris and Mike Schmal shared low net honors with net scores of 2 under. (2 under is usually not good enough to win low net but it was on this particular bad golf day). Due to the darkness, the pair agreed to accept the Commissioner’s recommendation to split the pot instead of heading back out to the course for a chip off.

The Pink Lady (now awarded to the highest net score) had a lot of suitors, with seven players  limping in with scores of 50 and above. But out-classing  them all was the duo of Tom Kisgen and Jeff Colbath who put on a dazzling display of triples and doubles to end up tied with the best high net score of 9 over par.

Final Results 3-18-2014 Back Nine

Schmal (41), Morris (44), Sellner (53), McGlynn (52)                    -9

Meagher (43), Wade (44), Martin (44), Greene (47)                       -6

Thornton (44), Williamson (46), Nichols (49), Player (52)            -2

Kohn (43), Morgan (48),  Danzig (54), Colbath (54)                       even

Healy (47), Jobson (49), Houle (50), Kisgen (56)                              +1


-Due to the dreary day, the players gathered in the Men’s Grill where they commandeered several tables, resulting in a loud bar room scene and making it hard to communicate across the tables. The loud atmosphere, as well as the presence of other non ATAG Ansley members in the Grill, resulted in no jokes or stories, just mostly separate table discussions and devoid of the ATAG camaraderie. (Let’s face it. The Grill, while convenient, just doesn’t have the gemutlichkeit of the upper deck porch.)

-Marty Arnold was a game day cancellation but was replaced by stand by PJ Wade who is making an attempt to improve upon his ATAG attendance record this year.

-The team of David Danzig, Jeff Colbath, Anthony Morgan, and Jeff Kohn was cited for slow play, finishing some 30 minutes after the team in front of them and delaying the determination of the match results. A Letter Of Reprimand has been placed in each player’s file.

-Team 4 scorekeeper Tom Houle was lambasted by the Commissioner for failing to turn in a completed score card in the ATAG format which also delayed the determination of the match results. A Letter of Reprimand has likewise been placed in his file.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully we will see some better weather and some better golf next Tuesday when we return to the friendly front nine. See you then!

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March 11, 2014-By Don Nichols

It had been the winter of discontent. Bitter cold, snow, ice, and cabin fever had cast its gloomy shadow over Atlanta for several weeks, so it was no wonder that the mood was ebullient when 19 ATAGers gathered on the first tee on a sunny, gorgeous 75 degree day to kick off, or, rather, “tee off” the 2014 season. Mother Nature once again showed her favoritism for ATAG, delaying the normally cold, harsh March winds until the next day, because on this day it was early Spring and the players relished it.

After warmly greeting each other, core ATAGer honoree Doug Healy  (who later had to WD) got the match started with the opening tee shot (captured on film, it was, unfortunately, not in play, requiring the desperate follow up mulligan which did manage to barely clear the creek)

Commissioner’s Team Trounces The Field! After opening last year’s season opener with a loss, this week’s randomly selected Commissioner’s Team of Danny Morris, Mike Gaddis, Ron Majors, and Don Nichols obliterated the field with a net score of 13 under. (ok, so maybe they were not so randomly picked by the Commissioner who was determined this year not to start the season with a loss.)

First Sponsor Of The Year: PJ Wade, Frank Corrigan, Jeff Kohn, and Marty Arnold (draw partner)   -5     The threesome of Wade, Corrigan, and Kohn finished at 5 under and only needed help on one hole to escape the cellar, but their draw partner Marty Arnold could not provide any improvement to their pitiful score as the misfit was just as dastardly as they were.

Low Gross:  Bill Meagher   37    As the only single digiter in the field, Bill Meagher demonstrated how one is supposed to play the game, posting two birdies to offset three bogeys for the best golf score of the day and the best round of the year. (that may hold up for a while considering the general skill level of players on the ATAG Tour)

Low Net:  PJ Wade   -3    Wade got some solace from being on the losing team by posting the best low net of the day as the 11 handicapper fired the second best round of 39 and put 19 bucks in his pocket which isn’t bad for a day’s work.

Pink Lady:  The award was formally given to out of state member Al Roberds, who was in town for the day, for his net score of 6 over par. However, a post round review of the scorecards revealed that Marty Arnold likewise had a net score of 6 over which was duly posted in the 2014 stats.

Shot Of The DayScotty Greene for holing out a 60 foot putt from off the green on # 4 for a birdie-”net eagle”.  Honorable mention went to Mike Gaddis for sinking a 40 ft downhill breaking putt on # 1 for a birdie-”net eagle”.

Birdies Galore! The Birdie Club got off to a great start with 8 tweeters, thanks to double contributions from  Mike Gaddis, Bill Meagher, and PJ Wade and single deposits by Scotty Greene and Ron Majors. This was the best production of the Birdie Club since April of 2011 and perhaps is a harbinger of some good golf ahead.

Final Results: 3-11-2014 Front Nine

Morris (45), Gaddis (41), Majors (41) Nichols (49)                     -13

McGlynn (48), Martin (46),  Meagher (37), Roberds (55)          -6

Arnold (52), Player (44) , Kisgen (52), Healy WD (Nichols draw)     -6

Buist (47), Greene (46), Cowles (45), Houle (52)                                       -6

Wade (39), Kohn (46), Corrigan (54), Arnold (draw)                             -5


-After initially assembling in the Grill to chow down on the complimentary chicken wings, the players moved outside to the top deck to enjoy the beautiful sunset and to wait for the match results and get re-acquainted after a long five month layoff from their weekly “ATAG fix”.

-Despite several of the regular players being out of town or otherwise unavailable, a field of 19 players was assembled, opening the door for those who would normally have not made the cut due to weak attendance records.

-Honoree Doug Healy had to withdraw after four holes after the sudden inexplicable onslaught of a nosebleed that refused to stop. (we later learned that the gusher eventually bled out but he may be a pint low right now)

-Tim Martin said he was so excited about opening day that he couldn’t sleep the night before. (No wonder, ATAG has been his own personal ATM machine after winning low net seven times last year and pocketing over $100). He also used the opportunity to sell $5 Boy Scout Camp Cards which can be used for dollar for dollar credit at Publix– (a “no- brain er” sales pitch that got a lot of takers willing to help a good cause.)

-Marty Arnold suggested to the Commissioner that ATAG should have a week end golf trip on one of the Alabama Golf Trail courses. The Commissioner agreed it was a good idea and immediately appointed Arnold as the event planner, tasked with organizing the entire event– including setting the date and arranging for the tee times, pairings, and lodging.

-And, speaking of Arnold, a few weeks prior the Commissioner sent Arnold down to the Cayman Islands on the ATAG corporate jet to meet with Arnold Palmer (yes, the Arnold Palmer) to see if the renowned Mr. Palmer would be willing to attend the ATAG opening day. (scroll down in the Gallery section). Mr. Palmer politely declined, saying he would be tied up with his own Arnold Palmer Invitational next week in Orlando, but may consider an appearance on the ATAG Tour on a future date if ATAG would, in turn, come to his tournament next week.  Any volunteers?

-On a side note, a rumor that ATAGers David Danzig and Lee Pearson are having an affair has been confirmed. A film crew from the reality TV show “Cheaters” caught the pair (who were conspicuously absent on opening day) sharing a ski lift ride in Vail, Colorado. (Scroll down in the Gallery section. Other photos were apparently taken but will not be posted on this site.)

That’s it for Opening Day, as we now look forward to another year of fun, good and bad golf, laughter, and the famed ATAG camaraderie. Look for the Call For Players for next week’s back nine match. See you then.

-The Commish

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October 22, 2013-By Don Nichols

The 2013 season came to a close this past Tuesday in a private ceremonial cocktail and hors d’oeuvres event in the Williamsburg Room where final stats were delivered and prizes were awarded to this years’ recipients. The mood was festive and the ATAG camaraderie was never more present as players mingled amongst themselves around the bar and the hors d’oeuvres table, talking about the season, and wondering what they would do every Tuesday afternoon until next season.

Here are some of the highlights of the season:

-29 matches played. No rainouts although one match was played by that week’s foolhardy group in a steady downpour that began shortly after the match had started.

-A total of 64 birdies out of a mostly high handicapper group. However, this was the first year that the exclusive Birdie Club (this year 24 members) failed to record a tweeter in every match, being shut out totally in three of the matches.

- The “randomly picked” Commissioner’s Teams were seemingly cursed this year as both the Commissioner and Acting Commissioner teams ended up on the losing end several times throughout the year, culminating in a loss on the last match of the season and validating that there was, in fact, a Commissioner’s Curse. (The Commissioner missed 1/3 of the matches due to business conflicts which many believed were just excuses to get away from the Curse which continued without him anyway)

-Out of the $1 entry fee each match, a total purse of $483 was distributed amongst fifteen low net winners (not proportionately , mind you)

-Cameo appearances on the porch were made by twelve ATAGers who were unable to play that week’s match but who did not want to miss out on the post round gatherings. Conversely, eighteen players were disciplined for various infractions (cancelling on game day, leaving early, slow play, etc)  and received Letters of Reprimand in their file.

-The early play of the season was, at best, pitiful, causing an irate Commissioner to announce that he was suspending the ATAG Tour and to threaten to cancel the entire season unless play improved. (One observant ATAGer noted that if poor play was an issue, ATAG would never have happened in the first place. The Commissioner concurred and lifted the suspension.)

-The third match of the season was on a day that saw 43 degrees, windy, and overcast, conditions not to be associated with a golf outing, so much so that the Commissioner announced that the match would be cancelled unless a minimum of eight players signed up to play. But, what do you know,  the “Die Hard Eight” of Danny Morris, William Thornton, Mike Schmal, Anthony Morgan, Ron Majors, Doug Healy, Jim Williamson, and Tim Martin elected to brave the elements and completed a back nine match before retreating to the warm confines of the Men’s Grill.

-At the end of last season, the Commissioner announced that this year there would be “sweeping changes to the ATAG Tour.”  However, after lengthy debates by committee members during the winter meetings, it was decided that the current rules for ATAG would remain, with only one change–that the Pink Lady (highest score) would be based on the highest “net” score, thereby providing humiliation opportunities to the entire field so that those who truly “sucked more” compared to their handicap ability would be duly recognized.

-At the end of year awards ceremony, which was aptly organized and emceed by ATAG CFO Doug Healy, the following players received awards and/or recognition:

-Best Attendance RecordTom Kisgen   24 out of 29 matches

-Strongest Link (most net beers won) Mike Schmal, Marty Arnold, Kevin McGlynn (Schmal wins the tiebreaker for doing it in the least amount of matches)

-Weakest Link (most net beers lost) Jeff Kohn, Don Nichols, Frank Corrigan  (Corrigan wins the tiebreaker for doing it in the least amount of matches)

-Birdie Champion    Ron Majors and Bill Meagher  8 birdies each  (Majors wins tiebreaker since Meagher was not in attendance)

-Best Low Gross Score of the Year:   Ron Majors     36

-Best Low Net Score of the Year:   Marty Arnold   -7

-Worst Low Net Score of the Year:   Craig Sellner and Doug Healy   +10  (Healy wins tiebreaker for doing it twice)

-Highest Individual Gross Score of the Year:    58     Frank Corrigan

-Pink Lady Champion (most times winner of the Pinkster)    Doug Healy  6 times   Note: Since Healy was the awards presenter, he opted to lessen his pain by first giving a pink golf ball to everyone present in order to show, as he said, “solidarity and compassion” to the disgraced, knowing that each of us is vulnerable to receiving this same recognition.

-Sandbagger Of The Year (Top Money Winner):   Tim Martin    Won Low Net seven times and collected $103. ( A repeat winner from last year so he can not escape the “sandbagger” moniker)

-Best Team Score-Front Nine: -16   Danny Morris, Ron Major, Henry Sawyer, Jeff Kohn

-Best Team Score-Back Nine:   -12   Anthony Morgan, Kevin McGlynn, Marty Arnold, Tim Martin

-Worst Team Score (Dead Ass Last)    +2    Brooks Cowles, Tom Kisgen, Lee Pearson, Danny Morris

The event concluded (well, not actually, there was a lot of drinking afterward) with Healy presenting the Commissioner with a gift certificate from the players as well as an envelope to the two ATAG barkeeps–Conner and Will– who made countless trips to the upper deck during the season to make sure that the glasses of the ATAGers were always full.

In closing, I would like to repeat what I said at the end of the 2008 season:

“Once again, it has been a pleasure to chronicle–with a somewhat satirical perspective–the play and behavior of members of the ATAG Tour. Praising those who play well, highlighting great shots, making jest of those who may not have had their best day (“moi included”), good natured scolding of those who fail to abide by ATAG rules, and attempting to portray the camaraderie that is evident each week on the porch, ATAG’s “Tenth Hole.”  They say the game of golf mirrors life and, as someone once said, “once you hit that first tee shot, life’s journey has begun. You cannot take that shot back, you must press on, find the ball, and hit the next shot….and you must play it as it lies.” I would add that you must accept the consequences, both good and bad, and appreciate the opportunity to be able to experience both.”

It is now five years later and those words still ring true today. It just keeps getting better and better, and it is truly a wonderful experience to be associated with such a great group of guys.

Scroll down to see the photographs from the last few unreported matches and those taken at the end of the year party.   Take care and I will see you next year!

The Commish

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Acting Commissioner’s Team Can’t Break The Jinx!

Note: The Commissioner was out of town so core ATAGer and ATAG CFO Doug Healy took over the reins. Even though he slyly put the Commissioner’s Team in the second position instead of the usual third spot, the curse continued for the third consecutive week. Below is Mr. Healy’s account of the 23rd match of the 2013 season (with some minor editing by the Commissioner)

Dateline: Ansley Golf Club ATAG Results 8-27-13: By Doug Healy

With Actual Commissioner Nichols attending league meetings in Hilton Head, the aroma of the Commissioner’s Curse  seemed a bit distant, encouraging a full field of 20 players to turn out for this week’s match. Substitute Commissioner Healy rounded up the usual suspects on a beautiful evening to take on the front nine.

The Team 5 pairing of David Danzig, John Wymer, Anthony Morgan, and Doug Gooding grabbed the free beer powering through with Wymer shooting a net 30 and Anthony Morgan close behind with a net 33. Apparently the aroma of the Commissioner’s Curse was not as far away as we thought as the Substitute Commissioner’s Team 2 of Scotty Greene, Doug Healy, Jeff Kohn, and Henry Sawyer came in DAL at -6 after losing the playoff hole.

The following players earned individual recognition:

Low Gross:   40   Bill Meagher     As one of the only two single digiters in the field, five handicapper Meagher was one better than seven handicapper Ron Majors, and only one better than 22 handicapper John Wymer.

Low Net:   -6    John Wymer    A  41 with 11 shots is hard to beat as Wymer grabs his third low net of the season putting him in contention for Sandbagger of the Year.

Pink Lady:  Doug Healy and Ed McCormick     + 5 net    Just pretty much bad golf.

Birdie Club:  3 birdie deposits compliments of  Tim Martin, Jeff Kohn, and John Wymer

Shot of the Day:    Kevin McGlynn     After landing his drive on #1 in the pine straw on the right of the path, McGlynn conferred with teammate Bill Meagher on the best strategy to continue. The low handicapper (not McGlynn) recommended a 4 iron punch shot back to the fairway to minimize the chances of increasing the damage, or so he thought. McGlynn concurred, but interestingly, lofted his 4-iron straight up into the trees and out into Montgomery Ferry Road where gravity eventually took hold, bringing it down on the windshield of an unsuspecting motorist hurtling by in a BMW X5. The startled driver screeched to a halt but before fisticuffs ensued, it was determined that there was no damage and, in fact, the driver was an Ansley member who should have known better than to be cruising in that area on a Tuesday night.

That’s it for the recap of this week’s match. There will be no match next Tuesday as the Club will be closed for the Labor Day holiday. Scroll down for the individual scores of those who participated and check out the photos in the Gallery.

8-27-2013 Final Results    Front Nine

Meagher                             40

Wymer                                41

Majors                                 41

Martin                                 43

Morgan                                43

Williamson                         43

Jobson                                  44

Kohn                                     45

Colbath                                 46

Greene                                  46

Gooding                                46

Morris                                   47

Sawyer                                  47

McGlynn                               48

Buist                                      48

Sellner                                  49

Healy                                     49

Kisgen                                    50

Danzig                                    52

McCormick                           55

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August 20, 2013-By Don Nichols

Finally, clear skies greeted an 18 player field which still had to deal with spongy fairways and standing water resulting from the week’s relentless rain, resulting in “lift, clean, and place everywhere except the hazards”, but that didn’t seem to help much as indicated by the high scores,  as the field posted an average gross score of 47 and an average net of 3 over par over the back nine links.

The 7 under score posted  by the team of William Thornton, Ron Majors, Mike Schmal, and Bill Meagher easily bypassed the other teams which finished -4, -3, -3, and even par, with this week’s Commissioner’s Team of Henry Sawyer, Tom Kisgen, Don Nichols, and unlucky draw partner Ron Majors finishing DAL for the second week in a row, absorbing the 6th loss this year for the Commissioner/Acting Commissioner’s Teams against only one victory, indicating that the “Commissioner’s Curse” has been validated and continues.

The following players earned individual recognition:

Low Gross:    Bill Meagher     38   The five handicapper follows his 39 on the front last week with his best ATAG round of the year. And, for being the best player of the day, the cigar chomping Meagher received the usual “attaboy” accolade.

Low Net:  Mike Schmal    -3    The twelve handicapper posts a 39 for a net of 3 under, the only player who managed to break par. And, for his efforts, he also got an “attaboy”accolade as well as pocketing 18 one dollar bills.

Pink Lady:  William Thornton    Net 9 over    Thornton’s claim to be a 14 handicapper appears dubious as his score of 52 wins his second consecutive Pinkster with a matching net 9 over par thanks to three triples mixed in with some doubles, some bogeys and one misguided par to win the “sucked more” moniker. Thornton was observed drowning his sorrows in one or more mystery drinks later revealed to be $4 White Russians.

Shot of the Day:  Steve Bates- The eleven handicapper, in his second ATAG appearance, sinks a 25 foot for birdie on #18. Receiving honorable mention was Henry Sawyer’s tee shot on #14, a high (really high, think pop up to the catcher) shot that landed some 5 feet down the embankment in front of the tee box before rolling down and coming to rest just before the next tee box.

Birdie Club:  Only two, but the club is thankful for them and extends its appreciation to Bill Meagher and newcomer Steve Bates.

Commissioner’s Corner (Observations of the Commish)

-It was a pleasant evening with little or no humidity so the players gathered on the private upper deck to enjoy the view, drink some cold ones and chow down on the chicken wings while waiting on the results which took longer than usual due to the need to draw two different draw partners and then recalculate the scores. The only drama was determining who would be the draw partner for the obvious loser Commissioner’s Team whose threesome played notoriously lousy golf to end up at 6 over par. After the appropriate drum roll and shuffling of the cards, Ron Majors, who ironically was on the winning team, was selected as the unwilling participant who, after his loud outcry, was relegated to buy a beer for himself.

-Core ATAGer Tim Martin made a cameo on the porch and joined in with the socializing as well as  performing his duties as the ATAG photographer.

-An incident occurred on hole # 16 when Ansley Cart Girl Debra Blakely was assaulted by Henry Sawyer. Well, actually it was Sawyer’s golf ball that was the perpetrator, as his high fading tee shot began to fall down towards the cart path just as the unsuspecting Ms Blakely was making the turn around the corner, resulting in a dead center splat on the windshield that could be heard all the way across I-85. Fortunately, the shaken Ms Blakely was not injured but nevertheless Officer Beebe was quickly on the scene and an investigation is underway. So far, no charges have been filed against Mr. Sawyer who was allowed a free drop.

-It was brought to the attention of the Commissioner that players are becoming too liberal with gimme putts which is often done to speed up play when that player’s score is not needed for the best ball team score. However, since the Low Net and Pink Lady awards come into play, it is not fair to those who abide by the “inside the leather” rule when others may not. Conversely, requiring everyone to get within the leather would unnecessarily slow down play even more than it already does. The Commissioner will give this matter some thought when he returns from vacation, which is a good segue to the announcement that  ATAG CFO Doug Healy will serve as Acting Commissioner in next week’s ATAG match.

That’s it for this week’s match and good luck to those ATAGers playing in this weekend’s Club Championship. Last year a championship trophy was brought home by an ATAGer. Who will do it this year?

Check out the photos in the Gallery and scroll down to see the individual scores from today.

8-20-2013    Back Nine           Gross  /  Net

Meagher                   38  /  36

Schmal                      39  /33

Majors                       40  /36

Bates                          42  /  37

Kohn                          43  /  36

Healy                          44  /  36

Williamson                45  /  37

Kisgen                         47  /  37

Morris                         47  /  40

Wymer                        47  /  36

Gaddis                         48  /  42

Houle                           49  /  39

Nichols                        51  /  40

Buist                             51  /  40

Thornton                     52  /  45

Sawyer                         54  /  44

Sellner                         54  /  42

Quinn                          56  /  43

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8-13-2013-By Acting Commissioner Jim Williamson  (note: The Commissioner was called away on business on the day of the match and core ATAGer Jim Williamson took control of the reins. Below is his account:

The weather looked ominous early in the day, but as the players’ excitement over ATAG began to build, the clouds parted, the  humidity dropped, and an almost refreshing breeze began to flow over Ansley’s spectacular fairways.  However, when the Commissioner withdrew from the competition, one question loomed in the mind of this Acting Commissioner. Is the “Commissioner’s Curse” real?

Later the answer unveiled itself as an unequivocal “YES.” How else can you explain the stacked team of “Tommy Gun” Houle, Russ “The Hammer” Jobson, “Awesome” Bill Meagher (who came off the wait list to replace the Commissioner), and “Acting Commissioner” Williamson being branded with the DAL logo? Once the stunned DAL team of 3 under was able to face reality, they awarded the 14 under winning team of Craig Sellner, Henry Sawyer, Lee Pearson, and Jeff Kohn their Golden Ale on a beautiful evening on the top deck where lots of ATAG fellowship followed the tough competition.

The following players earned individual recognition:

Low Gross:  38   Lee Pearson  (Low Gross award paid $16 less than the Low Net Award

Low Net:  -5  John Wymer (has his season best score of 42 with two birdies to win his second low net of the year)

Pink Lady:  + 5 net  Russ Jobson (slips by Frank Corrigan by one shot)

Birdie Club:  5 birdies–two by John Wymer and one each from Bill Meagher, Lee Pearson, and Mike Schmal, with Wymer and Pearson making the prestigious 2013 club for the first time this year.

Individual Scores: 8-13-2013  Front Nine    16 Player Field   Gross /  Net

Pearson                         38  /  33

Meagher                        39  /  36

Schmal                           41  /  35

Wymer                            42  /  31

Kohn                                42  /  35

Martin                              43  /  35

Gooding                           44  /  35

Sawyer                              45  /  36

Arnold                               45  /  35

Williamson                       46  /  37

Gaddis                                46  /  39

Houle                                  47  /  37

Sellner                                 48  /  36

Jobson                                 50  /  41

Corrigan                              53  /  40

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August 6, 2013-By Don Nichols

It was the first Tuesday of August and skies were clear and sunny until the first ball was struck when a very light rain began to fall– nothing to worry about as there were only a few gray clouds mixed in with the clear skies, and the light precipitation helped to cool down what otherwise had been a very hot day. Then, about the third hole, the “light” rain turned into “medium” and by the fourth hole it was just a flat out steady rainfall, eerily quiet without any thunder or lightning.

Don’t really know why, but 15 of the 16 player field kept on playing, many of whom, including this writer, were without any rain gear, resulting in an absolute drenching of the foolhardy participants. The Commissioner, whose team had sought shelter after the 4th hole, had decided to cancel the match but watched in amazement as each team plodded by with their heads down, as if they were searching for something (maybe a cake that had been left out in the rain?)

Noting this determination, and not wanting to cause his own team to forfeit, the Commissioner’s Team resumed the match and finished just as wet as everyone else.  It just goes to show you that golfers have no common sense and that  ATAGers, especially,  will just not be denied their weekly ATAG fix unless forced off the course by Club management.

5 Under Wins It!

The team of Danny Morris, Tom Kisgen, Russ Jobson, and Craig Sellner, which was first off the tee, ended up posting the best score for the back nine match with a score of 5 under. This week’s sponsor was the team of William Thornton, Tim Martin, Henry Sawyer, and Brooks Cowles who ended up at even par. The other two teams barely broke par so it was pretty much sloppily lousy golf all around again, as indicated by the average gross score of 48 and average net score of  4 over par.

The following players earned individual recognition:

Low Gross:   43     Jim Williamson and Mike Schmal  (this was the worst low gross this season)

Low Net:  even par    Tim Martin and Jim Williamson (this was the worst low net score this season) No chip off due to the rain so the players pocketed 8 bucks each.

Pink Lady:  William Thornton    net 9 over  A couple of triples and a scattering of doubles

Birdie Club: Danny Morris and Jim Williamson with one each, with Williamson making the prestigious club for the first time this year.

COMMISSIONER’S CORNER (Observations of the Commish)

-The soaking wet players gathered in the Grill where controversy reigned over the misplacement of the tee markers on the two par three holes. Some teams dutifully played where the markers were, while others played from where they should have been in order to make the hole handicaps accurate, with each team saying the other should be disqualified. The Commissioner quickly quelled this discussion by declaring it would have no bearing on the outcome of the match–the scores that were posted on the scorecard would be the scores of record.

-Kudos go to the golf staff for bringing out an abundant number of towels which for some players became their only protection against the pluvious onslaught.

-Jeff Kohn opted to drop out of the field as the rain intensified. Despite showing good common sense, a letter has been placed in his file. Also, two members of the winning team, Craig Sellner and Tom Kisgen, left before the final results of the match were announced. A letter has likewise been placed in each of their files.

-Doug Healy returned to the ATAG Tour after a 60 day medical leave of absence, and the popular ATAGer was warmly greeted by the players. There had been some question as to the real reason for Healy’s extended absence as he was seen, on numerous occasions by reliable sources, in Blues bars, restaurants, and golf courses throughout the Baltimore area. Many were suspicious that Healy had actually been attending a golf school in Baltimore in an attempt to get the upper hand in ATAG matches. (Healy quickly dispelled this notion by topping his opening tee shot into the creek, indicating that nothing about his game had changed)

That’s it for this week’s recap. Scroll down for the individual scores and check out the updated Leaderboard and the  photos in the Gallery.

Final Results:  8-6-2013   Back Nine       Gross  /  Net

Williamson                           43  /  36

Schmal                                   43  /  37

Martin                                    44  /  36

Morris                                    44  /  37

Majors                                    44  /  41

Gaddis                                    46  /  39

Healy                                       48  /  40

Kisgen                                      49  /  37

Sawyer                                     49  /  40

Jobson                                     49  /  40

Cowles                                      51  /  41

Gooding                                   51  /  43

Nichols                                     52  /  43

Thornton                                 53  /  44

Sellner                                     55  /  43

Kohn                                            DQ


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